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Cassie gasped, the blankness fading into colors; bright colors all around her. She gazed up at medical machines and tubes beeping around her. Voices were speaking inaudibly but those were voices. This was a hospital room or something like it. The lights were centered on her and the others. Kanada, Corey, Trey, Harvey, Mace, and Cappa; all of them were lying on stretcher beds. This room had no curtains separating any of them. Cappa groaned, rolling onto his right side. He had a few bandages on his head, but nothing serious. Corey too had a large bandage across her lower abdomen. Harvey had a cast on his left arm. The captain was in the worst condition with his entire body covered in white cloths. A nurse saw Cassie sitting up.

She looked at the chart before buzzing in the doctor. Behind the doctor arrived several crew members.

"Good afternoon, I hear your name is Cassandra, but you go by Cassie." He reached to shake her hand, but her weakened state made it impossible. His smile broadened at her. "We are so glad you survived this." He strolled towards a window with a view of space.

"Survived what? I nearly died. I was dead. This was supposed to be heaven." She turned away from him.

"Not yet. We were there to make sure the pay load was delivered on time. Our mission was always to ensure your safety. You were our last hope. We could not let anything stop you."

"What about crazy captains from the Icarus I? The man said nothing but finally drew in a quick breath.

"Our last transmission from there confirmed our greatest fears. We had no idea this would happen. I am sorry for the crew's misfortunate. I could do nothing to stop him. I assure you though he is not alive. We are going to return home in about six to ten months." He nodded towards the doctor who stepped forward.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Jones. I have been monitoring your vitals since we found you. So far nothing real serious has shown up on our scans. I think you should remain in a closed confinement away from your friends for a few days before you can walk around this ship. I assigned two nurses to look over you and that should cover you."

"And what of my friends? Are they going to survive?" The doctor was quiet, thinking of something good to say. He flipped through several files before finding Trey's.

"Lucy for your friend Trey, he was not a medical expert. We were able to stop his bleeding and keep him in a sedated state. He should be the next one to recover from our latest technology."

"And what would that be?" But she was not able to receive an answer for a nurse showed up with a wheelchair. The doctor and the nurse worked quickly to take Cassie off of the medical tubes. She was transported to another place near the clinic.

This was a room she would stay in until the doctor said she could leave. The walls and the ceiling were standard white. Everything in the room was white and dull. There was a mirror there which added some decoration to the plain room. A bathroom was in the room also. No windows showed the space. Cassie curled up on the bed about to take a nap when the door opened slowly. A nurse entered carrying her set of needles.