Chapter: 1

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Another Time Another Place.

A/N: This is an AU as of the OotP pg x. Harry gets possessed but in stead of Voldemort getting expelled from him and duelling Dumbledore, someone kills Voldemort's body while his conscious is in Harry and Harry kills the consciousness with his 'love' – there is no prophesy. Voldemort is dead. After that, there was a 'war' with the remaining Death Eater – who acted like terrorists, doing as much damage as possible in a short amount of time. Thanks to the Order, the 'war' was finished before Harry's sixteenth birthday. Harry is the Dursleys ward because Dumbledore placed him there – the ministry had nothing to do with it, thus there where no safe guards cum regular fostering i.e. home inspections. All members of the order of the phoenix got recognition from the MoM. The Weasleys spent the summer in Romania with Charlie.

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The Train:

"There you are, Harry!" called Ron, swinging his trunk into the compartment. 'How was your summer?"

"Alright, the Dursleys weren't too bad, you?"

"Dragons are wicked!" Ron exclaimed, turning to look at him. "There's something different about you."

"He's wearing a beanie. Honestly, Ronald," said Hermione, breezing into the compartment. "Why are you wearing it anyway Harry?"

"Ah," his hand twitched to the material covering his head, "I'll tell you after the feast tonight."

"Okay…" the pair said, casting an odd look at Harry before deciding it couldn't be too bad. After all, Voldemort was dead.

The Library:

After the feast, when the majority of students were making their way to their common rooms, Harry dragged Hermione and Ron (under his invisibility cloak) into the creature section of the Library.

"Enough, Harry," Ron snapped, yanking the material out of his face. "What's going on?"

"Promise you won't hate me?" he asked in a small voice, pulling away.

"Never!" Hermione declared. "You know that."

Sheepishly, Harry lifted his hand up, and after a deep breath, removed the black knit beanie.

His friends blinked. Then blinked again.

"Harry…" said Ron, "You have cat ears."

Harry nodded his head in agreement, indeed sprouting out of the sides of his head were two perfectly formed, black furred cat ears. His human ears were nowhere to be seen. He looked down and his best friends followed his gaze. Out from under his robes poked a long black silk furred tail.

"I didn't drink polyjuice potion, I swear." He said.

"Harry…when exactly did you change?"

"The day after my sixteenth birthday…or well I woke up like this then." Ron nodded knowingly before turning to Hermione.

"Herms, do you think you could find Beasts and Beings by Arnotho Grosvenor?" he asked, waving his hand around to indicate the books surrounding them. "Charlie swears by it."

"Sure." Hermione answered before wandering off.

"Ron…you know what's going on?"

"Well, not really…it's just some wizards and witches, ones with really obscure bloodlines can come into their inheritance on their sixteenth or seventeenth birthday…activating a recessive gene, or something like that."


"Here it is," Hermione said quietly, passing the book along.

"Okay…part-feline features… Fae, farie…felines, here we go." He spread the book on a table.

"Kneazelkin," Hermione skimmed down to physical characteristics, "cat slit eyes and bright red ears…"

"Ah, no."

"Nekkit, feline ears, tail and eyes..." Again the head shake.

"Closer though," she returned to skimming.

"Ah ha! Submissive Voados – feline ears and a tail in the same colour as their hair," Observing the ears lying flat they could see them blending in with the surrounding messy black hair. "New kits can also be distinguished by the blue tattoo of their blood dominant's crest, found on the back of the neck." Ron pulled up the back of Harry's shoulder length hair.

"Yep, blue tattoo. That's the one."

"Oh, listen to this… 'The crest tattoo will darken to black as the submissive matures before disappearing entirely when they are ready to mate. Once mated, their own dominant's crest will appear where the blood dominant's was … generally in a unique colour."

"Umm…dominant? Blood dominant?" Harry asked.

"Well, dominants easy…that would be your mate…oh," Her eyes widened slightly as she read the text, "You going to have to be careful Harry, don't sleep with anyone you don't want to spend the rest of your life with. There's some serious magic preventing a submissive from being taken by anyone but their dominant…ah ha! Blood dominants..." Her eyes narrowed as she skimmed the page, "They look after their kits, protect them, guide them and help them adjust to…" She trailed off, eyes going wide and skin paling.

"Herms, what is it? What did you read?"

"Harry, give me your hand." He held it out looking slightly worried, "Revelo gatinho." Harry's hand glowed bright blue. He raised an eyebrow at Hermione.

"Well, you're definitely a submissive Voados…"


"And as of the 31st of July this year… when you became a kit, you had a living blood dominant…an older sister or brother."

"What?!" exclaimed Harry.

"Shh!" hissed Hermione, reminding him they were out after curfew.

"How do you gather that?"

"A submissive is only born as the second child in a family. Only after a dominant… otherwise they won't change. Since you have a crest that means your blood dominant… an older sibling who has already changed into a dominant Voados… was alive at that time."

"Wow…an older brother or sister…that would be..."

"Brilliant." observed Ron.

"Yeah…" breathed Harry, "Why haven't I heard about them though?"

Shrugs greeted him.

"Well, they have to be at least two years older than you." Hermione pointed to the section of the page. "Now dominant Voados…" she flipped through the book, "Here we go… dominant Voados have their crest tattooed in black on the small of their back on the spine and two long thin lines of scar tissue running parallel to the spine. From these 'scars' large black leather wings will appear when their blood submissive is in danger. These wings, when locked in a protective position are harder than diamonds and impenetrable to any and all spells. They are also capable of sustaining flight while the dominant is carrying his or her submissive… hmm… this is interesting… 'while there are nearly double the number of dominants than submissive Voadoses it is incredibly rare for them to mate within their species, nine times out of ten a Voados, dominant or submissive, will mate with a witch or wizard…despite only sharing the tattoo crests as a physical similarity, the Voados are counted as one species for a submissive will not be born without a dominant and the blood dominants are fiercely protective of their sub." She scanned ahead and once more paled.

"Why do I think you're not going to like this?" asked Ron to Harry, who, despite having heard everything Hermione had said, was still stuck back on the 'he had an older sibling' thing.

"Harry, pay attention…this is bad. A maturing kit – that's you – needs the touch of their blood dominant, not only to mature but to survive. Without physical contact you're up to nine times more susceptible to disease…and a cold could kill you."

"Oh, so…how do we find them?"

Abandoned classroom:

It was approaching dawn as Harry and Ron slumped back away from the map of the world lying on the floor.

"I don't get it," Hermione glared at the scurrying crystal, hanging by a – strengthened – piece of Harry's hair, "The spell should find him…or his last place of life if he's dead." She glared again constantly spinning crystal before moving back to her books.

"Oh, oh!" Hermione exclaimed five minutes later, "Harry I need you to give a drip a drop of blood onto the crystal and say 'Camadas' as you do."

"Sure Hermione," he pricked his finger with a transfigured quill, "Camadas," he said as it hit, then backed up hurriedly as the crystal glowed blue then split into multiple green layers spreading out in every direction by about a foot, and expanded until one of the layers glowed orange.

"I knew it…the spell would have worked if he'd been on our world…your brother or sister has been banished."

"Banished!?" exclaimed Ron in shock

"Banished?" asked Harry, simultaneously, in confusion.

"I came across it at the end of last year, when a wizard is banished they use a veil," here Harry winched, "spell to send them to a random world, whether parallel or an alternate universe."


"Yeah, they didn't care where they ended up, so long as they couldn't come back. Your sibling's in a parallel universe." She said indicating the scurrying spell, "That means that there is at least an Earth." She elaborated. "Because of the crests, you have a connection to your blood dominant; I can direct the spell so you end up in the same universe…on the same planet as them," she blinked tears out of her eyes, "but Harr… Harry," she cut off with a sob. Ron wrapped his arms around her, before meeting Harry's eyes.

"Banished wizards can't come back."


"I…it's part of the mag…ic, once you leave… leave a universe you c…can never… ever come ba…ck to it." Hermione sobbed.

"Then I'm not going." Harry declared.

"You stay, you die." Ron said, "You need your blood dominant, you know Hermione's never wrong about this stuff."

"Then I'll die… I'm not leaving you."

"Harry James Potter," Hermione put all her emotions into his name, "you will spend today packing and writing goodbye notes and not tell anyone what is going on. After dinner you will come back to this room with all your belongings shrunk and ready to leave this world, or so help me god, I will perform this spell and send you there in nothing but underwear and no supplies at all. We love you, Harry, and we're not going to see you die."

By now even Harry was crying.

"Well," said Ron, "thank Merlin it's a Sunday…how about one last game of Quidditch, mate?"

"I'd love to."


Harry spent his day, after the two hour long Quidditch game, working with Hermione on his belongings, after she had pointed out that they may have the same underage magic and secrecy laws as this one. He cast a permanent shrinking charm on his trunk and school books, so that one tap of his wand would shrink them, and another return them to their original size…although it was actually one tap of anything made of holly. He cast a similar charm to freeze all of his pictures and placed a muggle repellent spell on the ones where wizarding images were prominent. While he was doing that, Hermione was shrinking all his muggle clothes so they would fit, at least approximately. She also used a permanent transfiguration spell to change the cut and colour of some of Dudley's more hideous outfits.

Neville was the only person to notice and comment on Harry's knitted beanie, but Harry managed to make it seem unimportant, felling guilty all the while. He swore to write him a long goodbye note.

After lunch, Harry snuck out and flew to the Three Broomsticks. Shrinking the broom with a tap of his wand, he hurriedly entered the pub and flooed to Gringotts before Madam Rosmerta had even had time to look up.

Once at Gringotts, he withdrew a sum equalling nearly one thousand galleons in galleons, knuts, sickles, diamonds and other gemstones as well as a smallish sum of pure gold and silver. After that he went to speak to the goblin in charge of the Potter accounts, who went by the name of Flagrok.

"Now, what may I do for you Mister Potter?"

"I'd like to redistribute the contents of my trust vault to these parties," Harry handed over the list of people he believed needed his money the most, the Weasleys, Remus, and Severus Snape (who had very nearly given his life during the war as a spy) were to receive 10,000 galleons each, which was 120000 all up (9 Weasleys, Remus, Snape and his godson Draco Malfoy – who had quite literally lost everything, the ministry going so far as to confiscate his school books and uniform) . The rest of the vault, which should be around 13000 galleons, would go to the War Orphan Fund.

"Are you sure, Mr Potter? This would leave you with quite literally nothing until you come of age, next year."

"Yes, well, I'd also like to discuss what will happen to the vaults if I don't claim them when I am of age. I'm assuming nothing can be withdrawn until then?"

"Barring your birthday presents, no."

"Birthday presents? What birthday presents?"

The goblin peered at Harry the shuffled paperwork until he found a list.

"Hmm…it seems only one of your presents has been collected – an invisibility cloak to be passed on to you on your 12th birthday."

"I got it Christmas when I was eleven."

"Hmlf. Come along then. Let's collect them…oh and your will Mr Potter?"


"If you don't access your vaults…"

"Oh, right. If I don't access the money for two months after my seventeenth birthday, 10000 galleons is to be left to Hermione Granger and everything else will go to Remus Lupin to do as he sees fit, provided that he uses some of the money to buy himself a new house, some new clothes and the employment of two house elves named Dobby and Winky, provided that said elves can be hired or their contract bought."

"Very well," Flagrok ushered him into another office, "Sign this." He handed over a piece of official looking parchment that had what he'd said written down, word for word. He signed his name.

"Now your presents are there," he pointed to a small table, "In order from left to right. Take as long as you need in this room, and make sure to take everything with you when you leave." With that he left, closing the door behind him.

Harry rushed over to the left hand side of the table.

The first package in line was tiny, but there was a letter attached.

Happy 11th birthday. I've no doubt Sirius is spoiling you outrageously, but this is something from your father and I. We are always with you.

Inside the present was a locket on a thin silver chain. The silver oval locket was plain on the front, but the back had an engraving To Lily, my love. Inside were muggle portraits of his mother and father. He sniffed back a tear and attached the chain to his neck.

Next in line was just a single piece of paper.

12 already, it read in a different script, all set for your second year at Hogwarts? Go forth and prank.

The invisibility cloak…a gift from his father, like the locket was his mother's. Next were a medium sized package and a note from his mother.

13 is the time to choose, I hope you chose wisely for your electives…they'll help you achieve your dream job. My dream job was to be a charms mistress. The boots inside here were to be my biggest success. They'll expanded or shrink to fit any foot. Just say 'distinctus penicullus' and think of the style shoe you want and they change appearances to match.

The shoes worked exactly as Lily said they would, and they kept the same size and design even when he took them off.

From his dad, he got his fourteenth birthday present, a black leather coat. It was the same one his dad…and his dad's dad had got for their fourteenth. It was charmed never to wear or tear or stain and the note told him it was a family tradition to wear the coat until they grew out of it and then save it for his son's 14th.

His fifteenth present was from his mother and would be very useful for what he was about to do. It was a muggle carpet bag with one unusual feature - the lock had two keys, one silver, and one gold, and each opened to a different compartment… just like Moody's trunk. However, anything placed in the silver compartment would cause the bag to weigh. Anything in the gold compartment would not add to the overall weight. His mum called it the Petunia Defence.

His last present was a book with a note just saying happy sixteenth. The book needed no explanation, the title said it all; The Maurders Complete Guide to Hogwarts: Every Spell, Curse, Hex and Potion Ever Taught, and a Couple Thousand that Aren't. The contents were split into areas; Transfigurations, Charms, Curses and Counter-Curses, Hexes, Potions, Magical Creatures, Animagus Transformation and How to Use the Above to Prank.

Diagon Alley:

Leaving Gringotts with all his presents inside the carpet bag slung across his shoulder, he prepared to shop for the last time. His first stop was the apothecary, where he bought a 'complete kit – advanced potion making'. The kit had a little of everything, from beetles' eyes up to and including phoenix tears.

Next shop was Twilfitt and Tatting's where he bought himself a high class dragon's leather wand holster for his wrist. The holster included a rather plain looking dagger that was made from high quality steel and deadly sharp. The holster included all the standard anti-summoning spells, and a unique spell that made the wand itself invisible while holstered.

He bought a large bag of owl treats from the Magical Menagerie before scouring the bookshop high and low to find a book about the Voados. He found a grand total of one, which he promptly paid for.

By now it was getting very close to dinner time, so Harry hurried back to Gringotts and on to the three broomsticks.


Harry avoided teachers and curious questions by the simple act of flying in through his dorm room window. He skipped dinner to write various goodbye letters, breaking down into tears on more than one occasion. Into an envelope with Moony's letter, Harry slipped a duplicate of every one of his photos.

Once that was done, Harry decided to repack. He emptied his trunk placing all his muggle clothes in the silver compartment of the carpet bag, as well as the owl treats and the comforter from his dorm bed – which he had shrunk to the size of a baby's blanket. He then put all his potion stuff into the trunk and shrunk it. This, along with his books, robes and other magical school supplies went into the gold compartment…along with all the gold/gemstones and wizarding money. Thinking things over again, he placed the model of a sleeping Hungarian Horntail in the silver compartment. The animation charm had long since run out.

Ready, he got dressed, in his mother's boots and his father's jacket (which was slightly too large on the sixteen year old). He secured the silver and gold keys onto a thong around his neck. He left the letters on his bed, and made his way to the Owlery to collect Hedwig.

Abandoned Classroom:

"There you are, Harry. Do you have everything?" asked Hermione as he entered, careful not to scruff the chalk lines on the floor.

"Yep, it's all in the carpet bag… it has multiple compartments like Moody's trunk."

"Excellent… and Hedwig's cage?"


"Perfect… Right well, you'll need to stand right there," she pointed, "And keep a tight hold of everything."

"Ron?" Harry questioned as he moved into place, spotting the red headed boy slumped against a corner, tears in his eyes. Ron pushed himself up and, also avoiding the chalk, made his way over.

"Harry," he whispered, scooping him up into a bone crushing hug, "We'll miss you."

"I'll miss you, too."

"Here, this is for you," Ron handed over a ring, "it's the Weasley family crest…all the son's of the family get one. None of us actually wear them on our fingers though…I think the sizing magic's faded."

"Thank you," Harry whispered, putting it on the same leather thong as the keys.

"Ready?" Asked Hermione.

"As I'll ever be," Harry said, resuming his position, carpet bag across his shoulders, Hedwig in her cage, held tightly in his arms.

"Good luck," said Ron, as Hermione started a long string of Latin.