Benny and his friends wore diapers every time they played poker. They all enjoyed it very much but none of them knew Benny wore them most of the time when he's not playing poker. He changed Joon's diapers when he was home with her but one day Joon wanted to change his diaper but Benny told her 'no' and Joon told him "Benjamin, you change my diapers, why can't I change yours?" and he said "Because I'm not sick like you," and Joon got mad. She was offended by that remark her brother made. Just because she was sick didn't mean she can't change diapers but Benny told her she can't change him or he might get in trouble by the law because they're siblings. "You've been changing mine and you didn't even get in trouble at all," she yelled. "That's because you're sick," Benny replied. Joon yelled at him telling him he is never ever changing her diapers ever again and that was the end of it.
One day Benny was shocked that Joon knew how to change her own diapers because he found the dirty ones in the trash so he stopped worrying about her not knowing how to change her own. Joon even told him when she was running low on them too.
Benny even started to wear them to work and one day, Eric noticed it and Benny was real embarrassed when he found out about his secret. Eric took him into the office and told him everything was okay. If he liked wearing diapers, its not hurting anyone and he promised him he wouldn't tell anyone, not even his wife and their friends so his secret was safe with him. "So does Joon know you wear them?" Eric asked.
"Yes she knows," Benny replied.
"At least you showed her a good example about diaper wearing and now she doesn't feel ashamed about them at all."
"Yeah and my life is a little less complicated too. She even changes her own."
"That's great. At least the housekeepers wouldn't have to worry about changing her."
After they were done having a private chitchat, they went back out in the garage to continue working on someone's car.
One day Benny came home with a new diaper brand, Attends but he had the other brand too they usually wore just in case Joon did not like the idea of trying a new brand. Benny decided the diapers he wore weren't good enough so he went to a medical supply store and got a package of Attends because the lady who worked there told him they hold more than Depends and the store brands. Benny came home with the diapers. He showed them to Joon. He told her they held more than the ones she wore and if she doesn't like them, she can go back to the other brand. When Joon needed to change her diaper, she tried the new brand and she noticed they were thicker and they felt nicer. She noticed they held more too after she peed in them a few times. She liked them better than the other kinds she wore, whenever she ran low on diapers, she would tell Benny to get more Attends and Benny also stuck with them too because they were better than the other ones they wore and Benny and his friends wore the new brand too while they played poker and it never changed.

The End