Author's Note... er... Rant: WTF. Somebody tell me WHY I AM WRITING THIS! OMG THE GAY, Kripke! THE HEALTH CLUB. *flails* It doesn't count if they don't have memories, right? Heh. Okay, on with the drabble... or whatever this is. Chocolate to all those who review. Set during "It's A Terrible Life".

Between Floors

Fucking hell...

Sam doesn't know how they got here, but nnghhholychrist it doesn't really matter cause Dean's got him pinned to the wall, warm body flush against him, one hand working down the front of his jeans, tongue exploring every inch of Sam's mouth deeper and deeper and Sam's shuddering at the sensation overload. Locks his knees otherwise he'll melt into a little puddle on the floor.

They might as well be glued together but Sam needs him closer and tangles his fingers in Dean's hair. Long, deep, drugging kisses leaving them grinding together impatiently.

The health club's overrated, anyway.


Yes. I have no idea what came over me. I blame gay Sam hitting on his non-brother Dean in that sexy yellow tech shirt. :P