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~*~ College With the Wolves ~*~

Alice was silent as she gripped the steering wheel of the Mercedes Benz, her expression distorted with anticipation. "So . . . What do you think, Bella?" she asked timidly, never taking her eyes off the yellow-striped road.

I stared silently at her for a long while. Alice didn't question me further; she knew when I needed my space.

College, I though, testing the new word on my tongue. College had been the last thing on my mind for a while now, especially after Charlie was in that accident . . . I felt hot tears prick my eyes, and quickly blinked them back. No need for the water-works. Not now.

Alice's penetrating gaze flickered from my disgruntled expression and back to the road again in an unsynchronized pattern. It made me feel like a little particle being observed under a microscope. All bright lights and probing sticks.

Heaving a great sigh, I turned to face the tiny girl in the driver's seat. "So, when are we going?"

Alice blushed brightly, chuckling nervously. I groaned. "Alice! You didn't!"

She giggled softly, keeping her eyes locked on the road, which was dissolving into a narrow dirt path outlined with trees.

A light drizzle of rain started up as Alice nodded sheepishly. "I did," she answered, a smile twitching her full pink lips upward.

"Did you pack?" I asked after a few seconds of listening to some annoying pop song on the radio.

Alice snorted. "Bella, do you honestly think I would come unprepared?"

I laughed. "No, I guess not."

We were silent then, and I was grateful when the radio station flipped to a slow rock song with good rhythm.

My head was bobbing in time to the music before I could even pay attention to it. Alice giggled loudly beside me, watching my little dance from the corner of her eye.

I tapped my foot on the padded car floor, drumming my fingers on the knees of my jeans. Alice chuckled even louder, shaking her head at my ministrations.

Soon, though, we were both rocking out to the drum solo.

After our little show, Alice and I were both in fits of giggles. I wiped tears from my eyes and Alice spun around a corner, where the road promptly split into a fork.

Alice easily turned to the right, spinning the steering wheel in her tiny hands.

A hip-hop song flowed smoothly through the small car, lulling me into a momentary doze. (Hip-Hop song is on my profile.)

After another silent thirty minutes, a red-brick, crumbling building came into view on the horizon. I gaped at it.

There was a large sign drilled to the front of the gigantic building, that read 'Lakeview City College'.

I raised my eyebrows. We were all the way in Lakeview City already?

The large double doors were wide open, and I saw students milling around about the staircase. Most looked like they wanted to fall off the edge of railing and go sleep in the neatly trimmed hedges that framed the school.

Alice squealed excitedly, bouncing in her seat at a rapid pace. I held out a hand to stop her, warning her that she was going to through the top of her car. I was quite jealous of the beautiful car. Alice had recieved it from her father, David Brandon. Charlie had never bought me cars . . .

I felt a pang of grief drill through my heart. I have got to let that go, my mind muttered.

A nervous flock of butterflies invaded my stomach, making me queasy.

I looked over at Alice nervously, who was beaming at the school and all its occupants. "Are you sure about this, Alice?" I muttered, my eyes wide and terror-struck.

Alice laughed, grabbed my hand, and practically shoved me out the passenger door. I hit the pavement with a thud.

"Brat," I muttered, rubbing my aching back delicately as I sat up.

"Need some help?" a deep voice suddenly asked.

I spun towards the stranger so fast, that I almost fell on my face this time. There was a copper-skinned boy standing behind me, with long black hair pulled into a ponytail. He wore tattered jeans with ripped knees, a plain black muscle shirt, and black converse sneakers. His hand was outstretched towards me.

I reached for it slowly, unsure of myself, and he heaved me promptly to my feet, as if I weighed nothing at all. Don't I wish . . .

He grinned at me. "Hey. My name's Jacob Black. And you are . . .?"

Jacob paused, and it took my spinning mind a minute to process what he had said. "Oh. Uh . . ." I searched the failing contents of my mind. "I'm Isabella Swan!" I smirked, triumphant at my victory. "But you can call me Bella," I added as an after-thought.

"Nice to meet you, Bella Swan." He brought my hand up to his mouth, kissing it lightly. His broad lips were flaming against my skin. There was an odd choking noise from behind the car when I squeaked and turned tomato-red. I turned around slightly, and saw Alice doubled over, shaking with silent laughter.

I rolled my eyes, sighed, and turned back to the confused looking Jacob with a sweet smile. "I'll talk to you later, Jake. I have to go kick my friend's ass."

Jacob snorted, and started walking away, waving over his shoulder.

As soon as his broad back disappeared, I ran to Alice and reached for her laughing form, my fingers formed into claws. But she danced out of my grip, practically leaping to the entrance of the school building.

I sighed again. This was going to be one hell of a long four years.

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