Important Announcement at the end!

When once again the worlds have entered into chaos

Emissaries of the great Minerva

Two shall come from a place distant from our own

Light and darkness shall spread afar

As shield, spear, and sword

Darkness shall be tempted by the shadows

To lose the steadfast heart

Temptation leading into betrayal and disaster

All shall be lost

Light shall find its courage to face darkness it has never known

Gaining in poise and valor

Balance shall be created in the eternal reaches of the universe

If one should be lost then doom shall befall upon the worlds

Hearts of valor and loyalty

Joined to the kingdom in the sky

Would create fearsome creatures of the darkness

All light replaced by ethereal midnight

Silent sacrifices offered to the dawn

"Time has been restored, My Lady."

"Thank you, Destiny. Has it been synched?"

"It is off by a year or so but otherwise yes, my Lady."

"Thank you for all of you work, Destiny." The ethereal female being sighed as she passed a glowing hand over the words; annoyed with the simple translation error that had appeared on the pages. They had named her Keepers, Users. They were no mere wielders of their respective elements. They were the linchpins that kept the Universes going. They were the elements themselves in human forms. The warrior goddess of death and oceans, patron god of Gaia, Minerva glared at the cracks that had formed at the bases of the mortal realms, shooting an annoyed look at her sibling, Cosmos. It was her war that had caused the cracks to appear and it had taken far longer to restore time than had been anticipated and it wasn't even a permanent measure yet. There were still weak points and while Minerva was unsure of how long it would be, time would splinter once again. The Goddess of Harmony simply did not understand Darkness, which was one of the many reasons that she had declared war on it. Darkness was not evil, just as Light was not good. The elements simply were. They were the exact opposites of each other but neither could exist without the other. Minerva frowned down at the book that had catalogued her Keepers' journey. They had done well trying to keep their influence to a minimum but…they had changed things and would have to eventually deal with those consequences. Still, with everything they had known going in they could have utterly destroyed the worlds. She could not say that she was not all that surprised about who they had saved. Light was playful, even if harsh and would be attracted to the sparkling of the oceans. Darkness in its ever calm would gravitate towards chaotic fire like a moth, a creator of shadows.

They reflected each other.

Light wishing to explore the depths that it could never reach within the oceans, while the ocean always tempted it to come further in. Darkness always concealing itself waiting for some brave soul to plunge into those depths with a fire that could light the way. Minerva's eyes softened she should have seen this coming but had not and Darkness had taken such a blow. It had wavered after that situation and could use the time that would pass between the worlds to recover but things were stirring within the realms that it was residing in and it was only a hope that Darkness would be able to steel itself in time.

"My apologies Sister, I had not intended this war to effect so much." Minerva glanced back at the serene voice. She knew that the situation had bothered Cosmos but there was nothing that either one of them could do about it now. Minerva was working damage control. The expression that formed on Minerva's face, on someone less lady-like, would have been constituted as a scowl.

"Finish your war quickly. I would not wish to have to send my Keepers to take control of the situation." Cosmos looked down at her folded hands before looking back at the board, which showed her warriors, holding most of her power and being.

"I pray that it will not take that many cycles." Minerva restrained a snort. Harmony was not meant for the chaos of warfare. She was too soft, too predictable.

"My Lady? I have determined the most detrimental points." Minerva gave a small sigh and turned to Destiny, already knowing which worlds needed the most work. "Are you sure that it is wise to send them there. The time stream was the most effected and they were supposed to have encountered some of the major players already." Minerva simply turned headed towards the door that would link the portals together, walking through the impossibly long hallways with the innumerable doors.

"Things are as they are meant to be, no matter how confusing it may be to the Keepers." Time may have nearly been restored but the worlds themselves, they were not yet in their proper places and that could only be done on the mortal plain by the Children of the Keys.

"Understood, My Lady." Minerva stopped before one door her finger tips lightly brushing against the cracks feeling the power and turmoil that leaked through them. There were some worlds that could heal the cracks on their own. There were some worlds that would simply adapt to the changes wrought by the cracks. Other worlds needed the Keepers to bring them back together. Those worlds would either burn like suns bathed in harsh Light that would turn them to dust or they would be consumed by the Dark plunged into an eternal hell. So many worlds, so many problems, too few Keepers, far too few in recent years had heard the call. The charge was a heavy one and with the disconnection of the worlds having become so deep over time it was difficult to place the Keepers where they were most needed. Those that did hear the call struggled to always maintain themselves and not be consumed by power. Darkness was already instinctively trying to compensate, to keep those that she could from falling into the abyss that she knew (or would soon know) all too well, but was stretching herself thin, trying to take over territory that should not have been her concern. That was darkness though; tendrils would always reach out searching for new places to go. The door the Goddess stood at, the carvings of the howling wolf and the falling star, were cracked and darkness was leaking through. There had already been so much darkness in this world. The Keepers were needed before it descended even further into madness. Minerva pushed the door open and stepped through. It was time to prepare the world to summon her Keepers.

Should the two remain steadfast and uncorrupted,

A new line of Keepers shall be born.

The line that had been broken shall be renewed once more.

The turmoil that the worlds have endured shall end.

The Keepers shall remain, watching, remembering,

For it is their duty to restore, to protect,

They are The Keepers of Balance.