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What? Where am I? What happened?

I groaned as I sat up. I couldn't remember one thing, and there was a throbbing, searing, yet strangely dull pain as I sat up. I gasped as I looked down and around. What in the world? All of this destruction…what happened here? My dark skin was bruised, beaten, and discolored. Then, a sailor outfit to top it all off?

Who am I? What is this?

I saw figures running towards me. No, they're back! Whoever did this, they're coming for me. But, I couldn't will my legs to move. I whimpered as they closed in on me. Girls, my age it seemed (and…dressed like me?), came into view, with a young man in a tuxedo and a young girl dressed in the same sailor suit. They all looked destroyed, wary, and distressed. My vision blurred, and the figures got foggy.

"Are you…are you okay?" a blonde girl asked with long pigtails and odangos. Why can't I remember anything? They have to be substantial enough to remember people in such odd clothing. But then, I can't even remember my name. What was it…Arien? It seems right, but is it? I listened to the girls, who I suddenly heard were bickering, the long-pigtailed girl and a…cat? What in the world? A cat? I screamed, a raspy, weak sound. A cat with a moon-shaped bald spot?! Arguing?!

"We don't know why she's wearing the Sailor Senshi outfit, Sailor Moon! She couldn't possibly be one, we've already found everyone. There wasn't another Senshi!" the cat shouted.

"There could be! Do you know if we ever fully regained the memories?" The blonde shrieked. I pushed myself to speak up.

"What happened? Why am I dressed like all of you?" my voice stayed raspy and weak.

"Help the girl up, idiot!" a black-haired girl shouted, running up to me. I backed away on all fours. Who are they? What do they want? Did they come back for me? I screamed again.

"Don't be afraid," the man spoke up. "We want to help you." He walked towards me. I think…this is a man to trust? He seems familiar, someone I've met in the past. I stopped crawling, perplexed. He was able to come up to me, and even help me up. Then, the pain in my head shot up, the dullness fading and the headache increasing. It couldn't even be considered a headache. It was a pounding , terrible pain.

"Ah!" I screamed, and fell back onto the ground amongst the rubble, holding my hand to my head. Images started flashing through my head, jumbled yet clear of meaning.

"Princess!" someone shouted in my head with such love, a young man it seemed like although my thoughts were still cloudy. Another image materialized.

"Arien, you are to stay on the Sun. You will not visit any of the planets, or the Moon." A gruff, no-nonsense voice said sternly.

What? Me, on the Sun? No, impossible. The Sun is a ball of gas. No one can inhabit it without burning to crisp.

You are a Sailor Senshi, child, of the Sun. Of course you can live there. A man's voice said in my head, powerfully. Don't just sit there; my daughter will not be this useless. You have powers, stronger than any of these other girls, so get at least some of your story straight, Princess. The voice faded.

What? Princess? No. Of what? That doesn't make since. I'm a normal girl. Not a princess. The throbbing suddenly stopped, a sudden clearness. I stood up, new courage flowing through my body.

"I am a Sailor Senshi," I said, slowly and unsure. "Sailor Sun. I am Princess. I have no idea exactly, of what, but I'm guessing it's the Sun, and…that seems like the story." I continued on. "I'm supposed to have amazing power, more power than any of you, but, once again, I have no idea."

"Sailor Sun? Your mother never told us of another Senshi, Sailor Moon." The black cat with the moon bald spot on her forehead said to the blonde—Sailor Moon.

"Mercury, anything you know about this?" Sailor Moon asked a girl with unique blue hair.

"No. But, the evidence seems clear enough. Just look at her forehead!" Sailor Mercury answered. I immediately put my hand to my forehead, and surprisingly, felt a warm engraving of something on my forehead.

"What is this?" I asked.

The sun insignia. Tell them you are a daughter of the Three Kingdoms: the Earth, Moon, and Sun. the voice answered my question.

Who are you? I thought.

All of your questions will be answered in time.

Too exhausted to even argue anymore, I talked to the Sailor Senshi. "I am a daughter of the Three Kingdoms."

"Three? No, there are only two." A white cat with the same moon spot on his forehead said, disbelieving. For some reason, this angered me. How dare he call my Star mythical.

"I can assure you, Artemis, my star is one of the kingdoms." I sneered. I vaguely registered that I hadn't even known the cat's name. "Would you like to test me on that? I am stronger than Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion combined." Wait, who? How'd I know those names? Oh, great. What is this?

"We've only been searching for one Princess. Is it possible there is another?" The cat—the name Luna came to my mind—said. Was I going to just magically remember everything? What was there to remember? I could remember all of the names then, but there was something sinister, evil that I wasn't recalling.

"Yes. You never know, maybe I was the princess you were supposed to find. Great job you did at that." I challenged. Those cats got on my nerves, thinking my home was make-believe. I'd decided to give in to whichever part of me that was remembering these things.

"Can you tell us answers?" Artemis asked.

"I know as much as I've told you, which isn't much. Now you must tell me what happened here." I answered.

So, they explained the fate of Mugen Academy—the academy, I came to realize, that I had been attending—the outer Senshi, Sailor Saturn, and Pharaoh 90. The Outer Senshi were already gone, leaving with the baby Hotaru.

"Then, they are gone? No enemies?" I asked, unsure.

"None we've found. But Pharaoh 90 was just defeated, so we can't be sure." Luna replied.

"Okay then, where do I fit into this?" I was met with more unanswered, confused expressions. I groaned, and thought about what any of it meant.

I think…there's someone missing. Who would it be, though? There's an emptiness in me, as if something isn't complete.

"Is there anyone else who you haven't found?" I asked.

"Not that we know of," Sailor Moon answered. "But you're proof we might be missing things."

"Well, I was just awakened"—I had no idea what that meant, once again—"but there could possibly be someone else missing. I have a feeling someone's not being included."

Leave. Now. There is nothing left to discuss. The voice said urgently, as if trying to hide something.

What are you not telling me? I asked.

In good time. The voice replied. I sighed and followed the voice's directions, turning around and moving the opposite direction.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Sailor Jupiter asked, another name that suddenly came to mind.

"Hmm. I don't know. There's nowhere for a person that doesn't know her past to go, is there?" I said, my back still turned to them.

Dear Arien, a different, woman's voice said in my head. I'll send you your guardian. You must be wary of the other Senshi; you need your own advisor.

I rolled my eyes. Another voice. Perfect. I'm going crazy. Then, not a second after she spoke, an orange cat came bounding lithely up to me, with a sun bald spot on its forehead. I sighed.

"I'm guessing you're my 'guardian'?" I asked sarcastically.

"Solaris is my name." the cat replied back, seriously. I bent down and picked him up.

"Great. Looks like it's just me and you." I said with sarcasm in my voice once again. My gloved fingers absentmindedly stroked Solaris, and he purred. More talking cats.

This should be fun.