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Dragon's Ring 8

Chapter 8 -Morning After

Ranma awoke with a headache. He groaned, shuddering with the pain. The shifting made him realize there was a weight on his chest. Further analysis of his bodily sensations told him he was nude, sweaty, and particularly sticky around his nether regions. He felt the blanket caressing his bare skin, wherever there was not skin against his. He looked down to find Nabiki shifting on his chest.

Ranma watched as Nabiki shifted around as she came to consciousness. Her hair was a mess, and she drowsily yawned and looked up at Ranma. Ranma watched as confusion was followed by surprise. She suddenly came to full awareness and sat up on the futon beside him. She looked down at her nude body and Ranma's, her eyes widening before reflexively pulling the sheets up to cover herself. Ranma eyes lingered where he saw Nabiki's formerly uncovered breasts for a moment before moving his gaze to her face as he sat up beside her.

"Nabiki...what exactly h-happened?" Ranma said quietly, his voice hitching on the last word. Shouting and loud speech seemed to fit the atmosphere, and his head was not ready for loud noises, judging by what felt like an axe trying to slice through his skull.

Nabiki cleared her throat to give her a moment to respond, her eyes once again running over their bodies.

"Looks like we consummated the marriage." She responded after a moment of silence. There was a hint of the usual Naibki sarcasm, but it held none of its usual bite.

Ranma slowly closed his eyes. His memory was fuzzy, but he did remember bits and pieces of skin against skin and sounds of pleasure. He took a deep breath, his eyes still closed and let out a shuddering sigh. He felt like he lost something. By doing this, it made the situation feel all so real and less temporary. So far he felt like it was just the next step in the grand game he'd been playing these years, to keep anything from getting too serious and forcing any permanent choices. He was too young for these responsibilities and he had a whole life ahead of him.

Ranma opened his eyes to Nabiki uttering a strangled squack. He found her looking around the room frantically before her eyes landed on the part of the blanket covering his lap. He furrowed his eyes in confusion, and was about to ask, "Nabiki, what's w-".

The newlywed japanese wife, suddenly ripped the blanket off of her husband before he could finish his sentence and seemed to suddenly deflate on herself. Her whole body relaxed and she allowed herself to fall backwards. The back of the middle sister's head banged the floor without a sound of pain or protest from the girl herself. The sheet slipped from her bosom, and she made no move to cover herself.

Ranma already had dozens of confusing feelings and thoughts clouding his mind and couldn't focus on any one of them. He just felt eerily calm and numb. Nabiki's reaction though, was enough to garner some curiosity to what could suddenly make his bedmate respond like that, that wasn't already obvious.

"What?" Ranma asked, his eyes flat and hooded as he calmly gazed at her prone form. There was some bite to his statement. The mercenary just layed there, and he thought he heard the beginning of a low pitched moan of anguish. That set off fear in the back of the young martial artist's mind.

"What?!" He repeated, more sharply this time. No response. He shook her by her knee, closest to him.

The girl-made-woman sat up suddenly and stared into his eyes with ferocity. Her breasts swung free in the air, uninhibited or covered with the movement "You aren't wearing a condom!"

Ranma blinked, uncomprehending, for a few moments. Horror creeped into his features before he suddenly calmed back down.

"Um… you can't get pregnant the first time, right?" He said, his voice wavering, not entirely confident. Nabiki was smarter than him, but maybe this once she was wrong. Hiroshi told him that everyone knew that.

The distressed girl jerked to within inches of his face, "Are you fucking stupid? Who told you that dumb shit!?"

Ranma crossed his arms, and turned his face away from hers and closed his eyes. "Everyone knows that."

Nabiki opened her mouth to scream at him and her tongue twisted to find words to describe her frustration, only letting out stuttering and gurgling noises as her face turned red. She stomped to her feet, letting her side of the blanket fall and pile where she was sitting up next to Ranma. She stood there, unmindful of her naked glory as she shifted around, looking for clothing. She found none, having left them in the furrow last night.

She took a deep shuddering breath, turning back to face Ranma, giving him an unintentionally personal view of her sex. Ranma jerked his head back, his head was closer than a foot from her pelvis and the smell of their activities. He leaned back, using one arm to support himself.

The former Tendo stared furiously down at the flinching fighter. "This is NOT the time for your idiocy!"

Usually Nabiki set Ranma on edge, but her tone was grinding on him, and he felt his own anger and frustration bubbling to the surface. "If I remember right, YOU were the one who seduced ME!".

Nabiki's sharp glare softened to a flat stare, before spinning on her feet to turn away. Ranma felt he was holding the advantage, and like the fighter he was, he pressed it.

"And, I don't ever remember having a headache like this since that Romeo and Juliet play where I downed that bottle of sake….. which means you got me drunk!"

He watched as Nabiki's shoulder slumped. "I thought it would be the only way, Ranma." She mumbled quietly, the fire gone from her voice and posture.

"Only way for what?" He prodded sharply.

"Ranma," she began softly, " You don't take anything seriously. And you are pretty hard to deal with, just like my little sister. None of your other 'wives' have the tact to get you in the sack. If they did, they would have already had got you."

"What do you mean I don't take anything seriously!?" Ranma shouted as he sat up straight, slapping the floor with the hand he had been leaning on.

She turned back to him, and sat down seiza beside him, not bothering to cover herself up. At this point they both had completely forgotten about her nudity. It was inconsequential at this moment.

"How long has this fiancée business been going on?" Ranma started to respond, only to be interrupted by Nabiki continuing, "2 years Ranma… 2 years. And you have done NOTHING to stop the craziness, and made no decision yourself."

Ranma frowned. "I'm not ready for all of this. I just want to keep on learning the art, and having fun. Nabiki, I'm barely 18 now. How many 18 year olds do you know have to worry about marriage and children?"

"Even still, Ranma, you could have said to hell with everyone, or even pick one. No matter if you didn't intend to follow through on it."

Ranma's mouth opened and closed a few times like a fish out of water before for he found his response. "I didn't want to hurt anybody."

Nabiki snorted derisively, "Really, Ranma? You think you can string this along without hurting anyone? The very act of NOT taking care of this mess is just as bad, if not worse, than actually growing a pair and making a decision." Nabiki shook her head. "It's been 2 years, and all of the girls in your life have been fighting over your and dreaming of being with you. stuck, and unable to move on with their lives. What, did you expect if you never chose, no one would get hurt? Not choosing one of them is a choice, too."

"Well, I kinda thought everyone would give up, or at least calm down. We could keep playing around, y'know?"

"Ranma, people have dreams for their lives they'd like to have, like a husband, children, and more. If you drag them along their whole lives, and they let you, None of the girls would ever be able to have that. And you wouldn't be able to ever be a father-if you ever wanted to be- if you never married SOMEONE."

Ranma paused with that. He saw them still chasing him, and having fun, years later. He never thought that was something they didn't want. "I guess I see what you mean," Ranma replied noncommittally.

"Ranma, let's just get dressed." Nabiki turned and walked out the room.


Ranma came down stairs to find his mother and Reia placing dinner on the table. He paused as he caught sight of them in the doorway, his eyes flickering back towards where he came. That is when Reia looked up and made eye contact, breaking his indecision. He couldn't hide now.

The Saotome matriarch noticed her daughter-in-law pause in setting the table and followed her gaze to find her son coming through the doorway. Her face lit with a smile before she mother stood and shuffled over to greet her son. She placed an arm on his shoulder warmly.

"How was your night son?" She asked as he shuffled before her, unsure how to answer. Ranma saw his mother's nose crinkle before a wide grin broke out on her face. "Nevermind," she interrupted, her smile scandalously knowing. "Um… why do you you and Nabiki take a bath before coming to breakfast. We'll just leave it on the table, and come back at lunch time. Just leave your plates on the table. Leave everything to us, my son."

Ranma shifted uncomfortably under his mother's gaze. "We'll take care of dishes when we come for lunch. Just…..enjoy your honeymoon." The Saotome son could swear her grin got wider and her voice hung on 'enjoy'.

The martial artist looked over his mom's shoulder to Reia. She gave him a small sympathetic smile, without any hint of accusation or jealousy. She quickly broke eye contact and continued to set the table. As his mother turned away, he figured he was dismissed, and turned to go to the furo.

Ranma strolled past Nabiki as she was coming down the stairs. Without pausing or even making eye contact, he stopped her, "Mom said we should take a bath before coming down." Nabiki blinked at his terseness. She glanced toward the engawa and heard noises coming from the room. She paused then turned to go back up the stairs to get her bathing supplies.


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