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*Ike's POV*

I was sleeping innocently when it happened, but suddenly there was a pillow in my face and horrible pain. I could feel myself screaming, but i couldn't hear it. Then suddenly the pain was gone, just like that.

I could feel myself floating upward, and suddenly i couldn't feel anything, but i could see everything. My parents were standing over the hotel bed i had been sleeping in. Mom was holding a kitchen knife and a plastic garbage bag, and Dad was busying rolling up the sheets of the bed around what i presumed to be my dead body. I guess being their third victim was inevitable.

Dad threw my body wrapped in the bloody sheets into the garbage bag, and Mom contributed by tossing in the knife she used to murder me, her last son. Dad tied the bag, and the two of them left the hotel room. Once in the lobby, they left the hotel without checking out. They carried me out to their car and put me in their trunk. They then proceded to drive me out of the city, until they came to the mountains. All through this, i was fallowing them in spirit.

Once they were far into the mountains, Mom, who was driving, stopped the car. She then got me out of her trunk, and just threw the bag flippantly, as though she was just dumping a bag of litter. In her mind, that was likely all she was doing.

I didn't get to see anymore of what those two did, because as soon as they dumped me, i began to shoot up towards the sky. It took along time, but it was a wonderful, unearthly feeling. All the anger, sadness, regret, hate, and all the other bitter feelings left with each mile i grew further from the planet Earth. In other words, i was totally and completely free.

Finally, i made it to where i was going. It was clearly heaven, because both Leah and Kyle were there, both of them smiling and waving at me.

"Kyle! Leah!" I screamed out of joy, and the two of them were instantly there hugging me, smiling, crying, and not saying anything at all. I was doing the exact same thing, and i had never been happier.

Me and my siblings may not have had the full life we were supposed to experience on the Earth, but that was okay with us. We would never know if our bodies had been found and Mom and Dad had gotten punished, but that was also okay with us. We just didn't care anymore.

~*The End*~


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