Season 3, Dean never made his deal, because Sam never died. But they still need to get Lilith, cause she's still trying to break the seals and let Lucifer free. Ruby's helping them, cause she wants Lilith dead.

Chapter 1

Dean POV

"Sammy, for the last time, I said no!"

"Why not Dean? This case is far more serious then a bunch of strippers who've killed one man who rapped one of their friends! As far as I'm concerned they were just getting revenge!"

"But what if they didn't huh? Then another bunch of people die and it's thanks to our asses! I'm not gonna let anymore people die!"

"But Dean, come on! A whole family murdered in one day under one roof with no apparent sign of any trouble? It's not normal Dean!"

I breathed in and out and stared at him.

"It's not normal at all."

"He's right. It isn't."

"Since when are you included in the conversation, Ruby?" (Author's note: It's Katie Cassidy Ruby, from season 3)

She stared at me coldly. Stupid bitch. She shouldn't even be here as far as I was concerned.

"Dean, we all know you just wanna stay here so you can stare at a bunch of whores who reel in men like you. Get over it. There are plenty of strippers to go around. Besides, if this is Lilith, we oughta kill her, and kill her now." I stared at her greenish-bluish eyes in wonder. They were a really pretty color, kinda seaweed, but kinda ocean-oh crap, since when did I have love feelings for Ruby?

"I need sleep."

"Great you can sleep in the car, while we are on our way to Milwaukee."


"Dean, no argument. You're overruled."

"Okay, I know. It's just…"


"I don't like you driving my car."

"Oh come on!"

"You never take care of my wheels!"

"Fine. I'll drive." Ruby cut in. "Hand the keys, jackass."

"Here, bitch." I threw them at her. I felt bad for calling her a bitch.


She stared at me. So did Sam. What did I do?

"What did I do?" I said, saying my thoughts.

"Did you just say sorry to calling me a bitch?" Ruby asked in amazement.

"Well, yeah, it was rude and-." They kept staring at me.

"Just get in the freaking car." I walked outside. Ruby hopped into the driver's seat and started the car, while Sam took the passenger's seat. I lay across the backseat. My side was faced toward Ruby. She was driving with a blank look on her face. I stared at her for about an hour and never got bored of it. What was wrong with me? I saw her eyes flicker to Sam, who was staring out the window. Then, saw her turn her head slightly to face me. I closed my eyes immediately.

"Your brother's out like a light."

Sam laughed. "Yeah, he must've been sleepy. Listen, Ruby, I'm sorry that he was so stubborn back there, I-."

"Don't worry! It was kinda hot. He likes an argument that boy." I smiled when she called me hot. Why?

"Do you have any idea what we're gonna do if it is Lilith?"

"We're gonna kill her." I opened my eyes slightly and saw her flash a grin in Sam's direction. My heart fluttered. What the hell was going on with me?

"That's gonna be a mission impossible." Oh god not this joke, Sammy. Of course, 5 seconds later, he began singing the Mission Impossible song. Ruby laughed and it felt like music to me. That's where I drew the line. Wait a minute, her laugh, music, her smile, heart stopping, her eyes, the ocean…


I sat up and shook my head.

"Dean, you okay?" Sam asked. Him and Ruby both were staring at me.

"Yeah, just a nightmare." But it didn't feel like a nightmare to me. I stared at Ruby staring at me with a worried look on her face.

"I'm fine." I said, smiling at her. She smiled back and faced the road. I saw her yawn.

"I can drive now, Ruby. If you want-." Sam started to say, but I cut in.

"Naw, Sammy. You look tired too. I'll drive."

"You've hardly had an hour sleep Dean."

"I'm fine."

"Okay. You mind if I take the backseat Ruby?"

"Sammy! Ladies first!"

"It's okay Dean. He can have the backseat." Ruby laughed at stared at me weirdly. I took Ruby's place and drove instead. About 2 hours of driving, Sam was fast asleep and snoring in the backseat. I stared across me at Ruby. She was breathing lightly, her eyes closed shut. I stared at her and smiled. I eventually snapped out of it after a car honked. Ruby woke up with a start, but Sam kept sleeping.

"Wharhappen?" She mumbled.

"Stupid car honked, sorry. You should go back to bed."

"It's not comfortable. It's okay, I'll just stay up."

"Here." I pulled my jacket off and drove with my knees. I rolled it up and handed it to her.

"Thanks." After another 2 hours I noticed she was asleep again.

"Ruby?" She didn't answer.

"I love you." I whispered.