There was a tragic accident leaving Adries, or Nathaniel as he prefers to be called, dead. Or so they thought. He's a vampire,one of the living dead. And he hates, especially when he remembers what he left behind. Maria, his beloved girl, the one thing that he will do anything to keep, the one thing that he goes after from his past life. But does he realize the danger he is putting her in? Or even what danger will come when his creator comes back to claim him?

"And so we say to you Lord, to please take your servant, Adries Nathaniel Cross, to your holy sanctuary and shower him in your love,and may any sins he might have committed in his short time here be forgiven as if he asked the moment he died" The booming voice filled my ears and jerked me out of the deep sleep I had been in.

"It's just Nathan," I groan, trying to lift myself up. My body doesn't respond to what I am telling it and remains lying down. The grogginess is starting to wear off and I can feel the pain from stiffness, but the worst of the pain was in my neck. I beg my arm to lift up so I could examine my neck further, but it remains still.

There was a big jerk all of sudden, causing my body to hit hard against what ever I was lying on, also sending a wave a pain to shoot through me. I bite my lower lip trying to prevent myself from screaming because of how excruciating the pain is. I didn't realize how hard I was biting down until I could taste the blood. I sucked desperately trying to get as much as I could, but sadly, the wound healed in matter of seconds. As I got the last taste the pain lessened, but a sudden flash back came. It was brief, but it explained why I felt the way I did.

It was about twilight, and I was walking around Central Park on my way back to my house. I was out running around all of New York trying to get everything my mom needed for her big Thanksgiving Day dinner. She had so many things I had to go to five different stores. And the end result was I had to carry fifteen bags about a mile, HEAVY bags might I add. The streets were crowded as usual, and the people were as rude as ever, bumping into me and telling me 'Watch it,' or 'Get out of the way' not caring that I'm struggling. I was about a block away when one particular person knocked me into an alleyway sending all the groceries I had collected flying everywhere and me into a dumpster. The impact left me a little disorientated and my vision blurry. I looked up to see who pushed me when I saw a young woman. She looked about 16, then again I could barely make out that the person was a she. Something about her just screamed to run, but I was still too disorientated to really pick myself up. Next thing I know she's latched on to my neck and I could feel the life being drained out of be, drop by drop, and a fire that seemed to be taking the bloods place in my veins. I don't remember anything after that.

Wait, why was that person talking as if I was dead? Oh no, it can't be. I use what little strength I have to throw my hands up above me, ignoring the pain. My fear was confirmed when they hit a top of a cool marble surface, I was trapped. I started to feel all around me trying to find an exit, but I was boxed in. I was in a coffin! But I wasn't dead! Or.... I slowly take one of my hands down from the roof of the coffin and run my index finger along the top row of teeth. Stopping as I hit a double set of canines, each almost to long to fit inside my mouth and sharp as knives. I don't know how I didn't feel them cutting into the soft tissue in my mouth. I was dead...undead...I wasn't human. I was a va-

"Goodbye Nathan,"

I froze, I knew that voice. It was barely above a whisper and was followed by gasping sobs. Maria. No, Maria, please.

"I l-love y-you," She muffled the last word as if she was trying to choke back any more tears.

I want to yell, to scream that I'm not dead, but I can't. Because of what I have turned into, what I'm turning into. I feel something wet run down my cheek, but as I reach to wipe it off its sticky and smelled of rust. Blood. I hear something falling onto the top of the coffin and I could smell dirt. They were burying me. I could hear faint sobs and desperate pleas to God asking him to bring me back. If only they knew. They grew fainter and fainter as more dirt piled on top of the coffin. Each layer cutting me off from the world above. Layer by layer.