A/N: I wrote this forever ago and had it left in a folder for a while. I wasn't going to post it but I thought what the hell. One sided Sparrabeth, on the Elizabeth side of things. Hope you enjoy, Ange.

Once Upon a Time, You Asked Me To Dance…

Once upon a time you asked me to dance, held out your hand and made a grand show of taking off your hat and bowing to me. Clear as day I saw us, the pirate captain and the governor's daughter, twirling around the deck of the magnificent black sailed ship, a vision of white lace and blue tweed.

We smiled and we danced and the crew stood by watching as if we were the end of a play, an entertainment that was pretty on the outside and had deeper meaning within for those that looked at us carefully.

I saw Will standing off to the side with a smile on his face, oblivious to what was actually going on as we made out way from starboard to port, port to starboard and back again.

I looked at your face and saw your smug smile and you kohl rimmed eyes shining mischievously back at me, and I realised that you too were oblivious to what was actually happening as we made our way around.

Will saw entertainment, you saw a drunken amusement and a chance to show off for your crew and I saw what was truly going on as we spun endlessly around and around. That's why it could never happen.

Once upon a time you asked me to dance, and I replied with a no. For I realised that to remain in love with Will, I could never dance with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow.