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Stan, Kenny and Cartman all stared up at the house, or at least, what was left of the house. The roof was gone, the upstairs was gone, and one side of the house was completely crushed. Smoke from the fire still lingered in the air.

"I sure hope Kyle hadn't been inside when his house caught on fire," Stan said, glancing around uneasily for no apparent reason.

"I'm sure he wasn't. Didn't that cop say the house was torched on purpose?" Kenny mumbled through his orange parka.

"I think so."

The three boys continued staring for several minutes. Then Cartman broke the silence.

"Let's go inside."

"Are you crazy? The right wall looks like it could give away any second," Stan protested. He and Cartman argued for a few more minutes.

"Oh all right then. But let's be quick about it," Stan said, defeated. He, Cartman and Kenny turned and began to walk slowly up the driveway.

"I wonder where Kyle is, his car isn't here," Kenny remarked.

Since no one knew the answer, no one spoke. The three of them continued on their way into the house.

All the furniture was still present, although alot of it had been badly burned. What had once been a green carpet was now black, and the stairs and upper floor no longer existed.

"Look at this," said Cartman, pointing to a bunch of burnt furniture and personal possessions, which had obviously fallen from the second floor when the floor gave in. "Lets go look."

No one objected. The three of them began to rummage through Kyle's half destroyed things, when suddenly Kenny cried, "Hey look at this!"

"What?" Stan and Cartman said at the same time, going over to where he was standing.

"It's a journal," Kenny said enthusiastically, picking it off the floor.

"So?" asked Cartman.

"So let's read it. Maybe it will explain where Kyle's family went," said Kenny.

"Was it Kyle's?" Cartman demanded.

"No, but it was Ike's," Kenny told him.

"Oh. Never mind then." Cartman turned and began to walk toward the door.

"Well, i think we should read it. It might tell us what happened to Kyle," Kenny said, following him.

"Yeah," Stan said, following his two friends out the door and toward his house.

"I think this is super faggy, but whatever," Cartman said when they were seated in Stan's living room. Kenny ignored him and opened the journal. He began to read out loud the first page.

"I have a story so fucked up to tell, that you, whoever found my journal, may not believe me at first, though i assure you, everything i wrote really happened."

Stan, Cartman and Kenny exchanged surprised glances.

"Let me read," Stan urged. Kenny handed him the notebook.

Stan turned the page and began to voice Ike's story.


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