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I was sleeping peacefully in Edward's bed, having the cutest dream ever. I was with Edward on the beach and thankfully, we didn't have many clothes on. He started kissing me and whispering sweet things into my ear, when suddenly a tsunami formed and was about to swallow us. I screamed in my dream and then I realized the reason why the tsunami had formed.

Alice was bouncing on the bed, making me jump up and down. I groaned and buried my face in the pillow. "Go away, Alice. I want to sleep."

"No, you don't. It's Monday, Bella. You have to go to school." she squealed. "And because I really don't want to know what happened in your dream. It looked like it was a very... good one." she smiled innocent. What the? Oh no. Tell me I hadn't spoken in my dream.

"Kill me please." I groaned, blushing furiously.

"What beach?" she suddenly asked.


"What beach? You were mumbling something about a beach." she looked interested. I decided to throw the pillow at her, but that wasn't the best idea; because the pillow rebounded and landed on my face.

"Ow..." I mumbled. She giggled.

"OK, don't tell me. But now dress up and we'll wait for you downstairs. Please hurry up." she said.

"Wait. Where's Edward?"

"He's in the kitchen, making your breakfast. I don't really understand him." she rolled her eyes and left the room, closing the door behind her.

I ran in the bathroom and showered as fast as I could. I brushed my teeth in less than two minutes and I dressed up. I was surprised Alice hadn't tried to convince me to wear a stupid dress. Well, welcome normality, it's so nice to have you here.

I opened the door and walked downstairs. In the living room, were Rosalie, Alice and Esme. Carlisle was at the hospital, probably and Edward in the kitchen. But where were Emmett and Jasper? That was weird.

I went in the kitchen and the smell was delicious. "Hey, you're finally awake." he said amused. Oh God, what did he hear? I hope I didn't say anything compromising.

"Yep, Alice is my personal alarm clock." I groaned and he chuckled. He leaned over to kiss my forehead. I smiled and looked over to see what he was cooking. "Delicious."

"I can't say the same thing." he laughed and put the eggs on a plate.

I ate them quickly, because Alice was already complaining about my slowness. I took Edward's hand and we went in the living room. Emmett and Jasper weren't there. I frowned confused, but seeing their calm expressions, I decided to ignore it. Well, I had to admit it. Not everybody had a calm expression. Alice was fuming right now and she had her cell phone in her hand.

I, Rose and Alice jumped in Edward's Volvo.

I thought I heard Alice mumbling furiously in the back seat. "I can't believe they are so stupid. I told him, but he didn't listen. I'll show him boredom when he gets home."

Edward pulled in front of the school. He opened me the door.

"Thank you very much Edward." Rose hissed and opened her door. Alice didn't look at us. She closed the door behind her and then stormed inside.

"What's with Alice?" I asked, as we got in. Rosalie waved at us – which was surprising – and ran to her class.

"She's angry because of Jasper. He and Emmett were bored this morning and they thought it was a great idea to put pranks on people in the mall." Edward whispered and I rolled my eyes. Those guys. Now I understand why Alice is so mad. She have seen something that infuriate her. Maybe they had burnt her favorite store.

I giggled.

"I see, but... why aren't they here already? I mean, we have Sex Ed next hour and we had that stupid homework to do." I said, but seeing Edward's amused expression, remembered me. "Oh and thanks by the way. I had to do OUR homework alone, because you were too angry over your credit cards to help me." I was starting to get really annoyed. "Do you think that's funny? I'll show you funny. We are going to get an F." I almost screamed, but he smiled. "And why the heck are you smiling, Edward Cullen?" Now I was really screaming.

"Are they fighting?" I heard Jessica's squeal.

"Love, they are staring at us." Edward whispered and I turned around to see all the students staring at us, like we were aliens. I blushed and buried my face in Edward's chest.

We stopped at my locker and I opened it to take my books for English. Edward looked amused at me and I frowned at him. "What?"

"You know, you're beautiful when you're angry." he smiled and I was lost in his eyes and smile. Before I started to drool over him, I shook my head and took my books.

"Don't think you're done, Edward. You still owe me an explanation. And better be a good one."

He locked his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. My breath accelerated, as his lips kissed my jawbone, then my cheeks. Was he trying to dazzle me? Because... oh my God, he succeeded.

"Yes, ma'm." he whispered in my ear and I felt his cool breath on my neck. I closed my eyes and kissed him full on the lips. He smiled, being happy I gave in and kissed me passionately. I was gasping for air, when someone cleared his throat behind us and I stiffened. I pushed him quickly away and turned around to find Mrs Cope staring lustily at us. I grasped Edward's hand.

"What are you two doing here?" she asked, and I was aware she was staring only at Edward. My jaw locked and I stood in front on him, as a shield.

"Nothing, Mrs Cope. I decided to have a... moment alone with my boyfriend." I emphasized the word 'my' and she took quickly the message. I was surprised I just said that, but seeing Mrs Cope nodding and letting us alone, made me very proud of myself. Edward chuckled behind me.

I sighed relieved. Then froze, when Edward's lips were at my ear. "You're even more beautiful when you're jealous."

I turned around to protest, but he wasn't there. He was gone. Ugh!

I took my books and I walked to my English class. I saw Angela waving at me and I went to sit with her. "How was your weekend?" she asked happily. I was so lucky I had a sweater this morning, so she hadn't had to see my bruised arms.

"Good." I shrugged. "Yours?" I wasn't the best at making conversation, but that's why Angela was one of my best friends. She didn't like to talk to much too.

"Great. I was with Ben in Olympia." she smiled. I smiled too at her. I was glad she was happy with Ben.

The teacher came in and the most boring class had started.

After an hour of pure torture, the bell rang and I groaned, when I remembered my next class. "See you in the gym, Bella." Angela grimaced and I nodded unwillingly.

I went to my locker and opened it quickly to put my books in. My mouth dropped when I saw what came out of there. Thousands of... c-c-condoms. They were falling out of my locker and everyone stopped dead in their tracks to stare at me. I stiffened, as my cheeks got more red by second and I was about to faint.

"Looks like you had a great weekend, Bella." Lauren laughed.

"You naughty girl." Jessica continued, giggling.

I turned around to scream at them, but then I saw Rosalie laughing her head off. That stupid blonde, gorgeous, skinny vampire.

"What the hell, Rosalie Hale?" I screamed as loud as I could, making everyone to freeze. I went to her, posing myself in front of her. "Do you think this is funny or must I remember you what you did last night? When Edward finds out, she'll rip your head off and I'll be happy to look at him, doing it. I thought we were sisters, but no. You make everything to infuriate me and to make me look like an idiot in front of everyone. This is war, Rosalie. You understand me?" I fumed, glaring at her. She pursed her lips, but I didn't know if it was because she was starting to laugh or because she was embarrassed. "Edward!" I screamed and I was happy that he appeared in less than five seconds.

"What happened?" he asked confused, as he saw the condoms still falling from my locker. He glared at Rosalie, as he read her thoughts. "Don't ever do that again." he hissed through his teeth.

"Ok, ok. But Bella, you started it." she raised her eyebrows at me and then shrugged. "And for the record, I did it, because you two seemed so passionate last night. I thought I should do you a favor." she said innocently and everyone laughed behind us.

"Stop right now or your car will suffer a little problem." Edward hissed again and Rosalie's eyes widened.

"Ok, the show is over." she suddenly announced and I sighed relieved.

We succeeded to take out the condoms from my locker, but I washed my hands several times after that. Edward did the same thing. The bell rang and unwillingly, we went to gym. Everyone was there and when we got in, I heard giggles. Damn you Rosalie Hale.

I saw Alice in the front row and next to her was a mad Rosalie. I ignored her and sat down next to Alice. There was no clue of Jasper or Emmett. I was starting to become nervous. What if anything happened to them? Maybe that's why Alice is so mad.

"They aren't here yet?" I asked and Alice puffed. Her tiny hands were turned into fists and her eyes were sparkling.

"I don't think they'll come soon." Edward whispered amused, but I shrugged. Whatever was making Edward happy, was making Alice insane. She glared at him.

Mr Mason came in and looked at us four, like we were dangerous. I blushed. "Good morning everyone. We have a very hard day, since you had homework to do." All of us groaned. "Yeah, I assume you actually liked it. But ok, so, who is the first couple to proceed?" he asked, as he looked at us. No one volunteered. "If you don't want to, then I'll choose. How about..." Please not be me, please not... "Mike and Jessica?"

They groaned, but went to Mr Mason. They stared at each other and then Mr Mason raised his eyebrows. "So, where is your homework?"

Again silence. "They didn't do it, right?" I whispered to Edward, but he winced.

"No, they did... something else." he shuddered. "And I don't really want to think about it."

"Miss Stanley, Mr Newton, care to explain why hadn't you done your homework?" he fumed, glaring at the two of them. They blushed crimson, but didn't say anything. I laughed to myself. "What do you have to say in your defense?"

Mike looked up at him and awkwardly said. "My mom... um, died?"

"That's it. To the Principal's office you two, right now. Mrs Newton isn't dead, since I talked to her this morning, so you better explain this to your mom, Newton. Another week of detention." they didn't complain, for my surprise, just walked away with their heads down, since everyone in the gym was laughing. I giggled.

Wait a minute. He talked to Mike's mom. Why I feel there is something else? "Edward, is there anything between Mr Mason and Mrs Newton?" I whispered to him, but he immediately shuddered. "Oh, that's just sick."

Mr Mason took a deep breath. "Miss Hale and Mr Cullen?" he asked, but found only Rosalie.

"Sorry, Mr Mason. But Emmett didn't feel good this morning." she said sadly.

"Ok, but where's Mr Hale then?" Mr Mason asked confused.

"Seems that he has some rare disease and Carlisle is trying his best to cure him. It's so sad, Mr Mason. He can't even eat or sleep. He was like a zombie this days. I hate to see him like this." Alice pouted miserably and I patted her on the shoulder, for effect. Edward chuckled behind me and I elbowed him. Ow, that will leave me a bruise.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Miss Cullen, Miss Hale. Ok, then, I'll be waiting for your homework, next Monday. I hope they'll be good by then."

"Sure thing, Mr Mason." Alice nodded, smiling sadly, but then cursed under her breath.

I turned to Edward. "I don't get it. What happened to Emmett and Jas..."

"Miss Swan and Mr Cullen." Mr Mason interrupted me and I gulped. Here comes my F. Edward took my hand and drove me in front of everyone. I smiled awkwardly and tried to give him the homework, when my mouth dropped. Edward already gave him a notebook, where were written pages and pages. I stared at it in disbelief.

Mr Mason read and nodded in the same moment. Edward smiled at me, but all I could do was grimaced. He knew it all the time, but he let me struggle? Oh no, he's so going to pay for this.

"You... wrote... that?" I asked shocked and he snickered. My head snapped in his direction and I glared at him. "Then why the hell did you let me struggle with it? I didn't even sleep well because of it."

"Love, that's the advantage of being immortal. I had done that homework for decades." he whispered in my ear, still holding my hand. I took my hand away from him and crossed them at my chest, fuming. I could see him with the corner of my eye staring at me confused, but I didn't care. I was angry. "Bella, what's wrong?"

"Don't ask." I whispered through my teeth.

Mr Mason looked up at us and then smiled victorious. "This is great. You really did a great job. See, children, they took very seriously their homework, because they are mature enough to pay attention. I guess this couple deserves an A. Congratulations." he shook hands with Edward and we went to our seats.

Edward still looked at me confused, but I kept ignoring him. I sat down next to Alice, who were angrier than ever. Now I joined the club, because I was pissed too.

"Bella, what happened?" Edward asked for the fifth time and I glared at him.

"That's a stupid question, Edward."

He smiled softly. "I thought it was funny to see you struggling and to see your point of view of everything. I didn't do it on purpose." he whispered in my ear and his smile was so angelical that I almost gave in. I blinked quickly.

"I'm going to think about it. Till then, I'm so angry, I'm going to... I'm going to..."

"...never speak to him again." Alice hissed.

"True. I'm so angry, I'm not going to speak to you again."

I was sure Alice was referring to Jasper. Oh poor Jazz. He's going to suffer when he gets home. Alice might be little, but she can definitely be a force of nature. Well, put Rosalie in the equation and that's disaster, because the look on her face was murderous. I want to know where are Emmett and Jasper. Why is everyone so mysterious?

"Come on, Bella. Don't be absurd." Edward complained.

"This is so weird. I'm not being absurd. Oh sorry, I was supposed not to talk to you." I shrugged indifferently.

"Bella..." he said, but I ignored him. "Bella, please." he got closer to me and started kissing my cheek. My jaw locked, trying to resist the urge to turn around and kiss him. He continued kissing my jaw and then going down to my neck. I gulped and he sensed the change in my mood, because he chuckled quietly.

"Edward." I said like a warning.

"You weren't supposed to talk to me, remember?" he whispered, his lips brushing the skin of my neck. Don't get dazzled, Bella. Be strong.

I fell on Alice, in my attempt to escape from Edward's delicious lips. She glared at Edward, but put her hand on my shoulder. "There are people staring at you, you know!?" Alice whispered and I buried my face onto her shoulder. Oh my God. So embarrassing. Edward sighed but didn't comment.

Mr Mason had read all the homework in the gym, when the bell rang. Angela and Ben got an A and they waved at us, when they went to their seats. I was surprised to find out that Austin was Tyler's partner. Actually, they were the only couple in the gym who the partners were from the same sex. They got a C, because Austin thought the babies were delivered by a goose. They're in high school, but their brains are smaller than Emmett's. The difference is that I love Emmett. Lauren and Eric got an F. They described a sex scene. I was nervous to die in that moment.

When the bell rang, I was anxious to get out of there. I took Alice's hand and went outside, living Edward behind us with Rosalie. We were safely at my locker, when Alice took quickly her cell phone and stared at it.

"Alice, what are you..." I started, but she interrupted me.

"Shh, it's the idiot." she whispered and after two seconds, her cell phone rang. I realized Rosalie's too.

They screamed "Hello." and I frowned at them. Edward chuckled and I looked at him. He smiled amused at me and I wanted so badly to ask him what was going on, but I kept my mouth shut. Instead, I jumped startled when Alice started screaming.

"I told you not to go there. But of course, you didn't listen to me. No, you listened to that idiot. That's why you are in jail right now. And I'm not going to bail you out. Next time, listen to what I'm telling you..." she screamed and screamed and screamed, but my mind focused on a single word: 'jail'.

They were in jail. What the hell happened? I don't get it.

Then Rosalie started yelling in her phone. "Emmett, you idiot. Every time I told you to grow up, you took it as a joke. Well, now I'm not joking. Grow the hell up, Emmett McCarty Cullen, or else you'll die in that prison. I'm not going to bail you out, you're going to stay there for a very long week. Do you understand me, Emmett?... No buts... Don't you dare yell at me... I must go to class." she screamed and closed her cell phone. She fumed, as she stormed to her class.

Alice was still at her phone. "I think you already heard what Rose said. So this goes for you too, sweetie. You're staying there for a week. Maybe this is the way which will make you understand that you can't bet against me... Don't honey me... Goodbye, Jasper." she closed her phone and sighed. "I have PE. See you later, guys." she waved at us and ran away to change.

I remained with Edward in the hall. I opened my locker to get my books for Trig and Edward leaned on the locker next to me. He followed my every move and seeing I wasn't still speaking to him, he sighed.

"Still being absurd?"

I looked at him and then pursed my lips. "Oh God, forget it. I must ask you something." I gave in and he smiled victorious. "What happened to Emmett and Jasper?"

"They made a huge flood at the second floor and Wal-Mart is inundated. The bodyguards found them on the third floor when they were mocking an old lady. They were handcuffed and delivered to jail." he laughed. I giggled, picturing the whole thing. "So, I guess now you're speaking to me again?" he smiled innocent and I snorted, locking my arms around his neck.

"I'll think about it." I whispered, as he leaned down to kiss me. Our lips crushed and I pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. His arms tightened around my waist, as my fingers locked in his hair. I pulled him away to whisper – I rather giggled – in his ear. "But I'm still mad."