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Chapter 16: The Final Happy Ending

I ran out of the building as fast as possible–so it only took about a millisecond. I really needed to see Renesmee.

Everyone was crowded around her. Jacob had his arm protectively around her shoulders as everyone hugged and kissed her. Renesmee looked

happy, but tired.

I pushed through everyone and wrapped my arms around Renesmee. I hugged her as tightly as I could without harming her. Edward put his arm

around the both of us.

"I was so worried about you," I whispered.

Renesmee pulled back to look at me. "I was so afraid. I thought I would never see any of you again."

Edward kissed her forehead. "We would never have let that happen Nessie."

Renesmee smiled a little. She rested her head on my shoulder. It was pretty late, she was probably tired.

I tucked a curl behind her ear. "Let's get you home to bed Nessie."


When I tucked Renesmee into bed, she looked like she wanted to say something. I was about to walk out, when I realized she was probably

afraid of being taken again.

I sat on her bed. "Do you want to sleep in our room?"

Renesmee nodded. "Yes please."

We walked into mine and Edward's room. I tucked her into our bed and kissed her forehead.

"Remember, Daddy and I are right here," I told her.

She slept between Edward and I for the rest of the night. We didn't mind though. It was just like when she was a baby. Every so often, I would

touch her forehead and watch her dreams.

Some of her dreams were nice, but a lot of them were about being kidnaped. They were the kidnaping replayed over and over again. Some of

them were very frightening and in them Alyssa would start drinking her blood.

When those happen, I would whisper in her ear, telling her I was right there.

The next morning, Emilio and Robyn came over. Carlisle and I explained to them what had happened, and that Alyssa was dead

They were upset, but understood that it needed to be done. Apparently Alyssa had always had a problem becoming over obsessed with having

children. They had to move a few times because of Alyssa's wanting a child.

We all skipped school so we could spend time with Renesmee. The sun was out, so we decided to go to a beach that people didn't go to often.

Even though it was Fall, we were going to go swimming. It's not like the cold effected any of us anyway.

I changed into a blue bikini, the color blue that Edward had said looked lovely with my skin so long ago. I couldn't help but smile when Edward's

eyes popped when he saw me. Then he smiled when my eyes popped at him. He was wearing shorts, and no short. He looked like a pale Greek


We traveled through the woods until we found a beach. We couldn't smell any trace of human, so no one had probably ever been there.

Renesmee and I ran into the water. It felt pretty warm to me, and Renesmee looked like she agreed. I would duck under the water and swim

around Renesmee. Then I would grab her leg or pop up when she wasn't expecting it. She would giggle and scream, then splash me. I would

growl and duck back under.

We watched our skin sparkle in the sun. We were beautiful. Even though Renesmee didn't sparkle like I did, I was still amazed by how beautiful

she looked.

I smiled. "You're beautiful Renesmee."

Renesmee smiled. "So are you Momma."

I saw Jacob watching Renesmee play in the water. At first I thought it was because she was wearing a bikini too, but then I realized that he

wasn't like that. He was just happy to see her having fun.

Jacob came into the water and let Renesmee go on his back as he swam.

I smiled as I watched them splash around together. Jacob was having just as much fun as Renesmee.

I was glad that we could do something to get Renesmee's mind off of last night. At least for a little while anyway.

Edward had his back facing me. I smiled and pounced on his back, knocking him into the water. Under the water he smiled and kissed me. I

wrapped myself around him and we stayed like that until Renesmee and Jacob jumped on us.

We surfaced and swam after them, laughing loudly. Alice came and joined in, then Jasper. Then Rosalie and Emmett. Soon we were all chasing

each other around and splashing each other like kids. I heard Carlisle and Esme laughing at us from the beach.

We went home when it got dark. Renesmee, Edward, and I ran hand in hand.

Renesmee slept with Edward and I again. She still had scary dreams, but she had more happy ones. They were about us swimming at the beach,

and her going to school.

I had thought that our happy ending was four years ago. That after that nothing would go wrong. Then this happened, and I wasn't so the rest of

our lives maybe we'll be happy for awhile, then something will happen. We'll think it's a happy ending, then something will go wrong. But right

now, I feel that this is our happy ending. That now, everything will be okay.

The End

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