Trying first person-narrative - haven't done it in a while.


By Dark Ice Dragon


"Tell Rachel I'm taking a one-hundred year nap so I can work on my sleep study."

The words echoed in my head as I woke up again for the whatever-th time. I didn't need to open my eyes to figure out where I was. It was hot, humid, the air smelled dry and gritty. And this was in the shade. Great, a desert; haven't woken up in one of those in a while. My mind kept playing the sentence over, I couldn't stop it; when I tried, it seemed to push that even harder to be heard.

I'd said that. To Luca, of all people. Funny how things had turned out.

Heeeey, lucky. Up in the highest branches of the tree, there was some sort of fruit. It was purple, but after all the other things I've eaten, it couldn't be as bad as them. It couldn't be rock salts anyway. And if it was only growing at the top, that meant other animals were eating it too. Probably. The tree trunk was cracked in periodic places, wide and deep enough for my hands and feet to use without a lot of trouble.

"But... They'll get mad..." I hadn't forgiven him back then, for hurting Rachel, for trying to kill her, not yet. It still hurt when I remembered some of the things that we'd done together, argued about, what we'd said to each other. Luca was completely different from the first time I'd met him to what he was like now. Or maybe he'd always been like that, and he'd only pretended to be our friend.

The view from the top of the tree didn't show me much apart from sand, sand and more sand. Except that the tree was blocking the sunlight better than I thought. Ouch. I was probably going to be burnt from the few seconds I'd been in the sun!

So now we we're self-proclaimed enemies again, both of us agreeing with it this time. There's more at stake though: our hearts, our lives. We're trying to kill each other.

The fruit's tangy and dry, but it's still edible. It's not bad enough to make me throw up anyway. They're gone within minutes so that leaves me to my next usual priority on the list: clothes. I won't be getting those any time soon, that's for sure. Not unless someone's buried a chest of them somewhere close for some weird reason. I'll have to wait until the sun goes down before even trying to start moving away from here. Hopefully I won't have shrivelled up by then, ugh. Or maybe I won't look for clothes if they'll make the heat worse. But proteeecctttiiooonn...

I think the heat's affecting my mind already.

I shook my head. Focus, focus. Don't get too distracted.

"Tell Rachel I'm taking a hundred year nap..." And now I really was taking one-hundred year 'naps'. Every ten days even. That was pretty ironic since I'd said that to Luca...

No. No no nonono. I couldn't have... Could I? Did I... Was I the one who gave Luca the idea in the first place? Was I part of the reason why this was happening? Not just because I offered him half my heart, but I gave him the idea too?

No... No way...

Was it because of me we were doing this?