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Ch - 1

"They look cute together! I envy them so much!" Ino sighed dramatically, downing her glass of sake in one go.

Sakura, who sat next to the blonde, laughed, "Still, it's hilarious to know that out of ALL of us rookies, he was the first to get tied down!"

There was general laughter around their table at the expense of the groom, who at the moment was being dragged around the makeshift dance floor by his very persistent bride.

"I wish there was still a decent guy left in this village to marry." Tenten groaned, peeking over at Neji who sat near the back tables.

"I know! I mean, I know Sai's a pretty okay guy, but he just doesn't seem that into anything remotely sexual and romantic. All he talks about is how some guys don't have penises and all." Ino thumped her hand on the table, her disgusted expression mirrored in all the girls' faces.

Except in Hinata's, who quickly stifled her laughter, and ended up blushing when the other girls looked at her.

"What? It's funny that Ino's dating the gay-pretty-boy!" Hinata protested.

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"Hinata-a! That's mean! Besides, Sai isn't gay! Atleast I hope not." Ino added, her face turning red.

"Sorry, but I kinda agree with Hinata." Tenten and Sakura said tentatively. Ino turned to them furiously.


"I'm sorry, but he's my team mate and he can be pretty spooky at times!" Sakura said defensively.

"He just looks really gay to me." Tenten offered.

They all cracked up, except Ino who looked slightly deflated.

"Ah, screw you guys! The guy I actually like probably thinks I'm too...I don't know." Ino huffed.

Immediately all the girls sobered down. They knew Ino was truly in love with Chouji, though she'd die before admitting it. Chouji was just too dense and probably thought of her as he always had - a pretty girl who was like his sister because of the whole team-mate thing.

"Sorry, Ino. But you know you're not the only one. I mean we're the ONLY women at this damn party who are single and in love!" Sakura mumbled despondently.

"Yeah...I love you guys. Thank GOD we have each other!" Ino nodded and immediately she and Sakura shared a girly hug.

Now this conversation was getting too girly and personal for the likes of Tenten and Hinata, who quietly sneaked off to join Neji and Shino at their table. This wasn't to say that they weren't getting slowly depressed (and drunk), but it was just that they felt it safer to stay away from things that could harm them mentally. And this was one of those things - a conversation that would slowly force them to see that they were on the sure path to becoming virginal spinsters. Of course, since they were shinobi, their missions would become everything for them and that would become their ultimate downfall.

If the whole dying-a-virgin thing wouldn't first.

"Hey Neji, Shino-san." Tenten smiled at the two men who had been thrown together at the table because of their mutual dislike of weddings and the loud noises that usually accompanied them.

"Hn." came the dual reply.

"Hinata, why are you here? You looked like you were having fun at the table." Shino smirked.

Yes, his smexy smirk was visible because he was looking totally smokin' in a tux whose collar reached the base of his throat.

"Yep, I loved the fact that we spoke of nothing but guys. The best topic in the world." Hinata rolled her eyes and Shino smirked again.

"You've been drinking." He said matter-of-factly.

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Within minutes of continuous drinking, Neji was struggling with an overly touchy Tenten. By touchy, I mean physically, not emotionally.

"What is the matter with you?! When we went out to drink with the Team you were fine! I thought only Lee got affected by drinks!" Neji said frantically, clawing a clinging Tenten from his bicep.

"Now you know better. Ah, you're no fun!" Tenten slurred, getting up. "I'm going to the floor! Whoo!"

And with that, she pushed away from the Hyuuga hottie and strutted upto the dance floor where Shikamaru, the groom, was dragging his wife away from.

It was definitely a change, seeing how he was the one always being pushed around. Everyone knew Temari didn't care for dancing and only wanted to embarass and annoy her groom.

Anyway, with a semi-drunk Tenten gyrating crazily on the dance floor and a semi-drunk cousin behind him, Neji was going crazy.

"You," he told Shino, who narrowed his eyes (which no one could see, given the fact that he somehow had mangaged to get his hands on a pair of shades that looked formal) because he thought Neji was a prick, "take care of Hinata. I'm going to get Tenten before- oye! Get away from her!"

Needless to say, he ran to the floor, where his secret love was being felt up by a brunette in a flowing black robe. Neji thought he spotted red clouds on the cloak before the figure spotted him and disppeared with a flash of vivid red eyes.

Now, while Tenten had been downing her drinks, so had Hinata. And Shino was annoyed at being left alone with semi-drunk Hinata, who would soon attempt to steal all liquor present, which would make her drunk.

And Shino didn't like drunk Hinata.

She was mean.

Quickly, he looked around for a quick replacement for himself and spotted someone sitting in the dark near the back.

Someone with a shock of crimson hair that stood out against his pale skin.


The perfect candidate, pretty much impotent.

Smiling grimly he told Hinata to come with him, which she did.

She was very well balanced, even in the formal, floor-length yukata she had worn for the special occasion.

No one could tell she was not completely herself, except the people who knew her.

"Excuse me, Gaara?" Shino spoke politely, as he usually did with people other than Neji.


"Could you please take care of my friend here? I need to rush home, but she wants to stay."


And so, Shino made his quick escape, leaving Hinata in the company of someone who didn't know her, and didn't care.

"C-Could you please pass me some s-sake?" Hinata stuttered. She was shy because Gaara was hot and because she wasn't drunk yet.


Hinata tried venting in Gaara, but it seemed like at first he couldn't hear her. Then she thought he was ignoring her or sleeping.

But then it hit her - HE DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT!

That would make a normal drunk person angry, but this was drunk Hinata. Not just anyone.

And in her current state of depression, her thoughts were simple - No one gave a rat's ass what happened to her. Even loyal Shino abandoned her.

This made her even more depressed as she convinced herself that she WAS going to end up all alone with a whole bunch of dogs to keep her company. Wait, she wanted cats. They were smaller, more fragile, ate less and would sit quietly and let her grieve. Plus they were cute!

ANYWAY...Since Gaara didn't care what the weird girl next to him did, he complied to her wishes and kept passing her the rum since she'd finished up the sake.

"Hey Gaara, Temari's wondering where you're going to stay the night." A voice interrupted the conversation between Inner Hina and Outer Hina.

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"With Naruto. He has an extra room."

"Naruto-kun?! Where?!" Hinata suddenly shrieked and Kankuro jumped.

"Whoa! Where'd she come from, Gaara?" he asked, staring at the tiny girl curled up on the chair next to his little brother.

Gaara shrugged.

"Take care of her. I'm going." he commanded Kankuro.

"What-?" before Kankuro could say another word, Gaara disappeared in a cloud of sand.

"So...hi?" Kankuro looked uncertainly at the girl he was left with. She looked up at him with unblinking lavender eyes.

"Hi!" she smiled and waved.

Somehow, Kankuro had the sinking feeling that he wasn't going to be very happy in the company of this particular lady.