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Harry walked through the corridors toward the minister's office. He ignored the stares and nods, the occasional curtsy, bow, or camera that flashed through his vision. Three months, and the public still had not had enough of him! Harry was beginning to accept the fact that they probably never would. Accept it, but he didn't have to like it. The eighteen year old reached his destination and knocked sharply twice on the thick door. It swung inward and Harry stepped into an overly spacious office.

"Harry! How are you?" the deep voice of Kingsley Shaklebolt rang through the room as he stepped toward the teen and offered his hand.

"As well as can be expected, minister," Harry replied with a short smirk, and Kingsley grimaced.

"Harry, you know that I am not thrilled that you've landed me here. Your brilliant scheming would have been more greatly appreciated had I actually volunteered for the minister position."

Harry laughed. "Kingsley, I have faith in you. The wizarding world needs someone with your ability to lead, and your experience, in order for them to regain a sense of normalcy. And, it will be helpful with your auror expertise to round up the remaining Death Eaters and Dark Supporters."

Now it was the minister's turn to chuckle. "My help, Harry? The wizarding world doesn't want my help. They want to be rescued again by the One-Who-Conquered: The-Boy-Who-Lived, and his Golden Trio."

"However," he continued, "I know that you have never wanted any of that, Harry, and a reliable source told me that you wanted to- what was it? Step away from the limelight for a while?"

Harry bit back a growl. He couldn't even speak with Hermione without it becoming ministry business. He did appreciate it though; his friend was only trying to help him take a break.

"Very well, Harry." Kingsley voice was still rumbling. "You have gotten me stuck in this position of an exciting amount of power. I should return your kindness, don't you think?" Harry's grin slipped off his face like hot butter off a plate when he realized that Shaklebolt actually had planned revenge.

"Mr. Potter, I am formally placing you under the protection of a few select ministry-authorized protectors, to aid you with crowd control within the wizarding-world limits, prevention of dark assault, and also for personal assistance."

"WHAT?" Harry's green eyes lit with fire. "You are assigning me a Babysitter? A team of babysitters?"

"Nonsense, Mr. Potter." Kingsley was still speaking entirely too formally for Harry's liking. "They are a guard. Protectors, friends even, if you would allow them. However, you will have control over most of their actions, and the extent to how closely they remain by your side. But, when push comes to shove, Harry, they will be nearby, and you will accept the protection, because to aid in your 'stepping away from the limelight,' I have decided to send you abroad. We can't leave our Golden Boy Hero completely alone and unprotected, can we?"

Harry glared at the minister as the man finished his explanation. Then, a smiled graced his features as an excuse came to the forefront of his mind.

"Sir, are you aware that I have just been granted the guardianship of my godson?"

Kingsley nodded, a smile on his face, and Harry's shoulders fell. His loophole had already been attended to.

"C'mon, Kingsley," he began, desperately now. "Teddy's barely a year old! Uprooting him so soon after his parent's death can't be healthy for him. And, this guard- Strangers wouldn't be good for him, and I won't trust them! When I said I wanted a break, I was thinking, you know, maybe the paparazzi could fall off the Earth for a few months or something. I don't want to leave the entire country!"

"Now Harry," Kingsley admonished. "You can relax. I assure you that you can be completely trusting of your guard. They are members of the Order, and you know them well. You will be going. Teddy will remain in your custody, and you will be perfectly safe. I know that you will find the members of your guard more than satisfactory. They will protect you, advise you, and even drive for you...

"No thanks," Harry cut in. Driving was something he would be doing for himself. He was very excited about his new license and the cars he had begun to shop for. Plus, after inheriting Sirius' antique of a motorcycle, he had become very interested in the bikes as well.

"…And they will be nearby, yet inconspicuous while you are in school. Now, during the day Teddy will---" Kingsley had attempted to keep this part of the conversation flowing but was interrupted yet again.

"WAIT!" "School? Shaklebolt, I've just graduated! Surely you know that! It was plastered all over the damned Daily Prophet! Passed my N.E.W.T.s without even sitting seventh year!"

"I don't need, nor do I want to attend more school." Harry finished stubbornly. This meeting with the minister was not going his way.

"Ah, Harry," Kingsley's eyes twinkled, annoyingly similar to the way that Dumbledore's had, and Harry felt his gut twist, and his scowl softened. "You have graduated from Hogwarts, a magicalinstitution. However, in order to live in the Muggle World- did I mention you would be in the muggle world? You must have a muggle high school education. Remember, Harry. Hero or not you are still hardly 18. Not even emancipated legally by muggle standards.

"Go with your guard, take care of your godson, and for Merlin's sake be a normal teenager for once!" Kingsley stated all of this with great finality, and Harry grimaced.

A more ironic statement had never been made. What normal teenager attended high school with an infant, a guard, and supernatural powers?


"Oh, and Harry, did I mention you would be bringing a housemate with you?"

Harry shook his head looking dejectedly at the floor, and braced himself for the worst.

"It seems Draco Malfoy has been facing horrific torment from both sides of the war since you defeated You-Know-Who. Just last week he was in St. Mungo's spell damage ward after someone sent a nasty hex his way. I think it only fair that if you take this break you bring him with you. The poor lad doesn't deserve these attacks and threats after all that he's been through."

Harry nodded in agreement. He had spoken with Draco several times in the last months and learned about Draco's position as Dumbledore's spy, and the role that he had played in secretly helping the Order. They had reached a tentative friendship, and things would be tense at times no doubt, but Harry wasn't fussed with the identity of his new housemate. He would need someone to talk to other than his guard and a baby after all.

"Well, Mr. Potter, I assume that you would like to know where it is that you are being sent to?"

Harry sighed. This vacation was truly inevitable.

"Sure," he said. "Where am I headed?"

Kingsley smiled. He had won. "I think you will like it. It's quiet, small, secluded, definitely away from the limelight, or any light really. It rains quite often, you see, so you shouldn't be too terribly homesick- oh and a fun name too! Albus would have appreciated it."

"Shaklebolt," Harry growled. "The location please, I don't need this."

"Very well," Kingsley grinned. "It's a very nice muggle town in America called Forks, Washington."


Harry walked slowly back through the ministry toward the apparation ports where he would be able to leave for his flat. He had left Teddy there with Ron and Hermione for this meeting, and he wanted to get back as soon as he could. He was sure that even Hermione couldn't handle both Ron and Teddy. Also, the young boy had been incredibly clingy to Harry lately. Teddy, that is- not Ron.

He supposed he was glad he wouldn't be in a major city like New York or Chicago, but Kingsley told him that Forks was just outside of a city called Port Angeles, in case he "wanted to be social for once."

Harry turned when he reached the apparation port, but before he spun on the spot; he looked at the camera crews that had followed him, and offered a smile and a wave in their direction- something unheard of for The Boy Who Lived.

He had always ignored the paparazzi. The crowd went wild.

"Something to leave them with," thought Harry as he apparated home.

He had to pack; he had a flight to catch in two days.


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