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Dedicated to rlyzitzmollz for telling me to write this!

"So, how long will it take?"

"For what?"

"For them to crack Ag..."

"Asaka, honestly, love and death! Kissing!? Gross!"

"But … it's possible." Asaka grinned, elbowing her brother in the side. "Look, they haven't tried to kill us yet."

"First off, Erzulie can't kill. Secondly, Gods can't die." Agwe responded, "You're insane. I'm going to let them out." He strode the length of the hall and flung open the door.

Leaning, pressed against the wall, Erzulie's pale fingers stood out violently against a think, spiky tuft of jet-black hair. Like wise, Papa Ge's paler fingers held the Goddess of Love close, digging sharply into her waist.

"Eww!" Agwe jumped back in surprise. The two broke apart, Erzulie hastily fixed her pale blond curls and Papa Ge glanced to the floor, trying to create the best diversion.

"Right," Asaka put an arm around her brother's shoulders, "you owe me fifty bucks."