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Chapter 1: Four Years Later

"Alice, I'm a vampire now! Does it really matter what I wear?" I asked.

Alice was trying to dress me–as usual–for Charlie and Sue's wedding.

I had been right when I thought something was going on between them. Sure enough, five months ago, Charlie had–awkwardly–proposed to


"Bella! It's your father's wedding! You should dress well!" Alice scolded, in her wind chime voice.

I sighed. "Alice, it's not like anyone will know who I am."

Since I hadn't aged in four years, I would have to pose as Charlie's cousin. Also because no one would recognize me. I hadn't gone out in

public since I became a vampire, considering someone might recognize me, and notice the huge change. That I was extremely beautiful now.

That I still looked about nineteen, when I should be twenty-three.

Luckily, my eyes were now a topaz color, as apposed to bright red. I would blend in–except for the inhumanly beautiful part.

Another reason I shouldn't have to dress up too much. Since I looked this way, all of Charlie's single friends would hit on me anyway.

"Oh Bella. That doesn't matter! Charlie will recognize you," Alice explained.

I sighed. She was right about that. Charlie would know who I was, and would be happy to see me dressed up.

"Fine," I grumbled.

Sometimes I wondered if Charlie noticed that I wasn't ageing. Probably, but he didn't want to bring it up because of that 'need to know basis'


I chuckled to myself as I remembered that day Jake phased in front of him. It nearly gave Charlie a heart attack.

Jacob has practically lived with us for the past four years. Since he can't stay too far away from Edward and mine's daughter, Renesmee. When

he imprinted on her, I had been furious, but now I was fine with it.

Renesmee looked about six or seven now, when she was actually only four. She loved Jacob as her big brother, soon to be more when she got

older. Renesmee would pretend to be my niece at the wedding.

"Remember, if anyone says you look similar to Bella Swan, say it's because you two are cousins," Alice reminded me, as she raided my closet.

"I remember," I sighed.

Alice pulled out a black and white checkered summer dress, with a belted waist.

"Perfect! Put this on Bella," Alice commanded excitedly.

In one fast movement–faster than any human could see--I took it from her and put it on.

"Gorgeous!" Alice exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes. "What shoes am I wearing, dare I ask?"

"These." Alice threw a pair a shoes to me, which I caught no problem.

They were black flats. At least she wasn't making me wear heels. Not that it mattered, I suppose. Now that I was a vampire my movements

were fluid and graceful.

I slipped the shoes on and went to see Renesmee. Alice had dressed her up too, although Renesmee enjoyed it.

I got to Renesmee's room in the blink of an eye. She was sitting on her bed reading Romeo and Juliet. She looked up when I walked in.

"You look beautiful!" She exclaimed in her high pitched voice.

I smiled. "Thank-you baby. So do you!"

It was true. Renesmee was the most beautiful little girl in the world. I had cut her curls for Charlie's wedding. Instead of her hair being down to

her feet, it was chest length. She was wearing a cute black and pink tunic dress with leggings–thanks to Alice of course.

Renesmee giggled and got off of the bed. She took my hand in hers.

"Let's go see daddy," She suggested.

I nodded. Thinking of Edward still made my heart swell, even if it didn't beat.

Renesmee and I ran hand in hand away from Edward and I's little cottage, to the big glass house where Edward was waiting with everyone


As soon as we were through the door, Jacob ran over and hugged Renesmee.

"Hey Nessie!" He laughed.

"Jacob your choking me!" She giggled.

I smiled at them. I was happy to see Jacob, and Renesmee so happy together.

"You look beautiful Bella." A familiar voice said.

I turned to face Edward. "So do you," I laughed.

Edward looked gorgeous as always. He had my favorite half smile on his face, and he was wearing a tux.

He laughed and pulled me into his arms. I leaned up on my tip toes and kissed him.

"Hey, get a room!" Emmett called.

Edward and I laughed, but split apart. Renesmee ran over and hopped into Edwards arms.

"How do I look dad?" She asked.

"Like the most beautiful girl in the world, of course," Edward laughed.

Renesmee giggled. "You look dashing, daddy."

Edward and I laughed.

"Dashing, huh? Well nothing can compare to you and your mother." Edward said, kissing Renesmee's forehead.

Renesmee smiled and hugged him.

Alice appeared in the doorway, wearing a tiered leopard printed dress and heels.

"Everyone ready to go?" She asked.

Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle and Jasper came in from the kitchen.

"Yes," I said.

Everyone got into their cars. Edward, Jacob, Renesmee and I all got into Edward's Volvo.

As Edward drove down the long path, I looked at the trees. I could see every leaf, every bug. My heightened senses fascinated me.

I really hoped everything would be alright. That no one would notice that I was Isabella Swan.

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