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Okay, this idea has been blooming in my writer's mind for a while now, since my high school drama club's doing Beauty and the Beast (Final performance...um...today I guess. It's one AM as I write.) and I've been playing Brawl a lot lately. So...yeah. I'm gonna attempt the classic story as only a cynical teenage storyteller would tell it, and with Smash Bros. characters.

And so you know, there will be references to the movie/musical. It might follow the plotline of the musical, but I'll try to make it as original as possible.

And without further adieu, AquaFlameElementalist Productions presents...Once Upon a Rose.

One upon a time (Because every classic story, no matter how modern-sounding it is, always starts with those choice words), there was a brilliant castle. Balls and galas were held every year for every ocasion. Easter, Christmas, Halloween...you name it. But I digress. The real focus of the story was who lived in the castle; a young prince with messy auburn hair and blue eyes. He had everything his heart desired, and for that he became bitter and cold. He perpetually verbally and sometimes physically abused his servants.

This continued until one fateful night, when an old beggarwoman came to the castle and offered the prince a beautiful white and pink rose (A/N: You know, white petals with pink edges) in return for shelter from the harsh winter weather.

Disgusted by his haggard appearance, he sneered, "I don't need your stupid rose! Find someone else to bother!"

"My prince," the old woman replied, "Do not judge me for my appearance, for beauty comes not from the external, but the internal."

The prince just about burst laughing.

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Where'd you get that, a fortune cookie?" he said, wiping the tears from his eyes. When he calmed down, he cleared his throat.

"Now, I won't say it again...get out of my sight!" he snapped, slamming the door in the old woman's face. About five seconds afterwards, there was a brilliant flash of light. The prince opened the door and saw a cat-like psychic Pokemon. Mewtwo.

Needless to say, the prince tried desperately to apologize, but the Pokemon would not have any of it.

"I've looked into your heart. You have been clouded by the darkness in your heart. Thus, I place a curse on the castle and all of its inhabitants," he said, holding out his paw. Almost instantly, the prince's form began to change. His features became more canine-like, and auburn fur grew all over his body. Suffice it to say that he was in total agony.

Mewtwo handed the prince the rose he had offered. With it, a silver mirror with a foggy lens.

"Here. Take the rose, because it's important if you want to be human again. And this mirror will be your only window to the outside world. Use it as you wish. If you can learn to love another and earn their love by the time the last petal falls, then the spell will break. If you fail, you will be a monster for the rest of your life," he informed the prince, disappearing.

The prince shakily felt his face and body, horrified at what he had become. And for the first time in...forever, it seemed...he cried, wallowing in his agony.

As the years passed, he and the servants lost any hope of salvation. A depressing aura hung over the castle...

For who could ever learn to love a Beast?

Yeah, I know. That sounded totally Disney, especially the last line. But after spending nearly three months singing nothing but Disney, I don't give a crap.

What'd you think? Remember, good reviews are to happiness and love as flames are to hatred and sadness.