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"Hey die-kun! Ita-kun!" The two shinobi turned away from their glaring contest to see their favourite pink haired kunoichi waving at them with a big smile on her face.

"It's Sakura-chan, yeah!" Itachi sighed as the blonde waved frantically back at her.

"I can see that." A vein popped up on his head.

"That's a shame, I thought that damned sharingan of yours would have made you as blind as a bat by now, yeah."

"That is not something to joke about Deidara."

"Oh? Well in that case, when you finally go blind and get run over by an old lady, I'll be able to have Sakura-cha---"

"I think you should your mouth now Deidara." Deidara blinked, Itachi ignored the incredibly familiar voice and Sakura (who had walked very, very slowly towards her teammates in order to miss their fight) squealed and glomped the old Akatsuki member next to the one who had spoken.

"Hey pinky, I thought I'd see you guys around here."

"Kisa-kun! I haven't seen in AGES! Where have you been?"

"Here and there. I hope I haven't missed out on any drinking nights."

"You haven't missed much at all, hm."

"What, no hug for me?" Sakura turned round and grinned.

"Aww, I wouldn't forget about you Saso-kun." Sakura glomped the now smiling red head.

"I should hope not. Didn't I tell you not to call me that?"


"So are you going to stop calling me that?"


"Thank you."

((boring silence, crickets chirping, ghosts chase Tobi in the background)

"You know danna, it's Halloween today, yeah."




Kisame = toothy grin and a "ehe"

Sasori = face palm and (baka)

Sakura = ???

Itachi = nothing and (sigh)

"You really shouldn't have told them that Deidara."

"Why not, hm?"

"How about we all go to the pub tonight huh? And maybe scare a few kids while we're at it."

"Sure kisa-kun!"

"That name is disturbing, you make him sound like a girl."

"Aw but Saso-kun, Kisa-kun is cute name!"

"You said you'd stop calling me that."


"You lied."


"So, let's go get and our costumes!"


"Oh, that's why, yeah."


"Kisaa-kuunn!!! Why do I have to be a princess?! Princesses aren't scary one little bit!"

"That's because those two teammates of yours refused to let 'their Sakura-chan' look like a horrible witch."

"Not that she's look ugly or anything, yeah."

"Sakura-san is always beautiful, no matter what she wears."

"Hey! Don't start flirting with my Sakura-chan, yeah!"

"I was not aware that you owned her."

"I didn't hear that. Why does Dei-kun have bunny ear?"

"You really can't handle a few bottles of sake can you pinky?"

"They're cat ears."

"S-ure they are Saso-kuunn, you keep thinking that. Why are you holding a penguin?"

"It's a teddy bear. I'm dressed up as Gaara." The poor tipsy girl laughed out loud at that.

"Ok then, why is Itachi wearing a bow in his hair?"

"It's wolf ears, he didn't want to look anything like Deidara."



"How so?"

"Wolves are always on their own!"

"No, wolves always stay with their pack."

"A Six-pack?"

"No, their family.


"Maybe we should take her back to her flat?"

"I agree with danna, yeah."

"Why is Kisa-kun dressed as a shark?"

"...Sakura-san, Kisame is not dressed up."

"Yesss he is!"

"He is not."

"The why'd he look like a shark?"

"Cuz he is one, yeah." XD LOL Sakura was on the floor laughing her pretty glass slippers off. Kisame though, looked rather offended.

"Ok, that's it. Deidara just RUINED my fun Halloween night!"

"Then let's go back to the flat."

"YAY!!! HOME, HOME ON TEH RAANGE! Where teh deeeaar and teh annttoloppe play!..."

For the rest of the night Kisame, Sasori and Itachi played a calm logical game of Mario carts on the wii, while Deidara tried to get Sakura to calm down, go to bed and to stop singing the same song over and over again.

..."Where seellldommm is heard! A discouraging wordddd, and teh clouds are all skyiiii all dayyyyy!!!"

"Sakura-chan, please stop singing, yeah!"

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