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"She'll be fine, don't you trust Tsunade-sama?" Gaara sighed, annoyed at how his brother was acting. His wife was in labour, yes, but she had the best healer (known to them) taking care of the delivery.
"Uh huh," he murmurmed, not really listening.
"I still can't believe my little brother's having a baby before me!" Temari wailed, patting her swollen belly. Temari and Shikamaru's baby was on the way too, but not for another two months.
"Sto complaining, woman. You're the one who wanted to wait-" her husband began lazily from his post in a dark corner of the room.

She turned on him furiously. "So now I'M the one to blame?! It's all MY fault that you were too lazy to get IT up? HUH?!"
"Ssh! We're in the hospital, Temari!" a blushing Shikamaru dragged a now sobbing Temari out of the waiting room, rubbing her back soothingly.

"I'm glad we only had to deal with a PMSing Temari!" Kankurou laughed, staring after the retarded couple that were so perfect together. He then resumed his nervous pacing and Gaara resumed staring.

"I wonder how she's--"

Hinata's tinkling voice had turned into a harsh growl as she screamed profanities from within the labour room. Kankurou started, unwilling to believe it was his angelic wife who spoke such foul words.

"T-that's Tsunade-sama right, Gaa--?"
"Oh, i guess it isn't." Kankurou amended sheepishly.
"I'm not going to let Mats--my wife, have children," Gaara declared. "I'll carry them so she won't have to suffer such agony!"

Kankurou sweatdropped.

"Er Gaara?" he said gingerly. "Guys can't get pregnant,"
"Of course they can! Remember what Baki said?" Gaara smirked all-knowingly, "It takes two to tango?"
"What? How is that even relevant?! Guys don't have a--hey, wait! Didn't Yashamaru give you the talk? Or maybe Baki?" Kankurou asked, disbelievingly.
"What talk?"
"The sex talk..."
"Oh my word!" Kankurou blanched and whipped out his two favourite puppets. "Okay Gaara, now imagine that Karasu is a girl and Kuroari is a boy..."

"...and THIS is where the man puts his key in the lady's treasure trove and--" the puppeteer was diligently explaining to Gaara, his concentration often wavering due to disturbing yells from the labour room.

"IT'S A BOY!" Tsunade boomed, grinning widely as she came into the humid waiting room. "Go on in, you puppet-lover, you."

Glad to be excused from an excruciatingly embarrassing sex-talk with his 26 year old brother, Kankurou leapt from the uncomfortable seat and bowed to the Hokage before jogging into the room where his new family awaited.

"He's gorgeous," Hinata breathed, the minute her husband entered the room. "I've not seen his eyes yet, and he has no hair to speak of, but he's healthy and beautiful."
"He takes after you then," Kankurou winked, kissing the sweat-drenched brunette and lightly touching his son's velvet-soft head.

They stared for a moment of peaceful bliss at their newborn son, happiness and pride engulfing them both. Then their family came.

Temari became over-emotional and almost squished the child in her teary joy; Gaara stared unblinkingly, referring to him as "it"; Hanabi squealed kept punching Shino in excitement, and Neji (where the hell did HE come from?!) kept telling everyone that it was fate that induced the child to be a male.

The un-named baby of Hyuuga and (?) descent was "fated" to have a...disturbingly colourful childhood.

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