Legend of Zelda

Legacy of the Sages


Once, long ago, a small boy was given the honor of a destiny unlike any other. A Hylian boy born and raised in a world he didn't belong, the child was given a chance to become the Hero of Time. Siding with faries, Gorons, Zoras, and many other beings, the boy faced against many a foe and conquered them all. He became the wielder of the Master Sword, the legendary sword of the Hero of Time, and he conquered the minions of Hyrule's greatest enemy; Ganondorf, king of the Gerudos.

Ganondorf sought out the Triforce, a mystical object that granted its user a single wish when it was touched. Because of this, Ganondorf wished to use the Triforce to become the world's greatest wizard, his only desire being to rule the world. The Hero of Time was sent to prevent this disaster, gathering the seven Sages, seven ordinary mortals bestowed with the gifts of guarding the Triforce in the Sacred Realm. With all seven sages, the Triforce could be kept safe, and Ganondorf's power would be diminished.

Soon discovering that the Triforce was already taken, the Hero of time learned that it was split into three pieces. The Triforce of power came into Ganondorf's possession; the Triforce of Wisdom came into the possession of Princess Zelda, the destined ruler of Hyrule; and the Triforce of Courage was held by none other than the Hero of Time himself.

With the Triforce of courage at his side, the Hero of Time vanquished the Evil Ganondorf, giving the Sages the power to lock the monstrous being forever within the Twilight Realm, the alternate dimension of Hyrule that could only be accessed through the Sacred Realm. Ganondorf swore vengeance on the Hero of Time and all of his descendants, and would stop at nothing until he would rule Hyrule and destroy every single one of the Hero's descendants…

More than a hundred years has passed since that time. The Hero of Time settled down and married the daughter of Talon, owner of Lon Lon Ranch. His time done, the Hero of Time took the ways of the rancher, and hoped that his descendants would never give the monstrous Ganondorf the chance of destroying them all if he escaped the Twilight Realm. To this day, that destiny has remained the same, and it seems that the Hero of Time would never resurface in the land of Hyrule again.

However, that may not be the case. As we look into the world of Hyrule, we see a boy that is asleep on his bed, tossing and turning in the darkness of his bedroom. This boy is the great grandson of the Hero of Time, and his destiny was never to be optional for him. His father, Dalon, the current owner of Lon Lon Ranch, sees in his son the destiny of the rancher, and hopes that he would become a very grand rancher indeed, to the point that this boy would take on his legacy as owner of Lon Lon Ranch. His mother, Nalon, the granddaughter of the Hero of Time, sees the free spirit of her grandfather within her son's eyes, and secretly hopes that he can escape the ways of the rancher, and do good somewhere else in Hyrule.

This is his story…

Notes from Kerian: Hi! As some of you may know, I have not done much on my last epic that I have authored, Power of the Cordakah. This is because I had to stop on it, and after a long hiatus due to personal matters I hit a very big writers block, so I am going to pause on that for a short while. I have decided to make something about Legend of Zelda for the time being. Since Ocinara of Time is by far what I think is my most favorite game of all time, I wanted to make a story based off of what I knew from that point. Since this was an idea for a LoZ game that I had imagined producing for Nintendo (in the back of my childish mind), I have decided to take it into a workable story.

There are some original characters here, as well as some characters who are based off of the real canon work. Although I am not a die hard fan of Legend of Zelda in general, I am a big fan of some of its better games, and so I will keep as canon as I possibly can.

-Kerian Halcyon, Author in training

P.S. If you decide on reading this story, please "shout out" and review chapters that you have read, even if you have only a little bit to say. I take all reviews, as long as they don't belittle or bully me or my work. I'm not against constructive criticism, mind you, but don't go off and say things like "this story sucks," or "you shouldn't write any more stories this sux so bad," you know, stuff like that. Well, have fun and happy reading!

Disclaimer: This disclaimer will go into effect for all chapters, and if I fail to recognize that then I am sorry and it will not happen again. I do not own Legend of Zelda. Enough said...