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Vampire Academy FF - I can't stop thinking about you

Chapter 1


I sat in the waiting room of a large hospital. People rushed all around me, in and out of rooms, up and down stairs. I watched as people were ushered into rooms so they could see the doctor. All while I just sat there, waiting for my turn.

As I sat here I let my mind wander. I thought about how I had got to be here

*Flash back*

I was out strigoi hunting. I only had one objective, find a specific strigori. I was sent to find Dimitri.

His trail had led me to some forest in the middle of Canada.

I quietly slipped through the undergrowth. It was middle of the day (on my nocturnal time) and I was alone, because I had left to do one job, Kill a strigoi. But this wasn't just any strigoi, this was Dimitri. And I had to kill him to save him, even though I still loved him. Every day I would think about him, and I would always wonder if he ever thought of me, or even remember me after he had been awakened.

Then I felt it.

The nauseous feeling I would get whenever I was close to a Strigoi. I closed in, my heart in my mouth. I had hoped that I wouldn't find him, that I wouldn't have to kill him, even though I knew he would want me to kill him.

I peered through the trees and found a clearing. Dimitri was sitting in the middle, hunched over, and facing away from me. It was the perfect position for a kill. I had the element of surprise and he was oblivious that I was less than 20 meters away from him.

I moved into the clearing, silver stake in hand.

But then I heard his sobs. I froze, Dimitri was a strigori and he was crying. It had been drilled into us from a very young age that Strigoi were heartless killing machines, so I couldn't believe that he was crying.

Suddenly his head shot up. Crap. He spun around and started growling. When he recognized me, he stopped abruptly and straightened up from his crouched position with a sad look in his eyes.

'Roza?' he said in almost a whisper. He started to walk towards me but I held up the stake.

'Stay away' I threatened.

He stopped and whispered my name again 'Roza'

The way my name rolled off his lips looked so right, it sounded so right.

But I pulled away from my daydream, and remembered what I was here for 'I have to kill you' I said, trying to sound confident but the wobble in my voice gave me away.

'Roza, don't do this' he said calmly, and almost in a pleading way.

I looked away from his eyes, I couldn't bear to look at him 'I have to, it's what you have wanted' my voice cracked.

His face became hard and unreadable. 'You think I don't know what I want? You don't think I can make my own decisions?'

I looked away 'I promised you, I can't break that promise'

'Fine then, you want to fight? Let's fight' he taunted.

He crouched into a fighting position and started to circle me.

As I began to circle him as well, I knew I couldn't do it, I couldn't kill him.

Looking at Dimitri and picturing ways of killing him was making me sick.

But then he stopped abruptly and straightened up. Something had changed and that same sad look returned to his eyes. 'No' he turned away 'I can't hurt you'

I stopped as well, anger washed through me. Did he except me to kill him when he couldn't kill me?

'You can't give up' I yelled at him.

'I made you promise to kill me if I was turned Strigoi' he said looking me in the eye.

'You were just telling me not to kill you' I said, still mad that he had stopped.

'I remembered, I want to die'

I looked at the ground, I still couldn't kill him.

'So what are you waiting for? Kill me already, put me out of this misery' he said, holding his arms out in front.

'If you can't kill me, how do you expect me to kill you if I still love you?' I blurted out.

Then he did the most un-expectant thing. He ran over to me and kissed me full on the lips.

I threw my arms around his necks and kissed him back eagerly. He kissed me with such force that he lifted me off the ground.

After a few minutes of kissing, he put me back on the ground and, without breaking the kiss, began to unbutton my black guardian shirt I had received when we went to the royal court. I responded immediately and swiftly began to unbutton his shirt.

I ran my hands up and along his rock hard abs.

I felt him suppress a shudder that rippled thought his body.

When we broke away, he whispered my name over and over. But then he said 'I love you Roza, I always have and I always will'

It almost felt as if I had just been bitten but a vampire, the happiness filled my eyes with joyful tears.

As one spilt over and slid down my cheek, he pulled away and looked at me with worried eyes.

'What's wrong?' he asked, his voice filled with worry, as he wiped away the tear with his fingertips.

'Oh, Dimitri, I love you so much' I managed to choke out before I pulled his lips to mine fro a deep and passionate kiss.

Somehow my bra-strap was unhinged and I pulled his pants down his legs.

All that could be heard from our little clearing were my screams of immense pleasure.

*End of Flashback*

Suddenly a nurse called my name, 'Rosemarie Hathaway?'

'Yup' I called back as I picked up my shoulder bag/handbag from beside the chair.

'The doctor will see you now' she said politely as she gestured towards a room.

'Thanks' I mumbled. I was not really in the mood to be polite back.

'You're welcome' she said just as sweetly.

I walked into a small room with walls covered with diagrams of pregnant ladies and with diagrams of baby growth. I shuddered at the thought of having to go through that. I looked on the desk and saw some brightly colored paintings stuck just above the computer. I studied the pictures closely and saw that they said, in a very messy scrawl, 'I love you Mummy'. I felt sick in the stomach at the thought of what I was here for. I was here to kill a baby, a child, a life.

I was pulled back to reality when I heard the door opening. I spun around to see a woman in her late 30's standing in the doorway.

'Hi, I'm Dr. Smirnov. But you can just call me Dimitra.' She said as she walked across the room to sit at her desk.

Tears stung my eyes; her name reminded me so much of...him.

'So, what are you in here for?' Dimitra said while examining her clipboard on the table.

'I need an abortion' I said very quietly.

'I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that?' she asked looking up at me.

'I need an abortion' I said a little louder.

Her face became instantly serious 'Oh, I see' she looked back down at her clipboard. 'Are you aware about the risks with this procedure?' she said formally, all friendliness gone from her voice now.

'Yes, I am' I said simply

'Are you aware of what you're doing?' she said, looking up from her clipboard.

'What I'm doing?' I asked, confused.

'Yes, what you are doing. You know that you are killing someone, taking away their life.' She said seriously.

'Well, I don't regard the thing inside me to be a someone yet' I said just as seriously.

'but you are still stopping a heart. There are a pair of eyes that will never see, a nose that will never smell, a pair of ears that will never hear, a pair of hands that will never fell, a tongue that will never taste' she said passionately. She must be really against abortions, I thought.

'I'm sorry, but I can't have this child' I said.

'That's alright, just so long as you understand what you're doing' she said looking back at her clipboard.

'I do' gosh this was taking longer than I thought it would.

'When do you want the procedure to be held?' she said

'As soon as possible' I said, starting to stand.

'Well then, we have an opening in two weeks. Is that okay with you?'

'Yes fine, the sooner the better'

'Well then, I'll see you in two weeks' she said gesturing towards the door.

'Thank you Doctor' I said as I walked out the door.


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