Ok, so because life is becoming a tad bit angst-ridden and my other story is getting a little bit angst-ridden, I am going to write a fluffy, happy, not so serious piece. I hope you all enjoy it. It is based loosely on the play Mamma Mia! and is a That 70s Show story. All ABBA songs obviously. I own neither the songs, the play, nor the characters, just my imagination.

I have a dream, a fantasy

To help me through reality

And my destination makes it worth the while

Pushing through the darkness still another mile

I believe in angels

Something good in everything I see

I believe in angels

When I know the time is right for me

I'll cross the stream - I have a dream

I'll cross the stream - I have a dream

Jackie Burkhart took a breath caught in her throat at the expanse of white-sand beach in front of her. It was beautiful, crystal blue waves, lush greenery, the sweet melody of native birds whistling. She had been to Hawaii before, in fact, she had suggested it, but it never got old. The warm sun kissed her already tanning skin and she relished in the feel of the breeze whipping through her dark locks. She closed her blue eyes, content to enjoy the last rocking moments of the small boat that was depositing her on the shore.

Yes, she decided, this would all be worth it. She hadn't seen the group, at least not the whole group, since before the turn of the decade. It was time for a reunion. And there was no better excuse for it than Donna and Eric's wedding. She was surprised it had taken this long; she thought for sure that they would have married right after high school. But certain circumstances had delayed the happy union. Oh well, they were older now, and still had forever to be together.

Lucky bastards.

The thought crossed her mind before she could shake it. But to be honest with herself, she had always been a little jealous of what her two friends had. She had never had the stability they did, not in any of her relationships. She thought she had it in one of them, but that had blown up in her face, leaving her jaded and single.

Yes, Jackie Burkhart, cheerleader turned television star, was single.

And she was ok with that. It was better that way. No man to hold her down. She was a woman of the eighties now, not the spoiled child she had been. She was independent, a working woman, desired by all men but never tied down. She liked it that way.

Really she did.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the boat coming to a halt at the deck and the distinct cry that rang out across the pristine silence of the beach.

"MIDGET!!!!!!" Jackie's face split into a smile.

"LUMBERJACK!" she was over the side of the boat before it had even been tied, sprinting on her little midget legs as fast as she could to the towering red head running towards her. Relying on her hidden strength, Jackie tackled her friend to the sand with affection.

"It's been too long!" Donna Pinciotti, soon to be Forman, pulled her tinier friend to her feet in a bear hug. She was devoid of the flannel wardrobe that had earned her friend her nickname, but her feet, Jackie noticed with a smile, were as boat like as ever.

"It has!" Jackie embraced her friend. "How is everyone?" she steadied herself, brushing the sand from her fashionable, floral printed wrap-around skirt.

Donna readjusted the bright white flower in her hair, a stark contrast to her once-again red locks, and smiled. "Everyone's great. They're waiting for you."

"The boys are here too?" Jackie questioned, walking back with her best friend to the boat to retrieve her luggage.

"Not yet. Only Eric." the grin that spread across her face was sickeningly lovey-dovey that Jackie had to laugh.

"Good to see some things never change," she jokingly teased.

"Oh shut up. Speak for yourself." Donna gestured to the pile of matching luggage stacked in the boat.

Jackie shrugged. "I need options to look this good, you lumberjack." She hefted the suitcases out and the two started trek up to the resort. It was on a cliff overlooking the beach. It gleamed a clean, gorgeous white, letting the assortment of flowers and other natural beauty color it. Jackie loved the sight of it.

"So, how's his almost-wedded bliss?" she asked Donna, taking in the natural glow that had nothing to do with her pale, sunburned skin. Redheads just weren't built for the sun. Donna didn't seem to notice.

"It's--oh man Jackie, it's like something out of a love song!" Jackie laughed.

"When did you get all feminine and romantic?" Donna laughed.

"I don't know Jackie, it's just like that ABBA song. The one you liked, about honey?" Jackie cracked up.

"I heard about you before," she mock-sang, "I wanted to know some more…"

Donna joined in, "and now I know what they mean, you're a love machine!" she punctuated it with a spin and massive hip thrust.

"Oh yuck," Jackie made a face. "I so do not want to think of that scrawny-neighbor kid that way." but she was smiling, thrilled to be reunited with her friend. "I've missed you." she admitted.

"Me too." Donna grinned.

Hours later, Jackie was sitting cross-legged on Donna's bed, braiding her friends hair. She had already been to dinner with Red, Kitty, Eric and Bob. They had laughed (increasingly more so as the tropical drinks rolled out) but it was so good to see each other again. They had traded stories and memories all afternoon and evening, catching up on too many years gone by. The only hiccup had been the mention of a certain ex.

"So," Eric had begun, "I can't wait for Kelso, Fez and Hyde to get here."

"Oh…" Kitty had bubbled, "I miss Steven, such a sweet boy."

"For God's sake, Kitty, the dumbass is a man now!"

"Oh," she giggled overly loudly. "Such a sweet man, then." the older married couple had fallen into such a fit of giggles (or at least Kitty did, Red rolled his eyes) that they had failed to notice Jackie's fake as a three-dollar bill smile.

But Donna had.

"So, Hyde is coming tomorrow." she fished. Jackie didn't respond immediately, but she could have sworn that Jackie pulled her hair a little tighter than usual.

"Yeah, I mean, he is your future husband's best friend and sort of brother," she evaded, desperately trying to remember her Zen. Zen, damn it, it reminded her of Steven.

"Yeah---have you talked to him since--"

"Since I left for Chicago? No. But I mean--it's whatever." she tried to keep her voice level.

"I was going to say since Sam. OUCH!" Donna definitely didn't imagine the pull this time.

"No. If he wants to marry a slut, then that's on him."

"Yeah but, Jackie, there is something you should know about Hyde."

"Look Donna." Jackie sighed and lowered the brush. "This whole trip, and especially tomorrow, is about you and Eric. Not me and Hyde, or Fez or Kelso. That's yesterday's news. Now its time to think about the bliss you get to have holding Eric's scrawny butt for the rest of your life!" She giggled, avoiding Donna's teasing smack.

"Fair enough," the redhead giggled, "but catch me up on the glamorous life of a news anchor."

"Alright." Jackie sat up straighter, and it was almost like old times.

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