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~*~ College With the Wolves ~*~

Chapter Nine: Memories and Warnings

I was vaguely aware of a whispery cry ripping from between my lips, but my mind was suddenly blank. Darkness wrapped around my brain and suffocated my coherent thought. A heavy fog settled over my whole body, cutting me off from reality.

I gazed up at the monsterous creature that was standing before me, my eyes wide to the point of snapping blood vessels. It was a giant, a humongous animal that towered so high its head almost brushed across the low ceilings. Copper fur, the color of a shiny penny, waved down its body, long and shaggy. A saliva-coated muzzle opened and closed rapidly, revealing razor-blade teeth that gleamed in the bright overhead lights. Large black eyes glared across the corridor, fixated on the shivering form that cowered on the floor.

Edward was trembling, his chest heaving with every ragged breath beneath his black button-up. Haggard pants fell from his lips and echoed through the halls, the only noise besides the wolf's snarling.

My mind wouldn't seem to process the fact that the animal was, in fact, my Jacob. My loving, amazing, gorgeous Jacob Black. Now he was a wolf, a vicious creature that could no doubt snap me in half with one swipe of its massive paw.

A door flew open near the end of the hall, and two people came rushing out, a man and a woman. Edward reluctantly broke his gaze with the wolf, and glanced behind him. I faintly heard a gasp of surprise break past his lips at the sight of his mother and father sprinting towards him, looks of identical shock and horror written across their faces.

Carlisle and Esme paused in their dash, and finally brought their eyes upon the huge creature that silently threatened their son. Esme's expression mirrored mine, and Carlisle's was pretty close. Esme bit her bottom lip to hold back a scream of terror, and instead slowly backed up, until she was almost hidden behind her husband. He stretched his arm out and behind him, as though creating a shield for her.

I brought my eyes back to the wolf, and watched as its entire body vibrated with the force of its growls. Low noises, building in the back of its throat and pushing past bared teeth in snarls of animosity. Onyx eyes narrowed to slits as Edward tried to discreetly scuttle backwards.

Another door crashed open, this one to my immediate left. I glanced over with my eyebrows arched in foggy confusion, and was worried to note that it was my best friend who came rushing from the room. She paused when she was by my side, and then knelt down on her knees so she was level with me.

Alice gently brushed my damp hair away from my face as she whispered soothing reassurances. I blinked in confusion and, after almost a full minute of dubious thinking, realized that Alice knew. She was aware of the dangerous presence of the wolves in this school. She was also aware of any other creatures that might be roaming the halls, like vampires, or unicorns, or maybe even flying monkeys...

Alice hauled me into her slim arms. I immediately latched my hands around her neck and burrowed my nose into the hollow of her throat.

Whimpers of fright were muffled by the smooth skin of her chest as my endless tears slid down her warm flesh to soak the collar of her pristine, white dress shirt. One hand hesitantly let go of her neck, only to twist into the soft fabric of her black vest.

Sobs wracked my chest, dying before they reached my lips. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks. I was blinded by the watery curtains glistening inside my lids. I closed my eyes and squeezed Alice tighter, while she continued to rub comforting circles along my spine.

Behind me, a continuous growl rippled menacingly through the tension-wracked air. I could faintly hear Edward's gasps of air, and Carlisle's soft, soothing words whispered to his crying wife.

I forced my eyes open and turned my head slightly. My eyes instantly widened. Beside Jacob, a door stood open.

A tall, russet boy was poised in the entrance, staring at the scene with a look of amused nonchalance. He had short black hair and full lips, which were curved slightly upward. Wide brown eyes gazed out impassively at the wolfy Jacob and the cowering Edward. He faintly resembled Jake--when he was human, that is.

I caught sight of another man behind him, who also looked slightly like Jake. Although this boy was shorter, with less-defined muscles--though he was still extremely sculpted--and shoulder length dark hair. His thin lips were also curled up in a smirk. Hazel eyes danced with merriment.

A scowl pulled down my mouth. My eyes narrowed as I watched the Native American men. Jake turned his big head to cast them a glance, and his black lips opened in a wolfy grin. The other two smiled back, and raised their hands to Jake. They ran their fingers through his shaggy fur, while the taller, more muscular of the pair scratched roughly behind his ears. Jake growled playfully and snapped at their hands.

While this baffling show was occuring, Edward managed to heave himself to his feet. He ran a hand through his messy auburn hair, and then backed up slowly towards his parents. I watched him through a thin curtain of distant fog.

When he reached his father, he turned and murmured words that were too rushed and indistinct for me to comprehend. But Jacob's large ears pricked up towards the ceiling. He snarled softly.

Edward's emerald eyes snapped up to Jake's glowering expression, and he smiled nervously. "Please, just let me go," he murmured, and I was bewildered to hear the helpless pleading in his voice. But then his gaze turned sharp, and a cruel smirk curled his lips. "The school staff probably wouldn't be too pleased if you got my blood on their carpets, dog."

Then he turned and walked away, towards the stairway that lead to the first floor. He shot one last glance at Jake, a spark of hate and . . . was that regret glittering in his beautiful green eyes? Then he turned to me, pausing in his descent downstairs.

"Bella," he said quietly. Concern laced his rich velvet tone. "Please, please, be safe. I can't bear to lose you, too." And then he disappeared down the steps, his footsteps trailing off into heavy silence.

I had little time to comprehend his meaningful words, because a few seconds later the world faded to black, and I hit the ground.