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It was finally happening.

"Hold hands, everyone. We have to stay connected." Solaris commanded, getting our meager group of Raye, Lita, Darien, Daniel, and I to hold hands like toddlers. I cringed, not enjoying the contact. But, Daniel squeezed my hand and sent me a message to calm down.

I could see he was nervous, though.

What are you nervous about? I asked telepathically. He wouldn't answer, deciding to block his head with memories he knows I've already seen. I roll my eyes, pretending not to care, even though I do. He was suffering on his own through something that's honestly troubling him, and I can't even console him.

Listen to this, though: I love you. I'll even say it out loud, if it makes you feel any less nervous. He shook his head, but I leaned in to whisper in his ear. Before I could get the words out, Solaris cleared his throat, looking at Daniel and me accusingly.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, you may experience many different things than what Arien may have shown you. It's been so long." He mused. "However, the surface won't be nearly as devastated as you describe the moon being, as the final battle was fought there. All the structures will most likely be intact. The people will not. They disappeared."

"Just like that, out of thin air?" Lita asked. Solaris nodded.

"I believe we decided in the best decision for the overall population's survival, that they integrate into the Earth culture."

I scoffed in disgust. It would be just like my father not to stand up and fight. Solaris looked at me.

"The King was many things, Arien, but he was not a coward. He did what was best for the survival of our nation." He said, and I looked down, embarrassed. "Now, I think I've covered everything. Is everyone ready?" We all nodded in excitement. "You know from experience how this process works. Lita, Raye, and Arien, turn into you're Senshi forms, Darien, turn into Tuxedo Mask."

"What about me?" Daniel asked. He hadn't exactly developed any powers yet.

"You can…" Solaris started, but Darien held up a hand, stopping him.

"I'll show him. Everyone else, go ahead." I looked at him, suspicious of what he was going to do, but he just nodded in my direction, letting me know everything would be fine.

"I, uh, I didn't get a scepter, or whatever, that you described." I told Raye.

"Try using topaz." She replied, but Solaris shook his head.

"I've got yours." He said, and out of thin air, a golden wand with the sun insignia at the top that looked very much like the ones that Raye and Lita were taking out came hurling at me from nowhere.

I grabbed it and looked at it questioningly. Solaris looked at me as if I should know this, and then sighed.

"Shout 'Sun Power Make Up'." I repeated his words and was turned into the same form I was when I was awakened, except cleaner.

"What's this?" I asked. On one of my gloved wrists was a charm bracelet like the one I remember made me invisible. But along with the heart shaped charm was a new charm.

"The topaz charm is part of your powers. You won't need it yet." Solaris says, waving it away.

"What makes it different from any other piece?" I asked.

"It's charmed with other elements. Now, come on, like I said, you won't need it." He said with finality on the subject. "Darien, Daniel, have you figured it out yet?"

Neither one answers the question.

"You absolutely had to throw roses? Daggers, sure, throwing stars, that would work. Roses?" I hear Daniel's voice, but he's not Daniel anymore. In his place is a man in all white, dressed as if he were going to the Middle East. I scan Tuxedo Mask's thoughts, discovering this was Moonlight Knight. I stifled a laugh and Moonlight Knight glared at me.

"What?" he growled.

"Where's the desert?" I asked sarcastically, nudging him, and he looked even angrier than before. He took a deep breath, calming himself down. I knew not to push him any further, and instead kissed him on his clothed cheek.

"The roses don't matter. Either way, I love you." And he gives me a weak smile.

"I love you too." He replies. But his thought was disconcerting. You won't love me for long.

Why wouldn't I? We survived through all the things that happened in our past lives, why would anything change?

I had no time to ponder these thoughts, though. Everyone was ready, rejoining hands, and waiting on us to join the circle. I grabbed Moonlight Knight's hand first, and this time he squeezed my hand.

"Ready? 3, 2," I closed my eyes, anticipating the last number as Solaris counts down. "1."

Everything went dark, and it's not just because I had my eyes closed. I fought the need to scream like a child because of the sudden darkness. But, just as fast as it came, it left, filling my eyes with light once again.

I gasped in amazement.

It was the exact same it had been all those eons before. There wasn't as much as a crack in any of the buildings.

But the most incredible thing was the grass. The silky, long golden grass that waved with any single movement. Sailor Mars reached down to touch it.

"Don't! That stuff is defensive. Touch it, and it will try to strangle you. The only reason you can walk right here is because Sailor Sun and I mask your scents." Solaris warned. Mars jerked back, deciding to look, not touch.

"Where's the palace?" I ask. I wanted to see my home, the place I'd grown up. Solaris laughed.

"We only need to walk a bit further." He answered, and everyone began to follow him.

"Isn't this incredible?" I asked in amazement, walking next to Sailor Mars.

"It is. I can't see why I wouldn't remember a place like this." She replied. But I didn't respond back. Not when one of the most majestic buildings I had ever seen was standing right in front of me.

The palace was a one story stucco building, but with the arches that were carved into it and the pool that stretched towards us, warm and welcoming, gave it a sense of power.

"Just as beautiful as I last saw it." Solaris murmured. We walked through the arches, feet clicking on the marble floors. The walls were painted a gold color, and adorned with tapestries depicting the sun in different ways.

"What's that?" Sailor Jupiter asked. I turned around and saw a sword hanging on the wall, made of pure gold with topaz inset on the handle and the sun insignia engraved. It pulled me toward, a pulsing, foreign, living desire to reach out to it.

"Sailor Sun?" Moonlight Knight whispered, a sweet sound to my ear, but didn't stop me. I took a step toward it. Another step.

" Her forehead, the sign of the sun is there. There's something wrong" He urged, grabbing my arm. I yanked away from him, my eyes still set on the sword. Step.

My hand finally reached out to touch it, and my hand connected with the sword's surface.

A white hot burn shot through my hand as I cried out in pain, falling to the floor. Moonlight Knight caught me. But that didn't matter to me if I hit the floor or not.

I remembered.

"Sailor Sun!" he shouted in alarm. "Are you—." But his words were stopped short in his mouth when I began to scream.

Everyone had attended that night. Except for Earth people. Ever since the growing tension began, people with loyalties to Earth became mysteriously uninvited to functions. This made me long for Endyran even more than usual.

My father had let me go to this event, saying 'it was good for my image'. I didn't even want to go, but I had no choice. I was brought out of my daze when Serenity ran up.

"Arien! Look at you! You're positively glowing." She giggled. "How long has it been? You look ready to pop by now!" I placed my hand on my huge stomach instinctively.

"It should be any day now." I smiled politely.

"How nice. I hope no one's giving you a hard time." Just then, two masked men came up. One stepped forward to Serenity, holding his hand out.

"May I have this dance?" she took his hand, surprised, and they whirled off. The second man remained, standing in front of me.

"I hope you aren't about to ask me to dance." I said, a gleam in my eye.

"Of course not." He replied. "But I would like to talk to you outside." He held out his hand to help me up. I followed him out to the veranda outside of the palace skeptically, and he took his mask off.
"Endyran!" I whispered, pulling him as close as he could get, with his child in between us.

"Hello, love." He said, smiling. He kneeled down, rubbing my belly. "And hello to you too." I gazed down at him, placing my hands on top of his.

"What are you doing here? How did you get through security?" He smirked.

"They weren't an issue. And, I came to see my wife. Why else?"

"You shouldn't have risked this. You know how tense it is these days." I chastised.

"I love you. Nothing's going to keep us apart, not this." He replied. He stood up, holding my face in his hands.

"I love you too." He kissed me, and during that, it felt like there were no worries, no regrets, no futures. Just here and now.

But when we pulled apart, the world submitted to chaos.

"Arien! Earth, they've attacked!" I gasped as the Mars princess delivered the news. As soon as I heard the news, a knot had untied, and there I was, standing in water.

"Damn it! Not now, no!" I screamed. Endyran grabbed me, bringing me inside.

"Where can we take her?" He asked, panicked.

"There are rooms upstairs." Serenity came from behind us, supporting me as well.

As soon as we got to the room, contractions started. They were already close together, only five minutes apart. Serenity had sent for a midwife, but there was still none to be found.

"Go find out what's happening!" I shouted at Raye, wincing through the pain. She shook her head.

"I'm staying with you."

"Go." I said, glaring as I nearly broke Endyran's hand. He didn't even flinch. She sighed, running out of the room.

"They're so close." I whispered, and for the first time, I was afraid. Endyran kissed my forehead.

"It'll be okay. You'll give birth, the baby will be healthy, and everything will be fine. It has to."

I cried out at the next one, after not a minute had passed, and suddenly, the urge to push came.

"Find that midwife." I said teeth gritted. "I'll try to wait for you."

The midwife came, but Endyran didn't.

They placed the boy in my arms, sleeping as I looked down at him.

"He's perfect." I whispered, smiling at him. Tears streamed down my face. My best friend, she was gone. Dead. Still no Endyran.

"What will you name him?" the midwife asked.

"I—I'm not sure. I'll wait for Endyran." I replied. Just then, he walked into the room, a neutral expression on his face. I smiled at him, trying to through tears. "You missed it. You have a son." His face didn't change as my smile faded. "Endyran?" He walked over, grabbing the baby out of my grasp. He started wailing in surprise as Endyran walked out.

"Where are you going?" I shouted. No answer. I heaved myself up in pain. "Where are you taking my baby?" I screamed at him. The woman protested, but I helped myself out of bed, crying out with each painful step. I held on to the bedposts to stop myself from slipping in my blood, getting myself slowly out of the building.

Endyran was in my sights now. I screamed at him, trying to find topaz, anything. But, my bracelet was gone, and there was no trace of the mineral around.

"Give me back my baby!" I screamed, leaning down in pain to pick a rock, which I promptly threw. He stopped in a courtyard, putting the crying babe down. He took out his sword. "No!" the word flew from my lips in a last desperate attempt. But it was too late. I fell to the floor, defeated. I didn't care anymore. Not when my child was gone.

I heard Endyran's footsteps approach me. I looked up from my hands, before he kicked me in the stomach. I coughed from the impact, blood pouring from my mouth. I had already overexerted myself.

What was left to do but die?

"Solaris. Tell me how to use the topaz charm." I said as calmly as I could.

"Why?" he asked.

"Show me." I repeated, this time with gritted teeth.

"You don't need it yet."

"Oh, yes I do."

"For what?"

"So I can kill this man!" I screamed, jumping at Moonlight Knight. I got my hands around his throat, only to have them pulled away by Tuxedo Mask. "You let me go, or I'll kill you too!" I screamed at him, scratching and fighting. I'd kill anyone to get revenge for my child.

"Arien, I'm sorry!" He shouted, but I didn't care.

"No! You killed him, then you killed me! There's no forgiving that!" I screamed back, leaning out of the hands that encircled my waist. A slow clapping started out.

"Just as eccentric as I remembered, little cousin." The voice said. I turned around. There was a girl standing there, wearing a pastel blue Senshi uniform. She looked like she was from the sun, with her dark skin and strange eyes, but her eyes were a light blue.

"Who are you?" I asked. She laughed a cruel laugh.

"Your guardian! My dear baby cousin was in need, so I appeared." Solaris was glaring at her.

"Lyra." He called the girl. Lyra looked down at him amused.

"Hello to you too, Solaris. But now that we have all the pleasantries behind us, perhaps we could address the real problem."

"And what would that be?" I asked.

"Endyran isn't the only one lying to you. Solaris didn't tell you that you have your own Senshi you should be leading. Well, just one now, actually. The rest are dead." She replied in a tone as if they were having your typical conversation.

"What? Solaris?" he didn't say anything. "So, everyone decided to lie to me, huh?

Lyra tsked. "I won't lie to you, though, Arien. In fact, I'll tell you the truth right now. See, we've got ourselves a predicament. Your father, before you died, he said he wanted me to be the next queen of the Sun. He even went as far as protecting me so I wouldn't be affected by that silly war. So, I'm here, you're here, and I'm sorry, but I've got to secure my position. I hope you don't take this personally, darling."

"What? No. He can't take that away from me. I don't know whose side you're on, but the throne is mine." I told her. She laughed at me.

"Oh, but I'll beat you, Arien. Any time. And I know you're just itching to start living again, but that'll be cut short. See, your father chose me over you." She replied, faking regret.

"I'm stronger."

"You don't know anything about how to use your powers. I'm afraid I'm stronger this time." Lyra said, not so nice anymore.

"But she has us." Mars stepped in.

"Oh, really?" she asked, pondered it for a moment, then out of nowhere, called a power to her. "Star Power!" she shouted, and Mars was hit, knocked into a wall. Tuxedo Mask went to help her as Jupiter stood, her temper heating up fast.

"Oh, no. You messed with the wrong girls!" she shouted. Lyra laughed, making a 'come here' motion with her hands.

"Bring it on." Jupiter was red now.

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!" she shouted as a lightning rod extended from her tiara. Lyra laughed, dodging it easily.

"Sailor Sun! Shout 'Sun Ray Illumination'!" Solaris instructed. I repeated his words, the anger at Endyran fueling me, and shining beams of light came from my palms, making it harder for Lyra to dodge.

"Oh, I didn't arrange for a two on one. That's just unfair, wouldn't you agree, Arien? I believe this is my time to leave."

"You coward!" I shouted at her, finding a rock on the ground (topaz) and activating the power it held. Lyra dodged, angry now.

"I'm sparing you. Today. But you better be ready next time. And then, no others will be there to help you." She said, right before she disappeared into thin air.

"No! We can't let her get away!" I screamed, running somewhere, anywhere I may find her. This was my home and my people. She wouldn't take that from me.

"It's already done, Arien." Moonlight Knight said quietly walking up behind me and grabbing my wrist. I jerked away from him.

"Don't you touch me!" I screamed, holding up the topaz rock. Something I could use to destroy him.

"Arien! You have to listen!" Moonlight Knight replied angrily.

"Says who? You killed him. You killed him, and you can't make excuses for that. It's not possible. I'll get my revenge. You'd better watch out."

"Arien!" Raye shouted, breaking up the fight. "If we aren't together right now, how are we going to defeat Lyra, nonetheless get home." She was still weak, the effects of the attack wearing off slowly. I rushed to her side.

"Raye, are you okay?"

"I've seen worse." She winced. "But stop being such a damn pain! Can't you see he's trying to explain something to you?"

"There's nothing to explain." I replied quietly. I looked at him angrily. "We'll get back to Earth, but then, back off. I need time to think without wanting to rip you apart. But right now, I can't do this."

"Arien—." I held one hand up, grabbing Raye's hand and Sailor Jupiter's to go home.

"Can we please go?" All faces were solemn. Moonlight Knight looked heartbroken. For some strange reason, I couldn't block out those thoughts. Those awful thoughts of remorse, of sadness.

They made me even angrier.

Yes, I am in love with him. Yes, I do want to forgive him. But what does that mean? I'm supposed to just run into his arms, all forgiven? He lied to me, and that's not anything I'm willing to forget.

Not now, perhaps not ever.

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