Hinata was sitting in the makeup chair as people finished up her hair and makeup. Her manager Kakashi walked over to her, "A little more eyeliner. Ok Hinata you've done a bunch of interviews already so this talk show isn't any difference. Myra Tanks is a great talk show host so go out and have a good time."

Hinata nodded, "Got it I'm so excited to meet Myra."

They finished her hair and makeup just as she heard, "She is one of the top selling female artist give it up for HINATA HYUGA!"

Hinata smiled as she walked out and waved the audience who was cheering for her. She walked over and hugged Myra before sitting down. Once the crowd died down Myra said, "Thank you for being here with us Hinata."

Hinata smiled and shook her head, "No thank you I'm really glad to be here."

Myra continued on with the interview, "Well I heard you are on tour with Connect Four how is that going?"

"It's great I love performing on stage every night and having fun with my fans. They guys are great they make it easier to be away from my family especially since Neji is my cousin."

"And what about you and Sasuke? I mean some girls wouldn't have forgiven him after that stunt he pulled a couple months back."

She smiled, "Sasuke is great it doesn't matter why we started dating all that matters is that we are together."

The audience collectively said, "AWWWWW!"

Hinata blushed a bit, "I wouldn't have start this journey if it wasn't for the support of my family, my manager Kakashi, Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru, my fans and especially Sasuke."

Myra smiled, "We tell us how is it being a rock star?"

"It's better than I could ever imagine! I get to do what I love to do there is nothing more I could ask for."

"Well let's talk about your album now you wrote a good portion of the songs on it correct? How do you come up with all those songs?"

"I always keep a journal with me and I write every chance I get. Some comes from personal experience though."

Myra looked back at her cards, "I've also heard of rumors you and Connect Four might be starring in a movie."

Hinata nodded, "We are in talks about a movie yes. I've never acted before but I'm really excited to try."

Myra nodded, "I'm sure you'll do just great. Now Hinata you are eighteen years old you are a young girl how does it feel to live your life in the public eye?"

"At first it was a little weird seeing my face on television and on magazines. But I've gotten used to it."

"Well you are doing a great job unlike celebrities Charis Bilton the hotel heiress or Kinsey Hohan. You're a great role model for girls everywhere now before you have to go can we persuade you to play a song for us." Myra turned the audience, "Wouldn't you all like the hear her sing for you!"

The audience roared as Hinata stood up, "I'd love too."

Backstage Kakashi was watching on the monitors smiling, "She is a star they love her."

Iruka his assistant ran over to him, "The limo is here to take her to her next interview."

"What else does Hinata have today?"

Iruka looked at his clip board, "After the next interview she has a photo shoot for the cover of Teen magazine, at the photo shoot she also has a meet and greet with some contest winners, after that she needs to be rushed to the concert hall for a sound check than she needs to get ready because she goes on at eight."

Kakashi nodded, "Big day is the surprise here for her?"

"Waiting in the limo, so would you like me to accompany Hinata?"

Kakashi looked at his watch, "Yes, I have to finish those auditions for Hinata's band."

Iruka looked up from his board, "Band?"

"Yeah she's been using the boy's band and it's not fair to have them doing that. Plus she needs a band for these live performances I'm tired of her singing with a backing track. She is a rock star and needs a band to follow her." The crowd applauded when Hinata finished her song she waved and thanked them as she walked off stage.

Kakashi patted her back, "Great job, now you're off to do it again there is a surprise waiting for you in the limo."

"A surprise?" Hinata ran towards her limo and opened the door. "HANABI!"

Her sister smiled, "Hinata!

She got in the limo and hugged her younger sister, "What are you doing here?"

"I haven't seen you in forever and dad let me come up for the weekend to see you. You look amazing!"

The limo took off to her next interview, "Thanks I've missed you! How have you been?"

She grinned, "I've been great people at school are so jealous that you're my sister!"

"It wouldn't have to do with the huge picture of you and Shikamaru in your locker?"

Hanabi blushed, "Maybe a little…where is your next interview?"

She thought for a moment, "At a radio station."

She started bouncing up and down, "This is so exciting! Your life is so cool I wish I was you."

"No you are going to finish high school before you start giving me a run for my money."

The interview went by quickly and soon Hinata and Hanabi were at her photo shoot. As Hinata was getting her hair and makeup done again and answering questions. "How does your family feel about your fame?"

Hinata pointed over to Hanabi, "Why don't you ask my sister she is right here?"

Hinata pulled Hanabi closer and the interviewer started asking Hanabi questions. Before she went to take her pictures she asked the makeup and hair people if they could make Hanabi over. In the middle of her photo shoot she saw they had finished and Hinata ran over and grabbed Hanabi. "Hinata what are you doing?"

"Taking a picture with you! I want to share this experience with you. Now smile!" The sisters were laughing and smiling throughout the rest of the photo shoot. The magazine representatives loved having the two sisters taking pictures. The photo shoot ended and Iruka rushed them back into the limo. "Ok we are here for a sound check now Kakashi is waiting inside to introduce you to your band."

Hinata was a little nervous about meeting them as she walked up to the stage where she saw two guys with Kakashi. Kakashi waved her off, "Hinata, Hanabi come here let me intro you to your band. He pointed to a tall guy wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. She couldn't really see his face as she shook his head as he introduced himself, "Hi I'm Shino I'll be your bass player."

"Nice to meet Shino."

Kakashi patted the back of a bigger guy, "And this is Choji your drummer."

A voice behind her said, "Sorry I'm late."

Hinata and Hanabi turned around to see a tall, tanned, spiky brown haired guy smiling at them. Hanabi's jaw dropped, "WOW!"

The guy walked up to Hinata, "Wow Hinata Hyuga! You're even more beautiful in person."

She blushed, "T-Thank You."

He shook Hanabi's hand who was still in awe of his good looks. "I'm Kiba your lead guitarist can't wait to start working with you."

"Me either."

What Hinata didn't know was up stairs Sasuke was watching them, "What is Hinata doing?"

Naruto chuckled, "Chill she is just meeting her band Hanabi is the one that's has a jaw on the floor. That guy might give Shikamaru a run for his money." He turned back to where he thought Sasuke was, "Where did he go?"

Neji shook his head, "Probable to go kill that guy let's go before he makes a scene!" The three boys ran out of the sound booth and after Sasuke.