Okay I just felt I had to post this here. I wrote it when I was 18 making fun of Joon's illness.

I confess, I have a dirty mind because I keep thinking up of kinky stuff.

Sorry Johnny Depp fans, no Sam in this due to this story taking place before he walks into their lives.


This story is based on the MGM movie Benny & Joon starring, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Aiden Quinn. Benny spends his life taking care of his Schizophrenic sister, Joon and fixing cars. The condition will not be mentioned in this story just like it was never mentioned in the movie. In this story, Joon is too sick to remember to use the bathroom so she is always going in her pants and Benny has to keep cleaning her up and the mess and wash her clothes. He has to come up with a solution to fix the problem so his life will become a little less complicated. The story takes place in Washington in a city called Spokane that is near the border of Idaho.

Here is the cast that played the characters in the movie that will be in my story:
Benny: Aiden Quinn
Joon: Mary Stuart Masterson
Eric: Oliver Platt
Thomas: Dan Hedaya
Mike: Joe Grifasi
Waldo: Waldo Larson
Dr. Garvey (Joon's psychiatrist): CCH Pounder
Claudia: Liane Alexandra Curtis

Note: No one played Mrs. Larkspur or Mrs. Piltz. Their names were only mentioned in the movie. I'm not sure who Claudia was in the movie but either she was one of Benny's customers at his shop or Eric's wife so I assumed wife. (Edit: She is indeed Eric's wife. Seen a picture of her at IMDB and read the movie script and she had lines in it. I wonder why they would even cut her lines and cut out their child?)

Chapter 1
Joon's Accident

Joon was in her studio painting. She was home alone with a housekeeper, Mrs. Larkspur. Joon could not be left alone because she lit things on fire and she did disturbing things to the public. Joon expressed herself by painting. It was one of her favorite hobbies. Mrs. Larkspur came in the studio to take her to use the bathroom but Joon didn't like it because when she is painting, she does not like people to hang around in there while she is doing it.
"Time to use the bathroom," said Mrs. Larkspur.
Joon did not like the housekeeper because she was hygienically disturbing because her hair smelled.
"Get out!" Joon yelled.
"Not until you use the bathroom," Mrs. Larkspur replied.
"I did already," she yelled.
Joon always thought she went to the bathroom but the truth was; she never did. It was all in her head. She had delusions.
But Mrs. Larkspur grabbed her and Joon got scared. She started to scream and she spat in her face and started to scratch her arm. Mrs. Larkspur got scared and ran out of the room. Joon went back to her painting.
Joon was in her early twenties and was mentally ill. Since her parents have died in a car wreck twelve years ago, she started to have problems. First she started to get depressed and then she went onto being violent and then one day, she started to have delusions. She started to hear voices that weren't real and then she started to do crazy stuff and her problem got so worse, Benny took her to a doctor and she was diagnosed as mentally ill a few months later so she was put on medication for it and she has done better since then, but she still couldn't be left alone.
Soon, she began to wet herself. Joon didn't care if she wet or messed herself because she was too sick to care.

Benny came home from work at six P.M. Mrs. Larkspur told him about Joon's outburst in the art studio when she tried to get her to use the bathroom.
Benny apologized for the incident as she left. Benny went back in the kitchen and made some dinner and then he called Joon to come. Joon put down her paintbrush and came out. Benny saw she had wet her pants.
"You wet again?" he said.
Joon looked down at herself. "Again," she said.
"You have to let Mrs. Larkspur make sure you use the bathroom," Benny replied. "You are a grown woman and grownups don't wet themselves."
Joon didn't care. She went to the fridge and took out the carrots. She got a peeler out of the drawer and sat down at the table. She began to peel them.
"Oh no you don't," said Benny. "You're not eating till you get changed and use the bathroom."
Joon got up and Benny followed her up the stairs. He ushered her to the bathroom. Joon pulled her pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Only a little bit of pee came out and then she was done. Benny told her to wipe herself down there with the toilet paper. Joon obeyed and after she was done, Benny led her to her bedroom to get changed into a clean pair of underwear and pants. Benny took the wet ones downstairs to the laundry room. Everyday, he always had Joon use the toilet and he had to wash her sheets everyday because Joon wet the bed every night and he had to deal with her clothes most of the time. He was so stressed about it because his life was complicated. He wished Joon would stop having accidents.