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Chapter 10


Rose suddenly lurched forward, screaming in pain.

"Rose?! Rose, what happening?!" I yelled as I tried to get her to sit up straight, but she toppled into the aisle on her hands and knees.

I frantically rolled her over onto her back while he screams echoed through the small bus.

"Adrian, help me!" I yelled at him. He was still sitting in his seat, staring helplessly at Rose's thrashing body.

He quickly scrambled out of his seat and placed his hands on Rose's swelling torso.

"It hurts so much!" she screamed as she thrashed around more, trying to escape the pain.

"Shhh, it's going to be alright" I said calmly as I held her limbs down. Her eyeballs began to roll back in to her skull and I knew she was losing consciousness.

"What's going on down here?!" yelled the bus driver. I hadn't even noticed that the bus had stopped moving.

"I don't know" I said to the driver "Adrian?!"

"I'm trying!" he grunted at he closed his eyes tighter, concentrating as hard as he could. Blood started gushing out of Rose and my Strigoi senses kicked in.

I looked greedily at the blood and licked my lips.

Adrian noticed.

"No!" he yelled as he pushed against my chest in an attempt to get me out of the bus.

But the blood...the blood...the luscious blood as it dripped out of my Rose...my Rose...my Rose?!

What was I thinking?!

I ran from the bus, out of the stuffy air that held the heavenly sent of blood.

I had been so close to bitting my Roza and sucking her dry...killing her and our unborn baby...


I saw Dimitri run from the bus before more and more blood gushed out of Rose.

All the passengers that were on the bus had already run out of it, along with the driver.

"Come one Rose!" I yelled as I let the spirit flow through me and into her.

The only thing that I knew that could be happening was a really really bad miscarriage.

Rose was still twitching although she had been unconscious for a long time.

"Come on, Come on!" I grunted as I pushed more and more spirit into her.

She thrashed again and more blood poured out of her.

Finally the thought crossed my mind. Rose was going to die. I was becoming too weak and I was going to pass out any minute now and she would just keep losing blood.

"Please, Rose, you can't die" I sobbed as I generated as much spirit as I could with the last of my energy. My sweat and tears dripped onto her bloated torso, mixing with her blood.

I drained the last spirit I had into her before I collapsed into a pool of her blood.


Once I had cleared my head, I ran back into the bus to help Adrian in anyway I could.

I found Adrian lying next to Rose, covered in her blood.

Rose was still twitching but it was less that the violent thrashing that was happening before and it seemed as if she had stopped gushing blood.

I ran over to Rose and checked for a pulse. It was weak but it was still there.

"Adrian?!" I called as I shook his shoulder. He didn't move.

"Adrian!" I yelled as I shook him harder.

"Perfect, just bloody perfect" I mumbled sarcastically as I slung Adrian across my back and carefully picked Rose up into my arms.

"How long to the nearest hospital?" I asked the bus driver desperately.

"Ah, about 15 minutes that way" he said, pointing to the North.

"Thanks" I said before I started to run in that direction.

"You're not thinking of walking there are you?!" yelled the driver.

"Well seeing as I'm already walking...yeah!" I said.

"Come on, get in the bus. I'll drive you there" he offered, beckoning me to the bus.

I contemplated this...it would be faster than walking.

"Okay" I said as I jogged back to the bus.

In a few minutes, we pulled up out the front of Billings's hospital.

I thanked the driver and ran into the emergency room with two unconscious bodies in my arms.

"I need help" I said franticly to the lady at the front desk.

She looked at Rose and Adrian before running to get two beds.

She came back wheeling two beds and with five doctors following her.

"Do you know what happened to them?" asked one of the doctors as she felt for Rose's pulse.

"She just started screaming and saying she was in pain and then blood started gushing from her..." I cleared my throat before saying"vagina and then she passed out and started twitching" I explained.

"Is she pregnant?" asked another doctor as she helped Rose and Adrian onto the beds.

"Yes, 4 months" I nodded.

"Sounds like a miscarriage" mumbled a third doctor. "What happened to him?" she asked, gesturing to Adrian.

"I-i don't know...he must have passed out while I was out of the room"

"Well the girls-"

"Rose" I interrupted.

"Yes, well Rose's situation is much worse and we need to take her into surgery straight away"

"Okay, do whatever you have to do to save her" I pleaded.

"We'll try our best" she said as she and two other doctors wheeled my Rose down the hall.

"I'm sorry but what's the man's name?" asked one of the remaining doctors.

"Adrian" I replied, still looking in the direction that they had wheeled Rose off to.

"Adrian doesn't seem to have endured an obvious trauma before he passed out, so we can just take him to a room and monitor his progress" she said before wheeling him off.

"Sir? I need you to fill out these forms" said the receptionist while handing me a clipboard and pen.

I slowly filled out the two forms as best as I could. I handed the receptionist the forms back.

"Could I see Rose?" I asked.

She shook her head "I'm sorry, she's still in surgery"

"Well, can I see Adrian?"

"Yes...that should be fine. He's in room 119"

"Thank you" I mumbled before walking down the hallway to room 119.

I burst into the room and found Adrian lying, still unconscious, with an oxygen mask strapped around his face. I walked over to his side, they had wiped Rose's blood off his face but his hair was still stiff and shiny from being soaked in it.

"Adrian?" I whispered in his ear. He didn't respond. "Adrian" I said, shaking his shoulders slightly. He still didn't respond. "Adrian! Wake the fuck up!" I yelled at him, shaking him rough fully.

I was getting desperate. I had to ask him if he had healed Rose in time, if she would survive all this?

He still didn't wake up. I looked around and noticed that he had a drip in his arm. I followed the tube to a clear bag of fluid. I suddenly squeezed the bag, causing Adrian to jolt upright.

"Ow, fuck, Ow, fuck, stop it!" he yelled at me, ripping the drip out of his arm.

"Good, you're awake" I grinned and let go of the bag.

"Where the hell is I?" he asked, still rubbing his arm.

"Hospital. What happened to Rose? Could you heal her?"

He pushed himself up so that he was sitting straight. "She just kept bleeding...I couldn't stop it...and then I just got too weak and passed out"

"That's it?" I asked.

"That's it" he confirmed.

"Rose had stopped bleeding when I found you two?"

"Really? Maybe my healing worked?"

"Maybe" I thought about this for a moment.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts.

"Mr. Belikov?" the receptionist peaked around the door "Miss Hathaway is out of surgery and into recovery"

"Can I see her?"

"She's still unconscious but yes, you can see her"

"Did the surgery go well?"

"I'm sorry I don't know" she said before leaving.

"Bye Adrian" I said as I walked quickly out the door.

"So you're just going to leave me?!" he called after me.

I looked back "Ah, yeah" I said before walking into the recovery section of the hospital.

"Rose Hathaway?" I asked the receptionist at the desk.

"Room 271 on the right" she said, pointing to the hallway behind her.

I mumbled my thanks and jogged down the hallway to her room.

I opened the door a crack and peered in at my Roza. It looked as if she was sleeping; the only thing that made her look sick was the copious amount of tubes that were attached to her. I sighed and walked quietly into the room.

The only sound was the beeping of her heart monitor and the sound of the oxygen pump. I leant over her and looked at her peaceful face.

I grasped her hand in mine "Please, Rose, Please wake up" I pleaded. I glanced at her. She was still unconscious. "I need to know, Roza, I need to know that you're okay...that you're going to make it through all this and wake up"

"Hey Comrade" said a croaky voice.

I sat up quickly and looked into the beautiful brown eyes of my Roza.

"Rose?!" I said, cupping her face in my hands.

"Yup" she said, popping the 'p'.

I pulled her into an embrace "Oh Roza! I thought I had lost you" I sobbed as hot tears ran freely down my face.

"Can't get rid of me that easily" she chuckled.

I crushed my lips to hers sweetly.

In the back of my mind I heard the sound of her heart monitor slowing down.










Rose became limp in my arms and the long beep filled my ears.

"Rose?!" I called as I shook her gently. She didn't respond as her head rolled backwards, hanging limply.

"Doctor! We need a doctor in here! Code Blue!!!" I yelled while hitting the nurse call button over and over again.


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