Disclaimer: As this is the real world and ludicrously far-fetched wishes rarely come true, I do not, as it happens, own Piratica or any associated characters or plots. Not only that, but I'm not even getting any money out of it. I can't even claim full credit for the story: thanks to PLAIDunderpants for beta-ing; I appreciate it.


In the Angels Academy for Young Maidens, between stiffly starched bed sheets, Art remembers.

She is dreaming of rainbow coloured fish that shoot from the sea like bullets, of the flash of musket fire, of horizons that stretch ahead forever, and of freedom. And at the centre of everything, as wonderful and improbable as a sudden thunderstorm: Molly Faith.

"And even if we went down, don't fear that either. Those the sea keeps sleep among mermaids and pearls and sunken kingdoms."

In the morning Artemisia Fitz-Willoughby Weatherhouse wakes up with Art Blastside's tears on her face and doesn't know why.