Balance: Darkness and Light

AN ""= speaking, italics= thoughts, underline=creepy disembodied voice at beginning of game ,\ I do not own Kingdom Hearts 2 or anything involved except for the OC. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I just want to say hi everyone. This is my first fan fic on this site, and I hope you enjoy it. No flames please though constructive criticism is welcome. This fanfic is really for the enjoyment of just a friend and I, but if people like it well enough then I'll keep posting it. Enjoy. : )

Chapter 1: Oh Shit!

I had known that fanfics were going to be my downfall but not like this. I had expected to become slightly obsessed, perhaps even creative. I never expected to go insane. Or get pulled into one and prove that all those stories that I had read online true. I had thought that I had gone insane when I had woken up. I knew I wasn't in my dorm room, where I had gone to sleep on my desk attempting to do my European Experience homework, so I figured that I was having a very vivid dream. That thought was dashed when I tripped and landed straight on my butt. So I wasn't dreaming and I had no way of knowing if I was actually insane or if this was real, so I decided to go with it and freak out later as I brushed off my dark blue jeans. As I walked around looking at the tan buildings I ended up in an open courtyard. And my jaw dropped. "Well I know where I am now." as my light blue eyes saw three very familiar people standing there. One, the obvious leader, had a grey sleeveless trench coat and a hat with the kanji for Ore on it. He was a blonde with a cocky ass attitude that always thought that he was best. Seifer was just the same as he had been in the game. The only girl in the group was the creepy, red eyed, silver haired, monosyllabic, usually silent Fuu. She had a blue sleeveless jacket and tan capris on. Then came the most annoying member, Rai, with his patented "ya'know" after EVERY line. Just like the game he had on his orange tank top and baggy sweatpants. Vivi was present too, while I knew it wasn't true some of my friends and I still agreed that he looked like a Heartless in a coat and hat.

As I tried to back out of the Sandlot, the now identified Twilight Town's Disciplinary Committee member Fuu looked over. "Outsider."

Crap. As the other three turned to look at me I sighed running a hand through my shoulder length dirty blonde hair, Greaat.

Seifer walked over and crossed his arms "Who're you?"

Resist. Urge. To. Hit. "Why should I tell you?"

The taller man's eyes narrowed down at my 5'7" stature and I crossed my arms and glared back in defiance as he said, "I may not know who you are but you better learn the rules fast, girlie." I stared at him with a look that blatantly said 'who the hell do you think you are'. Before I could respond to his statement though Roxas ran in and Seifer turned to him "Hey, chicken wuss." I was still giving Seifer death glares when my attention shifted to something white appearing.

Fuu looked at it and pointed asking "Who's that?" I watched as Vivi ran away, before rolling my eyes as the other people began to fight. I saw Roxas grab one of the struggle bats when one of the Dusks came and attacked me. As it spun around my legs I jumped up and away from it causing the thing to become confused. While it was looking around my right fist slammed into the side of its head. I blinked before staring at my fist because the Nobody that hadn't been affected by anyone else's attacks had been damaged by mine, it didn't help that Roxas and I were the only ones not frozen.

What. The. Hell? Was the only thing that I could think at the moment before moving over to Roxas, side kicking one of the Nobodies away from him.

He looked back at me as we were now standing back to back saying "Thanks."

I nodded and glanced over my left shoulder at him "No prob."

We watched as the Dusks started to come closer, I heard Roxas mutter "Not good…"

I snorted and smirked slightly "Tell me about it."

He glanced back confused "Are you always this calm?"

I gave a small chuckle "Sometimes."

We both looked up as we heard a girl shout "Roxas! Use the Keyblade!"

Namine. As the Dusks continued to approach I suddenly felt myself begin to fall. As I looked around I didn't see Roxas nor did I see the normal platforms that were usually present at the beginning of the game. I narrowed my eyes as I saw a platform not with the princesses or Sora but one with the Nobodies symbol. I landed gently and looked around. As I did I sighed and said in a sing song voice "Ooh, creepy disembodied voice, where arrrre yoooou?" I could've sworn I felt something like a sigh before it began.

User of Darkness, Not overcome Don't be afraid

I felt my eye twitch as it began its cryptic speech, while different it was still annoying. I stopped for a second Wait User of Darkness what does that mean.

Giver of hope to those who are doomed, perhaps you can save those who are not true

I sighed slightly before looking around as three platforms popped up out the ground.

Choose wisely the path that you take I felt my eyes widen on the platforms instead of the sword, shield, and wand there were glowing orbs that looked slightly like very large materia. One was a brilliant white and it glowed with light, yet the one directly across from it was black and seemed to absorb that very same light. The one that caught my eye though was in the center, it was a mixture of light and dark, I smiled the road to dawn. I moved over to that one and touched it.

You wish for the power of balance.

Balance what kind of power is that

the gift to see clearly and accept all, the curse to straddle the edge of light and dark.

Oh, that kind.

I nodded, which will you give up? I moved over to the orb of darkness, touching it waiting for the voice to start up again, the ultimate power with great courage will you be able to protect those around you though at the cost of possibly losing yourself.

Ookaay. Next. I moved over to the orb of light.

The power to do the ultimate good will you be able to sacrifice yourself at the cost of being blinded I looked back at the orb of darkness before nodding and giving up the light orb. You have chosen the power of balance and given up the power of light. I blinked and looked around in the sudden light; Seifer was standing over Roxas posing for a camera.

Well I guess I get to skip a few parts. I walked forward grabbing the lens of the camera effectively covering it as Fuu was taking a picture.

"Hey, that's Seifer's ya'know."

I looked over at Rai sideways; while Fuu was giving me death glares "I really don't care." I returned my attention back to Seifer who was still standing over Roxas, glaring death at me "Get off him or I will move you."

He smirked at my threat asking "You really think you can little girl?"

I gave a cheeky smirk before saying "Damn straight I can." He blinked in surprise before smirking as Roxas ran after Hayner who had left in a huff. I walked past Seifer when he grabbed my arm, he opened his mouth to say something when I cut him off, voice low and dangerous "Move it or lose it kid. I ain't in the mood to teach you how to fight." I shook him off and followed the group out of the Sandlot.

I walked over to the Usual Spot to see Hayner leave. Roxas followed him out a few seconds later but the other boy was long gone. Roxas sighed and glanced over at me "Hey thanks for the help today…um?"

I smiled "Bran. Call me Ghost."


My smile turned into a grin "Yep. I tend to sneak up on people when they least expect it so my friends nicknamed me Ghost."

He blinked before shrugging off the strange nickname and asked, "Ok. Do you know what was going on back there?" I blinked and shrugged with a slight shake of my head; he sighed and looked at the ground.

I watched him for a moment, I really did know what was going on but it didn't feel right to tell him, my instincts were screaming that he wasn't ready to know yet. I placed my right hand on his left shoulder saying "I'm sure that everything will clear up eventually, just be patient."

He looked up at me, clear blue eyes sad before he nodded saying "Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll see you tomorrow right, maybe we can figure out some of this after the tournament."

I made a confused face and asked "Tournament?"

He nodded explaining "The Struggle Tournament, its tomorrow in the Sandlot."

I smiled "Oh Ok, I'll see ya there." I watched as he walked off dejectedly before turning around and heading up to one of the buildings that over looked the Sandlot. I got to the highest building that I could find and watched as the sun set, lost in my own thoughts. The main question plaguing my mind was HOW did I get her and now that I am what am I going to do about it. I wonder if anyone else got sucked into this mess. I laid down and stared at the stars in silent thought until I fell asleep.