First look

Alice's POV

I took Jasper by the arm and I buried my face onto his shoulder. I was laughing hysterically.

Don't think I'm crazy, because I'm not. I do have reasons. Very powerful reasons. My mind flied once again at them and I coughed, trying to cover my giggles.

Mr. Berty wasn't fooled. "Miss Cullen, you know something that you would like to share with us?" He was reading a chapter from Romeo and Juliet. The chapter were they had died.

I smiled. "No, Mr. Berty. I was just thinking at love, you know? It's very sad when two people that are in love, die. Like Romeo and Juliet. Only that they are not very inspired with the poison. I mean, there were so many methods to die, like jumping of a cliff" I giggled and Jasper too "or guns or swords or..."

"Ok, Miss Cullen. I think you may need to hold up yourself for the next hour." he cut me out quickly. I nodded, bouncing in my seat. He began to read from where I interrupted him.

I started to giggle again, only this time more quietly. Tyler looked at me confused and I stuck my tongue out at him. He frowned and turned to his seat.

"Ten minutes." Jasper murmured with a sigh.

Edward, you told her? Trust me. It'll be better for her to know now, instead of later. I hope you're listening to me, right? Edward? I screamed in my mind, as the bell rang.

I danced outside, with Jazz by the hand. "We have to go to the gym. We should meet the rest at the door in two minutes." I said it all breathless and Jasper nodded, not very happy.

I stroked his cheek as we ran and he smiled a little. "See? You don't have to be worried. I really want to see Bella's face." I giggled again.

We arrived at the gym and Edward was holding Bella by the waist. Thanks, Edward, I thought, seeing how nervous Bella was. He grimaced, but then shrugged.

"Please, tell me this isn't going to happen. I mean, I'm not ready for this." she looked at the clock. "Well, we still have time to go." she smiled at Edward, but I interfered.

"Don't even think about it. I already see you inside." I sang.

You told her everything, Edward? Everything, everything?

"Only half." he mumbled too low for Bella to listen. Then I saw her face when she'll find out and I bit my lip, trying to restrain my laugh.

"Ok, but if this is so important, why Emmett and Rosalie aren't here?" she asked hopefully. She and Rose weren't in very great relanshioship.

"You don't wanna know." I whispered and she looked at me in shock.

Yep, she found out.

I saw Edward pinching his bridge nose with his fingers. "Don't remember me." he whispered through his clenched teeth.

We heard a bang! coming from the lockers and me and Edward sighed. Jasper, of course, knew, feeling their emotions. Only Bella gasped. Emmett was on the ground with his shirt inside out and with his face full of lipstick and Rosalie's hair was scattered, her eyes big as she saw Mr. Mason approaching.

"Quick. Get up." she mumbled and tried to get out of the locker.

Oh my Gosh.. They're so pathetic. I laughed and I looked at Jasper, who started fanning himself. I laughed even more. "Not good, not good." he repeated.

Mr Mason got at them and he looked really furious. "Mr Cullen. Miss Hale. Would you please tell me what this is about? I hope that you're not using the lockers for your entertainment, if I may say so."

"Of course not, Mr Mason. We apologize. Emmett was feeling a little sick." Rosalie smiled seductive at him, but he remained composed. That made Rosalie fume.

"So if a student is sick, you just put him into a locker, am I correct?" he asked sarcastically. "Well, that's a very good treatment." he continued.

"Sorry, Mr. Rosalie convinced me to do this. This isn't my fault." Emmett cried and I took Bella, both shaking from laughter. Rosalie turned to Emmett, sending lasers through her eyes.

Mr Mason nodded, giving them another disapproving look and then went to the gym. Rosalie punched Emmett, yelling at him. "My fault? That was my fault?"

Bella took Edward by the hand and I took Jasper. Emmett was walking alone and Rosalie too. She had her arms crossed. I saw six empty seats in the corner of the gym and I ran there. In front of us, was a stage with a microphone and with a projector.

Well, Bella will be ok afterwards. No need to be panicked, Edward or else I will say to Jasper to focuse on you.

The babbling was high in the gym. Of course, mostly was coming from Jessica. She was seating in front of us with Lauren, Mike, Angela and Ben. Angela turned to smile at us and I waved at her. Why someone like her could stay with someone like Jessica? I saw that Edward shook his head disgusted.

"Ok, so, when it's over?" Bella asked, shifting uncomfortable in her seat.

"Soon. It will not take more than an hour." Edward said, stroking her cheek.

"An hour? Are you kidding me?"

"Relax, Bella. It will be educative for you and Edward, don't you think?" Rosalie attacked again Bella, who frowned at her.

"Oh, thanks, Rosalie." she murmured. "Maybe you and Emmett will learn more about privacy."

"I'm sorry, but I'm not sexually repressed." she smiled smugly and Edward's jaw locked with a thud.

"Go get them, honey." Emmett cheered.

"Shut up Emmett. She doesn't need encouragement. She is vain all by herself." Bella replied, letting Rose with no words. Only with a death glare directed to Bella.

"Jasper, I really want to hear. I know it's funny" I said with a giggle as three pairs of topaz eyes turned to me "but Mr Mason will start speaking in almost ten seconds." I mumbled and I looked at them. A wave of calm hit us and I kissed Jazz, happy. "Thanks." He smiled lovingly .

I turned to the stage, when I heard a noise. Apparently, Mr Mason was trying the microphone. "One, Two, Three... Works?" Some of the students moaned when a sharp noise went through the gym. Bella covered her ears and Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"So, I'm very happy to have you here, today. Like in every may, we have a course named Sexual Education, shortly Sex Ed." He was covered by groans and whistles. I clapped and Emmett joined me, smirking. "Please, this is very important, even more now when you're about to start your sex life."

Bella blushed, burying her face into Edward's chest and he brushed gently her hair, trying not to growl at Rosalie, who was smiling. Jasper closed his eyes and leaned on the chair.

"I prepared for you a movie and of course, a contest. It will be very easy, and that will prove me if you're mature enough to take care of responsibilities. Because, if you knew it or not, sex means responsibility."

Bella flinched and mumbled into Edward's chest. "Please, I'm begging you. Don't say again the 's' word."

"It will be over soon, love. Don't worry." Edward continued whispering in her ear.

Bella gasped and almost fell from her chair. "Wait. Did he just said movie? A movie about..." She didn't finish, she shook her head and Edward looked at Jasper.

"Jazz." he said shortly and Bella calmed down.

"Relax, Bella." She did. "It will be nothing too horrifying. Alice can tell you." I nodded, smiling ear to ear.

She didn't seem convinced. "The movie will be... entertaining." She hadn't noticed my hesitation. "Edward can tell you too. Right Edward?" I continued.

If you want her to faint, ok, tell her the truth, I threaten him.

"You're a little monster." he whispered under his breath. "Yes, Bella, Alice is right." He said, not looking into her eyes.

We turned to Mr. Mason.

"For our first class this year, we also invited a father to talk about this subject. You'll soon know of who am I talking about. I'm positive that you all know him." I exchanged a glance with Edward. Bella caught it.

"And now... The contest. I need two couples to come on the stage." He looked across the gym and not even a student was with his hand up. "Well, if nobody wants to, I will be forced to choose then."

As he was searching the gym again, I restrained myself from giggling. Jasper looked at me curious. "Ok, who will be the unlucky ones?"

Edward kicked Rosalie's chair and she got up, throwing death glares at him and then to Bella. The others turned to her, with their eyes huge of surprise. After a second of staring they began to applause. "So Miss Hale and his partner are happy to join us. Please, children, come on the stage."

"You will regret this, Edward." Rosalie hissed and with Emmett by the hand, they went up on the stage.

"Another couple and we're done. Come on, don't be ..." He started, but Rose cut him out.

"If I can make a suggestion." she said on a sweet tone.

"Sure, Rosalie."

"I'm very preoccupied because of my brother, Edward. He has problems... you know, in his relanshioship with Bella." She said, pouting and Emmett burst in laughter.

Edward's head snapped and frowned in her direction. Bella panicked, and caught Edward by the arm, holding him very tight.

"Maybe Mr Cullen and Miss Swan can join us too?" I heard Mr Mason say and I couldn't control myself. I started to laugh hysterically, falling from my chair. Jasper helped me to get back on my seat, still chuckling.

Edward tried to compose himself, and Bella's face was blank, her heart racing in her chest. He took her by the waist, not letting her falling down and they went to join them.

"Thank you very much, Rosalie." he hissed at her.

I saw how Jessica was looking after him and how Mike was drooling at Bella's sight. Oh Goodness..

Ok, I hope that she is tough. Bella, you can't disappoint me. Please. Don't faint. For me.

I caught Edward's glare and I smiled innocent. He put his fingers on his bridge nose and I assumed because of the students because then started the gossip.

"Whoa.. Look at Rosalie." Austin whispered to Tyler. "Great legs." they both said.

"It's me or Emmett got bigger?" Lauren was telling to Angela who wasn't paying to her.

"Mike, don't look at Bella." Jessica mumbled to Mike. "Look who's talking.. Take your eyes off of Cullen." he replied furious.

"Silence, children. Ok, so the contest will be a quiz one." Groans. "I told you it was very easy." he continued, ignoring them. "It will be twenty questions, ten for each couple. We'll see who is much more prepared for responsibility." he emphasized the last word.

Bella put herself behind Edward, her red face buried in his shoulder. He was still glaring at Rosalie, who had her arms crossed. Emmett looked amused. Of course.

"As Rosalie and Emmett had a great time this morning in the locker" the gym was filled with laughter and I giggled, remembering "I will begin with them." Mr Mason said and he took out of his jacket a paper.

"Bring it." Emmett grinned.

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