Author's Note: It's cheesy and it's soppy but I watched Alexander again and the end gets me every time *chokes up*. Ahem, so yes here's a love letter of sorts - Phai's real last words to Alexander.




These shaky words betray the tremble in my hands, the very same I have hidden from the doctors and the other soldiers. I do not want them to see this final weakness. Even on my deathbed, this general has his pride. You were the only one who would see this tortured beast, this undone soul that was once the schoolboy at your side.

Do you remember those days, my love? The dusty roads of Pella where we would run and tussle and play, hand in hand, not knowing any better or worse? It is foolish to long for days long lost but I made my home in Macedon when you took me into your court. Athens seemed so distant after that.

Maybe it is the thought of a foolish man but I pray the ring I gave you on your wedding night rests on your finger. What to give a man who owns the world? My heart, my soul, my entire being. It is yours, Alexander, as it has always been.

The day is fading and all the riches in Babylon cannot compare to seeing you again. Come tonight, my love, and the day after and the next. My hand yearns for yours. Youth no longer embraces me as it does the dark-eyed boy of Babylon. Do you treat him well Alexander? Do you love him?

The doctor insists I stop writing. He says I will be better soon, if only I rest. He is too hopeful, this man, but kind. Do not punish him when I breathe my last. I can feel it in my bones. The gods will not let me stay with my Achilles for Patroculus died first. Do not avenge me, my love. Macedon needs you. The men need you. The world needs you.

Oh, son of Zeus, my eyes swim and my chest is ablaze. These years have pushed us apart but your place in my heart has never wavered. There was a time when men worshipped sun and stars. I will always think of you of the sun, fierce, golden. We will meet again, my king, in the house of Hades. You will be in Elysium, the place of heroes, but pray come see this lowly soldier under paradise.

Health to you my king, my friend, my heart, my love, my Alexander.

Yours in life and death,