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Her voice rang through his head every day since that fateful New Years Eve night. He could tell that she was shy, but also that she had an edge to her personality that many girls strive for. Those chocolate brown eyes and dark, wavy hair gave her a sense of mystery and beauty, although, he guessed that she was oblivious to it all.

Troy Bolton had looked everywhere for her the next day, but it was as if she disappeared. He searched the ski lodge until he felt like he could no longer walk. Sure, he had her number and picture, but it was not the same as seeing her again.

He sighed. After two days of continuous searching, he finally gave up.

'Maybe it just wasn't meant to be...' he thought.

Although, her name was always floating around in the back of his head. Gabriella.


Gabriella looked around her now empty room. She tried to picture where everything used to be. The pictures of her best friends, her desk, her books, even her hamper. She tried to hold back her tears, but did so unsuccessfully. It finally hit her like a ton of bricks. She was leaving California and moving to New Mexico. She was leaving her friends and her school and her life that she had so carefully built over the course of 16 years...

Her mom owned Gossip!, one of the largest selling magazines in the country. Since her mom owned the magazine, she was never required to move around, so she settled in Orange County, California. Now, she had the sudden urge to uproot her family and move from the surf and sand to the desert.

Brie took one last look around her room, then she made her way down the stairs to say good bye to all her friends...

"Gabriella!", someone yelled.

She looked around for the voice. It came from her best friend, Andrea (Andie) Tilmont, Before she knew it she was engulfed in a huge hug by about five different bodies. Gabriella looked at all her amazing friends.

Of course their was Andie, the bubbly, leggy, blond who shared the co-captain spot on their school's state-championship winning volleyball team with Gabriella. She also happened to be Gabriella's best friend.

Then, there were the twins, Natasha and Claire West. Nat was the captain of the cheer leading squad with more designer clothes then any one person should need. Claire, the more reserved one, was the star soccer player and all-around athlete. Both were blessed with strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes.

Finally, there were the boys: Logan Hunt and Zac Mitchell. They were both typical high-school football players. Logan was brown-haired and had brown eyes while Zac had black hair and green eyes.

Brie felt a little awkward hugging Logan, considering they had been dating since freshman year and had just broken up because of the distance, but it felt good all the same.

"I am going to miss you so much," sighed Andie. She looked as if she was about to cry.

"Promise you will call everyday?", asked Claire.

Gabriella just smiled and nodded, too afraid to do anything else for fear that she might break down.

She took turns hugging each person, but saved Logan for last. When she finally reached him she didn't even know what she could say to make it all better. Instead, he took the plunge and started talking first.

"Always remember me," he whispered.

"How could I not?" she whispered right back.

Gabriella gave him one final kiss, short and sweet, but lacking passion, and she climbed into the driver's seat of her silver Porsche.

While looking at all her friends, neighbors, and even a few family members, she contemplated just driving somewhere far away from everything. Away from her old life, her new life, just somewhere neutral, but as she turned the keys in the ignition she realized that she was already heading towards a whole new life in Albuquerque.