Ga-Rei -Zero-: Files of the 4th Division

By: Ominae

Rating: T


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Stories of the members of the 4th Division, Special Tactical Troop under the Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters of the Japanese Ministry of Defense, their work and personal lives. AU: 4th Division survived, they weren't killed by Yomi/demons.

Chapter 1: Plans for Conference

Kiriya Konparu's Office, Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters, Ministry of Defense, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

The spectacles-wearing man of the PDCH, 4th Division of the Special Tactical Troop was alone in his 4th Division Headquarters. Located under the MOD building gave the division, like the rest of the PDCH, some form of covert protection from the public eye.

"I wonder what the top brass wants to press me about in the later meeting?"

Kiriya had remembered from speaking with a Ground Self-Defense Force general that the meeting was with regards to the rise of bioterrorism before and after the fall of the great Umbrella Corporation back from the disaster of Raccoon City. Kiriya's interests had perked up when the officer had told him about this; it seemed that the workload of the PDCH would be increased with their mandate to tackle cases of bioterror aside from cases involving the paranormal in Japanese territory or involving Japanese nationals at home and abroad.

He sighed, thinking about the meeting. No doubt that the Ministry of Environment's own Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division would want to be involved in this meeting as well later in the evening.

"Well..." Kiriya murmured to himself. "I might as well start preparing for the meeting."

"Excuse me, sir."

Kiriya noted that his secretary was standing in his room, entering through its sliding door.

"Is it time?" Kiriya asked.

The secretary shook her head. "No, sir. I have a memo for you to read. It's important."

"Thank you." Kiriya took the memo from the secretary, who excused herself as the Section 4 CO read the memo.

To: Kiriya Konparu

From: General Ryotaro Okumura, Chief of Staff, Joint Staff

Re: Meeting

This is in regards to the upcoming meeting regarding the threat of bioterrorism to Japan and to the rest of the world. Please note that the Joint Staff would be discussing matters pertaining to the former Umbrella Corporation, as well as a number of bioterrorism-related matters. The MOD has been informed that representatives of the MOE's SDCD would attend the meeting also to bolster joint cooperation against potential bioterrorism operations in Japan and abroad.

That is all.


General Okumara, Chief of Staff, JS

"For this meeting," Kiriya mused on the memo. "the heads of J-1, J-3, J-4, J-5 and J-6 with the Public Affairs Director would most likely show up to attend." Kiriya stared at the wall clock nearby, informing him of the time.

"8:15?" Kiriya pondered on the current time. "15 more minutes before the meeting's about to start." He massaged his nose bridge. "I guess I better get ready."

He pressed a button on his intercom. "Is Izumi-san already in HQ?"

"Yes, sir. Should I send her to your office?"

"Of course."

"I'll take care of that at once."

"Thank you. And send the recruits to the meeting as well with me later on, whoever comes first. Doesn't matter if they're together or not."

"All right, sir."

"And now," Kiriya went to the hangar and retrieved his 4th Division uniform jacket. "time to meet with those chair warmers and see how productive the meeting will be from here on."

Outside Conference Room, Ministry of Defense, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


Kiriya saw Mami Izumi, one of the many combat operators of the 4th Division, waiting for him near the doors of the MOD's conference room. Her 4th Division uniform, which consisted of a jacket with white coloring in the chest area without any pants, white stockings and high heels, made her stand out with some of the other female 4th Division operatives. He noted that she seemed a bit nervous; the 4th Division commander decided not to ask what was bothering her for the time being.

"Konparu-shirei." Mami greeted Kiriya, bowing before him while being careful that the yellow ribbon that tied her her hair from behind her head was still intact. "I was told to be here for the upcoming meeting."

"Has the meeting started?"

Mami shook her head. "The head of Public Affairs hasn't arrived yet, sir. We're still waiting for the representative from the MOE."

"I see."

"Am I late?"

Kiriya heard the voice of Ayame Jinguuji, the now ex-commander of the MOE's SDCD, was being wheeled in a SDCD operative in his early 30s. He wore a black suit, polished shoes and a necktie with a white dress shirt worn underneath.

"Greetings, Jinguuji-san." Kiriya addressed her.

"Ayame will do." Ayame smiled at Kiriya. "I insist."

"This is Mami Izumi." Kiriya introduced Mami to the wheelchaired SDCD representative. "One of the 4th Division's operators under the PDCH."

"Nice to meet you." Mami bowed to Ayame.

"Nice to meet you too, young lady." Ayame smiled at Mami before she faced Kiriya. "I suppose that you're hear for the meeting with the Joint Staff."

"Indeed. They wish to speak to us about the issue of bioterrorism."

"Oh, my." Ayame sighed. "After all the work that I had to go through from what happened last week."

"My sympathies." Kiriya expressed his sympathies to her. "I heard the SDCD has lost a few good agents in the field."

"Thank you kindly." Ayame nodded. "They were the best under my command."


Kiriya, Mami and Ayame heard a voice shouting from nearby. A figure was seen in the corridor walking towards the conference room.

"Ah there you are." Kiriya greeted the new arrival.

"Konparu-shirei!" The figure had his right arm snap into a salute to greet Kiriya, standing at attention after he stopped from further walking when he lightly stamped his feet together.

"At ease." Kiriya acknowledged the salute with his own. He noted that the recruit had worn the 4th Division jumpsuit, which is different from what the females wear as he had worn a jacket and pants on. Unlike all of the male 4th Division operators, he had his face concealed with a black balaclava and an orange beret with the 4th Division insignia sewn on it aside from being on the jumpsuit's left arm. In addition, the masked operator did not wear the 4th Division's custom load bearing harness. Instead, he had opt to wear a black Blackhawk Omega Elite Cross Draw/Pistol Mag vest that had a revolver holstered. A Marstar Drop Leg Holster was strapped on his left thigh, which holstered a pistol.

"Ara." Ayame smiled at the masked operator. "I didn't know that you're wearing it." She pointed to the balaclava. "Iwahata-san must've influenced you to wear that from his mercenary days, yes?"

"Ahh..." The masked operator was at a loss for words. Mami eyed him carefully, feeling some sort of familiarity with him. "It's my preference, Jinguuji-san."

"Ah, Konparu-kun." A GSDF officer greeted Kiriya, clad in his blue officer's uniform with various ribbon bar decorations placed on the left side of his chest. The epaulette on his uniform indicate his rank as General. "I'm sorry that I'm late." He appears to be in his late 40s.

"Not at all, General." Kiriya shook his head. "The meeting didn't start without you yet."

"We might as well get in. They might get impatient while all of us are out here."

Conference Room, Ministry of Defense, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

"Let us begin the meeting." General Okamura, the 52-year old head of the Joint Staff, presided over the meeting. Kiriya and Ayame were in the room, flanked by their respective subordinates. "I'd like to bring up the issue of bioterrorism, specifically the possibility of bioterrorism that would threaten Japan's national security domestically and internationally since the Raccoon City crisis and the fall of Umbrella in 2003 with the bioterrorist attack in Harvardville Airport incident."

Kiriya, Ayame and the other Joint Staff officials nodded. The memories of Umbrella's last stand in 2003 was still fresh in their memories when major news organizations broadcasted the company's downfall, not to mention with the attack on a civilian airport by a renegade WillPharma researcher and ex-Umbrella employee named Frederic Downing in the name of profit.

"Will the prime minister allow the SDPH to operate overseas in case of a bioterrorist attack that concerns the country?" Kiriya asked, earning the attention of the Joint Staff.

"The Prime Minister and the Security Council have raised this concern a few days ago when we met with him." The Public Affairs Director replied. "So far, no consensus. But there is a clear indication that the PDCH would possibly play a role in battling bioterrorism aside from the traditional mandate of battling the supernatural in our soil. But the only problem that the group will have to overcome is the possibility of being in public knowledge."

The J-3 head, a man in his late 50s, adjusted his eyeglasses. "I would agree with Public Affairs. This problem is of grave concern to the Joint Staff and to the MOD due to logistics. Otherwise, most of us here are unofficially fine with the PDCH having a anti-bioterrorism role here and abroad."

"Do we have contact in any way with the BSAA?" asked Kiriya, leaning back on his chair.

The BSAA, known officially as the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Formed in 2003 by the American government with assistance from the UN Security Council and the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium to combat all aspect of bioterrorism. It was quite surprising that BSAA officials had contacted the Joint Staff and the PDCH and SDCD for future cooperation in anti-bioterrorism missions in Japan and overseas as part of the BSAA's attempts to link up with covert anti-paranormal organizations from all around the world.

"Yes we do, Konparu-kun." The head of J-5, a man in his late 40s, addressed Kiriya's question. "We reached an agreement that we will cooperate and assist the BSAA in anything related to bioterrorism that could harm Japan or Japanese nationals abroad."

"So does this mean that the PDCH will operate abroad?" Ayame raised a question to the Joint Staff. There was a moment of silence after Ayame had asked.

"Well..." General Okamura decided to answer Ayame. "It seems that way, Jinguuji-san." He eyed the woman. "But don't be conceited due to the fact that the SDPH can be deployed abroad for anti-bioterrorism missions while there could be cases of the supernatural or bioterrorism back home."

"Of course not." Ayame insisted. "I would still like to cooperate with the SDPH in any way possible, just like the last time."

"I see." Okamura sighed and reclined in his chair. Good thing I didn't get a headache right now in this way with our previous meetings with the SDPH. I wonder if it's a divine sign from above...

"It looks like we need to further hammer out details on whether the Security Council can give their consent of having the PDCH deploy abroad after this meeting is over." The head of J-1 spoke up. "Is there anyone, aside from Jinguuji-san and Konparu-kun, who object to the deployment of SDPH forces abroad to face off against bioterrorists that would harm the country's national security?"

Kiriya eyed the Joint Staff, including Okamura. He didn't hear and see any kind of objection from them.

"Very well." Okamura coughed a bit. "It seems the Joint Staff is in agreement to have the PDCH deployed overseas in case of bioterrorism aside from the mandate of battling the supernatural. I'll relay this decision to the prime minister at once." He stood up from his seat. "If there is nothing else, the meeting is adjourned. We'll continue with further discussions on the matter for another time."

"It seems the meeting was quite productive." Ayame told Kiriya as the Joint Staff officers filed out of the room.

"I agree." Kiriya extended his left hand out to her. "Thank you for coming, it seemed that your presence had somehow made the meeting a bit productive aside from what I heard from the last time..."

"Not at all, Konparu-kun." Ayame smiled at the Section 4 commander and shook his hand. "Not at all."

Chapter 1 END

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