A poem written to share the long wait Edward undertook to be with Bella

after he became a vampire in 1918 and didn't find her until 87 years later

and as always dedicated to the only man who could portray Edward so well

Here I Am, Darling

Across a sea of time I find myself waiting for your love

You are across the globe out of sight but not mind

Our paths have yet to cross, yet here I am waiting

My Darling, waiting

I watch with wonder as seasons change winter to spring

Flowers will bloom as hearts awake to new love

And here I live out my time, love, happily waiting for you

My Darling, just waiting

You are the dream promised yet unfolding that I yearn for

My heart is open for you and longing with unbridled joy

So in stillness and peace I live waiting

My Darling, waiting

A message of love is sent forth at the promised time

The message of love will draw you nearer

Now, my love, I wait in patience as the promise unfolds

My Darling, just waiting

A smile crosses my lips, yes still waiting my darling

Hurry up and please come find me as the stars have told

Hurry, hurry, and come find me my true love

Here I am darling, waiting for you love to share