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Zoom in on Smashville, the village overlooked by the castle. Ever since the curse, the castle had taken a dark aura that made the villagers afraid to go towards it. Even the younger boys, who would take any dare whatsoever, would draw the line at spending one night even ten feet within from the castle.

Not that anyone knew about that curse part.

Anyway, as much as our story focuses on the tormented prince/beast, it also focuses on the Beauty, whose name in this story is Peach.

And what is our heroine doing at this very moment, you ask? Well...


Peach brought her head up from her desk. The other students were staring at her and her teacher had a stern look on his face. Peach blushed out of embarassment; this was, what...the third time she fell asleep in Math?

"Miss Toadstool," the teacher said flatly. "Would you like to share with the class what you've been dreaming about? It's obviously so much more interesting than trigonometry." The students snickered at this.

Peach could have been mistaken for a blonde tomato at this point. If she told everyone about her dream...

...But what was the dream about?


Saved! she thought, bolting out the door. She thanked heavens that today was Friday, and, starting tomorrow, would be free for about a week. Why, you ask? This story takes place during the spring break. She went to her locker and punched in the combination.

"Hiya, Peach. Fell asleep in Math again, I see!"

Peach turned and saw Link, her best friend in the school.

"Hi, Link," she said. "And yeah, I did fall asleep. So?"

"Peachie," Link said matter-o-factly. "nobody falls asleep in Math class - or any class for that matter - three times in a row for no reason. Is there anything you need to tell Uncle Linky?"

Peach giggled; That name always cracked her up. But Link was right. There was no risk in her feeling embarassed if she told him; they had been best friends since they could talk.

"Truthfully...I've been having this dream lately. I don't really remember every single detail, but all I know is I wake up crying, like I've lost something important," she said. Link put his arm around Peach's shoulder and sighed.

"Don't worry about it! It was just a dream, wasn't it? Dreams are nice, but that's all they are," he said. Peach nodded.

"You're right. I shouldn't worry about it too much," she said when she remembered something.

"Aren't you going to that medieval fair today?" she asked, causing Link to shudder.

"Yeah..." Link replied. "In a few hours, I'm gonna be doing nothing but wear that stupid jester's outfit and pick up horse sh-"

Link was cut off by a locker opening on his face. He promptly collapsed, swirls replacing his eyes.

"Are you okay?" Peach asked.

"Hey, Peach. Why don't you ditch the green fairy and hang out with a real man?"

Peach sighed. She should have known that Falcon (She would never call him Captain as he had told her so many times before) would be behind that. It was no secret that Link and Falcon hated each other's guts. This rivalry could almost match Mario and Bowser's. The key word here is almost.

"For the umpteenth time, no!" Peach snapped.

"Why not?" Falcon pouted.

Peach ignored him, helped Link up and walked off with Link in tow. Falcon smirked.

"She'll come around. They all do eventually..."

"I can't believe that jerk. You okay, Link?" Peach asked as she and Link got out of school.

"I'm fine, really! It was just a bruise," Link replied, rubbing the spot where the locker had hit him. "Just tell me one thing, because I'm honestly curious."

Peach glanced at her friend, silently telling him to go on.

"Why do you keep rejecting Falcon, anyway? Since he arrived here, you haven't even taken a second glance at the guy when most girls would fall at his feet," Link asked. Peach sighed.

"You should know, Linky. You know the stereotype of blonde girls being dumb? I want to prove that blondes can be so much more than that. We can be smart and pretty. Look at Elle Woods!" she exclaimed. Link smiled.

"Ah, Legally Blonde. Great musical," he said wistfully.

"My point is, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover," Peach finished. Link grinned.

"You are so right! Look at me: I'm one of the best athletes in school, so you would think I'd be straight. I personally love the shock on their faces when they find out I swing for both teams," he said, spinning around.

Peach smiled. It had been a shock for her when Link told her he was bi, but she quickly got over it.

"You should get ready, Link. Medieval times awaits," she said as she walked to her house. She heard Link grumble, and then yell, "See ya, Peach!"

When Peach walked in her room, she took a book entitled Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Finally, something to take my mind off of things, she thought, opening the book and rereading the first page.

Peach was a bit unusual as far as girls in Smashville go; she loved to read. This addiction was brought on by Zelda, who gave her Inkheart as a birthday present. Peach, Zelda, Samus, and Link formed what was called the 'Eccentric Group' of Smash High.

But I digress; as much as Peach wanted to get her mind off things, she couldn't shake off the feeling that something was going to happen.

Link looked at his watch as he rode his way to the fair. It was getting darker, and he was supposed to be there in five minutes.

"I hope it won't be - WOAH!" he exclaimed, nearly falling off Epona as a figure in brown rags seemed to appear out of nowhere. When he recovered, Link looked at the figure in confusion.

"It's not this way," the figure said.

"Huh? What are you talking about? I go this way every year," Link replied. The figure pointed to the path on Link's left.

"The place you should go to is in this direction," the figure said, disappearing.

Link scratched his head. Had the fair relocated? It's happened before...

Flashback...(Two years ago...)

"Um, hi. My uncle manages this medieval fair, and..." Link started when he arrived at the appointed site. He blinked upon seeing the site was empty. He saw a note attached to a tree that said,

Dear Link, we had to relocate the fair. This year it's higher in the mountain. See ya!


End flashback...

Shuddering at that particular memory, Link set off to the other direction. He stopped and turned around.

"Hey, how do you..." he started when he saw that the figure had disappeared. He shrugged and rode off.

Two hours later...

As Link rode in the dead of night, with only a flashlight to point the way, he came to a definite conclusion; Never, ever, ever trust weird figures clad in brown. He hopped off of Epona and took a quick look around. It was so dark he was grateful to have the flashlight. Without it, he was pretty sure he wouldn't see his hand in front of his face.

It's late anyways... He thought, looking at his watch. Maybe I should find somewhere to sleep, go to the fair, and beg the old man for forgiveness. This can't get any worse!

A clap of thunder was heard and a downpour started. Almost instantly, Link hopped back on Epona and rode. He had no idea where he was going until Epona stopped in front of some gates. He looked up and saw a castle - Gothic, maybe. Its shilouette against the moon was almost terrifying.

Link gulped; Of course he knew about the abandoned castle and the various stories.

Of all the castles in all the world...Calm down, Link! All you have to do is sleep in a little corner and be done with it!

Steeling himself, Link climbed up and over the gate. He didn't notice that Epona had run off, terrified of the castle's aura.

Three figures looked on as the green-clad visitor took cautious steps. The first figure grinned., stretching his wings.

"Finally! A visitor! We haven't..." he started when he noticed the other two glaring at him.

"You shouldn't have let him in, Pit!" the brown-haired figure whispered urgently. The moustached figure nodded in agreement.

"What were you thinking? If he finds out it'll be our heads!" he snapped at the angel, who put his hands up.

"Have you two seen the weather outside? I couldn't leave the guy here!" Pit snapped.

Link froze upon hearing that last sentence. He looked around.

"Is someone there?" he asked. "Sorry to intrude, but I got lost and, you know, the weather..."

"Not a word, Pit."

"Not one bloody word!"

"Takashi, Luigi, relax! When's the last time that asshole has let us have some human company outside of the castle? Hey, sir! Of course you can stay!"

"I heard that!" Link shouted, turning around. "Come out where I can see you!"

A small figure was suddenly in Link's line of vision. There was a gold leaf crown in his messy red hair. His outfit consisted of a navy blue suit and white...robes? White feathery wings stretched out from his back. A huge grin was on his face.

"Hey, stranger!" He chirped.


Link fell on his ass out of shock. He thought this castle was abandoned, and here was this boy, who seemed to be about his age!

Not to mention he's cute...he thought, blushing a bit.

"Now you've done it, Pit! Now what do we do?" a voice asked. Following the angel was a regular-seeming boy with brown hair, brown eyes, and a red outfit with blue jeans. With him was a green-and-blue clad guy. An 'L' was adorned on his green cap. Link figured that they were Takashi and Luigi, respectively.

"Simple. We tell the guy what's going on, help him for the night, and get him out before you know who notices! What could go wrong?" Pit asked, helping Link up.

"So...hiya! I'm Pit, and I'm sure you figured out that these two are Takashi and Luigi," he said, pointing to each of his companions. "And you are...?"

"Link..." The blond/brunet said cautiously.

"So, Link. You must be wondering what we're doing here of all places. Well..." Pit started.

"You can't be thinking about telling him?" Takashi asked skeptically.

"Of course! Maybe he'll tell our story to Smashville and we'll be free of the curse in no time. You know who doesn't have to know about any of this!" Pit exclaimed.

"I don't have to know about any of what?"

The three's faces instantly paled. The three pale faces were the last thing Link saw before he felt a huge blow to the back of his head and then...blackness.

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