Set in Season 3. Or season 4. Whichever. (: This is after they leave and their lives after the whole thing at Graduation. Michael looks like he does in season 2 (cause god he was gorgeous in that season) Maria looks like she does in the beginning of season 3 (her hair was nice straight and blonde) Max looks like he does in the middle of season 3 (sorta spikey hair, love it!) Isabel like in season 2 (except her hair is brown and long) and Kyle and Liz look like they always do, they never really changed in looks lol. Okay enjoy. And I in no way shape or form do I own Roswell, wish I did, but I'm not the geniuses who own it. So yeah.

Max Evans=Hybrid (half Alien, half human), portrayed by Jason Behr

Michael Guerin=Hybrid (half Alien, half human) portrayed by Brendan Fehr

Isabel Evans=Hybrid (half Alien, half human) portrayed by Katherine Heigl

Liz Parker=Human, portrayed by Shiri Appleby

Maria DeLuca=Human, portrayed by Majandra Delfino

Kyle Valenti=Human, portrayed by Nick Wechsler


Viva, Los Angeles, Here we come!

"So, you wanna go back to LA to see Langley, why?" Michael Guerin asked his best friend, Max Evans.

"Just to ask him about the ship." Max told him.

"Maxwell, we're done with the other planet. This is where we belong. Here. On Earth." Michael told him.

"I know."

"Then why do you wanna go and ask about our ship? Why do you wanna leave?"

"I don't want to leave, Michael. I would never leave Liz. But, it's just…"

"What, Max?"

"Okay. The truth is…Is that I wanna destroy the ship." Michael looked at him.

"You what?"

"The ship is our only way back home. I wanna destroy it so that we aren't tempted to go back home, Michael. I know that I love Liz, and you love Maria. But we've wanted to visit home for so long…If the ship is around; we will be tempted to go. I know us."

"I couldn't agree more." Max looked at him.


"Yes. I know me, and I know that if that ship starts working again, I'm gonna leave. I can't hurt Maria anymore, I love her too much, so…"

"So we go to LA." Max said.

"Yep, and we destroy the ship."

"We should discuss this with Isabel."

"She's overruled anyway, I don't see a point."

"I do. She's an alien too, Michael. She's affected as well."

"Fine. We should talk to all of them about it. We gotta face it, Max. Liz, Maria and Kyle, they're pretty much aliens now. We have to include them as well."

"I guess."

"So, let's go face the music." Michael slapped Max on the back and walked into their hotel room. Max's sister, Isabel Evans was watching TV with their other best friend, Kyle Valenti and Max's wife and Michael's girlfriend, Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca were playing cards on the table.

"I win. Hehehe!" Maria squealed.

"Damn it." Liz said in mock frustration.

"Face it, Parker. I'm just too good."

"Yeah, Liz. It's okay. I've lost about $50 bucks playing against Maria in cards. We're all losers." Kyle said, not removing his eyes from the TV.

"All of you?" She asked in confusion.

"$80." Isabel called out from the couch; not removing her eyes from the TV either.

"$30." Michael told Liz.

"$60." Max said guiltily. Maria grinned.

"I'm rolling in money." She said, squealing again.

"We have to talk to you guys." Max said. Maria's grin faded.

Isabel and Kyle finally moved their eyes away from the TV. Isabel shut it off as Liz and Maria grabbed their chairs and sat down in them next to the couch while Michael took the vacant seat on the couch next to Kyle. Max stood in front of them and took a deep breath.

"Guys, Michael and me have been talking about something. Something that's been bugging us a lot lately. The ship in LA." Max looked at them. None of them moved.

"We want to destroy it." Michael said. Isabel was staring straight ahead, her face blank.

"Why?" She asked, still staring straight ahead.

"Because, we know that, if this ship is around for much longer, the FBI will find out about us. And, we don't want to be tempted to leave Earth. I can't leave Liz, Michael can't leave Maria. So we want to destroy it, and get rid of any more conspiracies about aliens on Earth." Max finished saying.

"Max, to get to LA from Ohio, it's a very long ride. You sure you know the way?"

"No, but we have maps and signs for that."

"Okay. Then I guess we're heading for LA then, aren't we?" Maria said excitedly.

"Yes. Start packing your stuff, I'm gonna go and pay at the front desk."

"I'll come with you." Liz said. Max and Liz both put on hats and walked to the front desk. They had forgotten to hide their identities when they booked into the place, so they had to use their own ones. They walked up to the lady at the front desk.

"Hello, we're here to check out."

"One moment please." She got up and walked away. Liz snatched the opportunity.

"So, LA?"


"Max, are you sure about this? I mean, what if something happens, and your home planet contacts you for help? Then you have no way to help because you have no means of transport."

"Liz, that's not gonna happen, okay? Everything will be fine, I can feel it. If we get rid of this ship, we'll finally be free. I'm not going anywhere without you." He touched her cheek and Liz smiled.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you, too." She said back. The lady came back.

"Sorry, room service complaints." She rolled her eyes. "What was it you needed?"

"We're here to check out."

"Very well then, what room?"

"Room 216."

"Okay. Done. Hope you enjoyed your stay." Max gave her the key to the room.

"We did, thank you." Max and Liz walked back to their room. Michael, Isabel, Kyle and Maria were waiting outside of the hotel room with their stuff. They put all their stuff in the back of the van and Isabel stepped in first.

"I'm sleeping. I'm so tired." Isabel curled up in the back seat and closed her eyes. Kyle sat next to her and let her lay her head in his lap. Max stared at him. He knew that Kyle liked Isabel, but the look in his eyes right then was more then liking.

"Maxwell?" Michael yelled. Max stepped into the passenger seat while Liz and Maria sat behind him and Michael. Michael followed the map instructions and pulled the van out of the motel driveway.