Sorry this is an A.N…. JUST KIDDING DON'T KILL ME. Yes I got that from George Lopez, anyway I decided I am going to post a story with different videos(for your amusement) and make it into a plot. For anyone who read "Bella's Secret" it's kind of different. They are mermaids in this story. Anyway I was thinking of doing a Speak crossover, then after this story and Bella's Secret the one on my profile. Do you think that the Speak one should be held off until I finish this story? Because this one should be over by chapter 15. So tell me what you think.

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Most of the Cullens cheered. Rosalie actually smiled and Emmett hooted. "Go Bella g-go go Bella! HOOT HOOT!" I blushed…more that is.

"Can we stop?" I asked. "No!" They all screamed.

"This is called Prank War part 112224" Alice said. I even smiled. Lewis and I started a prank war at the age of six. As you seen with the green screen and all. Zane eventually joined once he started dating Rikki. And then Ash.

Once the screen started realized that Emma and Ash weren't there for this one. I can tell by the date. Both families went away for a week so it was just me against the two boys. I always win.

Anyway this one started with Rikki and Cleo taking down chairs off the tables in the morning. "Bella, Zane, and Lewis are supposed

to be here." Cleo stated. "Prank War." Was all Rikki responded with.

Cleo nodded.

All of a sudden I came flying from the glass doors locking it. "What you do?" Cleo asked.

"Why would I do anything. I would never." I started as Zane and Lewis plopped against the clear doors covered in green slime. I quickly pulled down the curtains and returned with an innocent look.

"Zane has the key." Rikki informed me. I pulled out a set of keys from my pocket and waved them around.

"Not anymore." I smiled.

They were quiet for a minute before Rikki spoke up. "Fair enough." Cleo nodded. Then we started taking down the chairs like nothing had happened.

They all looked at me. I shrugged. "You don't want to know." They nodded in unison. (creepy) No one wants to know where I got that slime. Fun, fun times. Fun.

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