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Hope that all is well in Heaven

Cuz it's all shot to hell down here

I hope that I find you in Heaven

Cuz I'm so lost without you down here

You won't be coming back

And I didn't get to say goodbye

I really wish...

I got to say goodbye...

Tidus strolled down the street easily, a slight spring in his step. Zanarkand Abes-5, Al Bhed Psyches-0

He and his team had just defeated the Al Bhed Psyches in the Championship match. He was heading over to the huge celebration part at Gippal's place, where he would be undoubtedly surrounded by cheers, beers and women. The prospect of the night before him made him grin and quicken his pace.

His cheery mood was brought to an abrupt stop as he heard people screaming. He frowned, his throat constricting in fear, and looked around. About 5 yards in front of him was a mass of people, they were screaming and pointing to something hidden by the mass of bodies. Police Officers were arriving at the scene and shoving people out of the way.

"Stay back!!" Tidus heard them shout. "Get out of the way!" "Clear the area!"

As more and more officers and crime investigators entered the scene, Tidus' curiosity was piqued and he fought his way through the crowd for a better look.

As soon as he saw what the center of attention was, time seemed to stop. Lying broken in the middle of a crowded street, in the bustling city of Zanarkand, was his father's dead body.

"Oh..my...gods..."Tidus mouthed.

Jecht Konisaki, lay on the black pavement, lifeless. His tanned face was dirty and bruised. A devilish smirk, that revealed his teeth, shone past his dry lips. He clutched an empty beer bottle in his right hand, the other hand was clenched shut, his tendons still straining against some invisible force.

Tidus couldn't think. He only knew that he had to get to his father's side. He began to struggle against the mass of anguished blitzball fans and the iron holds of the Police Officers.

"Son, step back!" One of the burly officers shouted. He had a shaved head and a brown handlebar mustache that reflected a remnant of what was probably one of the most gorgeous head's of hair anyone had ever seen.

"No, you don't understand!" Tidus argued pushing against him.

"Son, I'm warning you!" The officer shouted, the veins on his neck straining as he fought against the young blitzer.

"That's my--"


"That's my father!!"Tidus screamed finally breaking the officer's grip on him. He tripped over himself and landed on his hands and knees beside Jecht's cold body. Tidus shook as he touched his father's hand. Tidus didn't feel the anguish the fans felt. He didn't feel the confusion the officers felt. What he felt, he couldn't be described. He had never felt any real love for his father. For all he was concerned, Jecht was stupid, irresponsible man who didn't give a shit about his only son.

But now, surrounded by the cries of the desperate women and the jeers of the angry men, a single tear slid down Tidus' cheek.

"Thank you for coming Mr. Konisaki."

"It's Tidus," The blond corrected, eying the skinny lawyer, sitting before him, with much distaste. He was a small, pointy faced man with thinning black hair that was slicked back with too much gel. His sharp black eyes peered over the rim of a pair of skinny framed glasses.

Tidus hated him. He hadn't done anything to harm Tidus, or the case of his father's death. But he had forced Tidus into the commotion and Tidus just wished it would all go to hell.

"Now, Mr. Konisaki," the lawyer continued, ignoring Tidus' earlier comment. "My name is Richmond J. Liverstean. You may call me Mr. Liverstean."

Tidus just glared at the small man sitting across from him. He had been brought into Zanarkand's downtown criminal hall and was currently in what they called a 'Get the Facts' Interview. What the hell did that mean?!

"We are here today to discuss your father's murder."

"My father wasn't murdered," Tidus stated, pursing his lips and crossing his arms. He gazed out the one sided glass window where he knew the other "investigators" were watching intently.

Mr. Liverstean paused for a moment, his sharp, black eyes gleaming in the dim light.

"Mr. Konisaki," he began, "I'm not sure you understand the gravity of our situation."

"I understand everything just fine 'Mr. Liverstean'," he spat. "And I'll have you know my father was not murdered."

Tidus leaned back in his steel chair and glared at the wall. It had been only two days since his father had been found dead and yet the police had almost instantly labeled it as a hate crime. Tidus didn't understand how they could've come to this conclusion, as there were no signs of any kind of violence on the site, and there were no visible wounds on Jecht's body. Tidus knew that a murder was not the case. Everyone, and he meant EVERYONE, loved his father. No one would kill the Great Jecht Konisaki without realizing what he had done immediately afterwards and then shooting himself a second later. What Tidus knew had happened, was a little less glorious and a lot more humiliating to the Konisaki name.

Tidus knew his father had gotten drunk, like always, and gone out for a stroll. Being perhaps a bit more hammered than usual, he had twisted his ankle walking and lay down on the street like the moron that he was. From there, he drank his bodyweight and killed himself via alcohol poisoning.

The police believed none of this. They said the odds of Jecht lying in the road because of a twisted ankle, was absolutely preposterous. There were a lot of other reasons that they said this wasn't the truth, but Tidus had ignored them all. They were just dodging the truth. They couldn't bear to face the fact that maybe their beloved, Jecht the Superstar, had died being an idiot. They had even admitted that he had consumed alcohol in the past 24 hours and STILL didn't consider Tidus' theory. Whatever. Tidus didn't care if his father was dead. He just wanted out of the whole mess.

Mr. Liverstean blabbered on about Tidus' theory and if he understood how silly it was. He said something about the 'gravity of our situation' and that Tidus might have to stand trial. But Tidus wasn't listening, he didn't care.

After what seemed like hours of pointless talking, the door to the "meeting room" slammed open and the officer that Tidus had grappled with stepped into the room. Tidus perked up a little as the big man entered the room.

Officer Carlson, as that was his name, had been Tidus' anchor of support over the past two days. After discovering that Jecht was Tidus' father, he had talked Tidus through a lot of unneeded, but appreciated grief counsellings. He didn't push the subject on Tidus, but was always careful to speak about anything around him. The main reason Tidus thought he liked the big man was that, he didn't treat Tidus like a child. He accepted Tidus knowledge of Jecht's death and didn't tell him that he was a stupid kid who didn't know what he was talking about.

Today however, Carlson had no words of support for Tidus. Only bad news.

"The reading of Jecht's will, will be at 6:30 tomorrow. I was suppos'd ta come in here and tell young Mr. Tidus that," The big man said, gazing sorrowfully at Tidus with his huge brown cow eyes. Tidus dropped his head and sighed, he was so tired of this.

"'Mr. Konisaki'," Mr. Liverstean said, correcting Carlson, "Will be at the courtroom tomorrow, bright and early."

Tidus sat in his room that night, feeling strangely empty. Gippal ahdn't called. Not one of his friends seemed to care about Tidus' situation. He looked at his digital alarm clock. 12:50 it read in big red print. The leaned against his pillows and stared at the dark walls of his room, a new fear shining in his eyes. There was no sound downstairs of his father bursting in, drunk as a skunk and breaking things in the kitchen. There was no sound of him yelling for Tidus to come pick it up. There was no sound of him watching some dumb soap opera on the T.V., until he passed out on the couch. Tidus crawled under his blankets and let out a shaky breath. He didn't feel like he knew this place anymore. Tears slid down his tanned cheeks. He didn't feel home.

"Court is now in session!"

BAM! The gavel was pounded against the desk and the separation of what Jecht owned began. Tidus was half asleep through the whole thing. His tuxedo messy and disheveled, his golden, spiky hair more messy than usual. He just didn't care anymore. He didn't care about his father. He didn't care about the case. He didn't care about himself.

In the last sections of his father's will it was stated that Tidus was to be shipped off to an island no one had ever heard about to live with some people that no one had ever heard of.

Tidus was indignant about this as he learned where he must go. He had grown up in Zanarkand and lived there all his life. He was nineteen, he didn't need parents anymore, he could legally live on his own in Zanarkand. But the judges would have none of it. He was to be sent to the Island of Besaid to live with two of Jecht's oldest friends.

In Tidus' mind, he was being sent to some cheap knock off of a paradise vacation spot and forced to live with some old fogies he'd never even met for the rest of his life. His life was officially over.

He remembered being at the airship station. Gippal was supposed to come and see him off. His friend hadn't been around a lot during the whole crisis with Jecht, but Tidus still trust Gippal and hoped to see his best friend once more before leaving Zanarkand, possibly forever. But as Tidus' airship number was called, he still didn't see the yellow head of his Al Bhed friend bobbing through the crowd. So Tidus picked up his bags and boarded his airship.

No friends. No family. No future.

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