Anna opened her eyes, feeling the sunlight passing through the window. Her first thought was to go back to sleep. But then she realized: How the hell was the sunshine entering the room? There were really heavy curtains in those windows, that she had put up especially so this won`t happen!

"Come on, wake up Anna!" A voice said, rather cheerful. Too cheerful in her opinion. "It`s a beautiful day out!"

"Hao..." She said, glaring at him dangerously "You bastard. What the hell are you doing in my room?"

"How rude!" The eldest twin answered "Besides, this is not your room alone! Now you are denying me the right to enter my little brother`s room? What if he can`t sleep?"

"Then I, his wife, will beat the crap out of him until he sleeps." She said, in a dangerous tone. "Now answer my question. What are you doing here."

"Breakfast is ready." answered "Hana and me spent the entire morning preparing a good breakfast. So wake up my sleepy brother and get downstairs. Horo-Horo and Ren said they are going to take care of the Inn for today. So no worries."

"Fine… Now leave!"

"Won`t you get up?"

"We will… As soon as you leave our room!" And with that she picked up a pillow and threw it at him.

"Fine, fine. I can take a hint." He said, walking to the door "But be ready, our train to Izumo leaves in three hours."

"Whatever." She mumbled, her head now towards the mattress, where the pillow was suppose to be.

Asakura Anna turned then to the side, meeting the face of her sleeping husband, Asakura Yoh. A small smile appeared in her face, as she remembered how much their lives had changed since that good bye, 12 years before.

Yoh and Anna continued to talk through the phone, and every now and then the twins would come to Tokyo, to visit Anna and the rest of their friends. That continued for about a year, until they all finished High School, and Yoh and Hao moved to Tokyo to start college.

That is when they started sharing a house. Oh, but not just the three of them, like Anna had hoped. Everyone moved into the old Inn Yoh and Hao had lived when they were hiding from Denbat. That includes the stupid ainus siblings, Tamao, Manta, Ren, Lyserg and Chocolove. Plus the three of them. They were all going to attend college at Tokyo, and someone had the brilliant idea of sharing one place, this way they would become more independent, but at the same time, because they would be sharing expenses, it wouldn`t cost too much.

If only Anna could remember which one of the idiots came up with that brilliant idea, she would send them straight to hell, floor number 666. That`s what living with all them was like: Hell. They had enough rooms for all of them, but that didn`t make things okay. For starters: Anna and Yoh had no privacy. None. Even with Anna having her own room, somehow they could never find one minute alone. Sure, they went on dates every now and again, but that still didn`t make things better. Mostly because everyone followed them, making it way too embarrassing.

But at 21 things got better. They were all graduating, so most of the people eventually moved out. Manta was the first, taking over his family`s business, he moved to the United States, controlling the Oyamada Technology Empire from there, with the help of his father. Pirika was the second one to move, with a degree on environmental biology, she went back to Hokkaido so she could help the plants there. Tamao moved next, to Anna`s happiness. She was discovered one night, at a Karaoke, and became a singer. Yes. Tamao became a singer. Anna was shocked. That shy pink haired girl was now one of the most successful Japanese singers of all time. Life is really ironic.

Then Chocolove moved. He wanted to become a comedian, and felt like the only way to do that was to move to the comedy capital of Japan: Osaka. Lyserg was next, moving to England in order to study more. He had just recently got back, and worked along with his father as a detective.

Soon there were only five people in the house: Anna, the twins, Horo-Horo and Ren. It stayed like that for some time, actually. Even after Yoh and Anna got married, the same year they graduated, Anna with a degree in finances and Yoh with one in arts, the other three remained in the house. And even after Anna got pregnant, soon after their honey moon, which yes, Hao did follow them to the hotel, they continued to live there.

Hao had become a forensic psychiatrist, and like expected, continue to live with Yoh and Anna. Ren was studying to become a lawyer, his mentor none other than Marco, the same car repairman who was once a lawyer and owned the garage where Yoh almost got killed. Ren just recently moved out, owning an apartment in Tokyo, living with his wife, Jeanne, Marco`s adoptive daughter, and their little son, Men. He and Hao became great friends and worked together with Lyserg and Detective Liam.

Horo-Horo also had a degree in environmental science, like his sister, but unlike her, he wanted to stay in Tokyo and help the environment in that crowded city. He felt like Tokyo still needed a lot of help, and he would do whatever he could to save the ecosystem of the gray city. But to Anna that translated to: I`m too lazy to do house work and own my own place so I`m just going to crash with the Asakuras until forever. And that is what he still does. He lives with them. Even though his girlfriend, a friend of Pirika from Hokkaido who everyone called Damuko, lived miles and miles away, he still said that the Inn was his home.

But that didn`t excuse him from Anna`s number one rule: If you live in the Inn, you have to work in the Inn. She opened that place right after Tamao moved, before her marriage. She and Yoh used the money they were saving, and the help of all the idiots who once lived there, to reform the place, and soon it became a decent living space. And now, 8 years after the opening, while she dealt with mostly the financial part of the business, Yoh, Hao and Horo-Horo dealt directly with the customers, with Hana helping out as he got older.

Today Anna couldn`t be happier with the way her life had turned out. It took some time, and they all struggled a lot, but now they all lived a happy and calm life. It was not a normal life, but one calm and happy just the same. Sure, some things could have turned out differently. Denbat was the first thing that popped into her mind.

Amazingly, he was ruled not guilty. It shocked everyone, even because Marco, the prosecutor, had done an amazing job at the trial. No one understood what happened. How could they have ruled not guilty? It made no sense! But that`s what happened. Apparently the defense attorney said that the identification Yoh had made in the police station could not be used. Why? Because Detective Diethel had showed him a picture of Denbat some time before, asking if that was the man attacked him. According to the defense, because of that early identification, the one in the police station would not count.

It still didn`t seem a good reason to everyone else. Even the judge was surprised. It was so suspicious that Ren, Hao and Lyserg were investigating what happened during that trial, to see if anyone had received a bride. After all, Denbat was one rich man. What would have stopped him from buying the jury? Or even threatening them, considering the made weapons for living?

But as right now, Denbat walked as a free man. Because he couldn`t go to trial again, he stopped bother Yoh and Hao. Right now he lived somewhere in Europe, far away from his past in Japan. But Hao, Ren and Lyserg were at his tail, paying attention to his every move and doing an investigation. They promised they wouldn`t stop until Denbat was behind bars.

Another thing that Anna couldn`t stop but wonder is the fact that, even after everything, Yoh still couldn`t face his parents grave. The four of them, Anna, Hao, Yoh and Hana, went to Izumo every year during the anniversary of their deaths, but Yoh never actually stepped inside the cemetery. He would refuse, the guilt being too much for him to take it. Even Hana went to pay respects to the grandparents he never met. When little, he would often ask his father why he wouldn`t go with them, but Yoh would just smile sadly, saying he didn`t believe his parents would want to see their faces.

Hao said Yoh probably couldn`t bring himself to face because Denbat was still free. Yoh felt guilty because he couldn`t stop the man from killing his parents, and years later Yoh still couldn`t help them, not being able to send that same man to jail. Yoh felt like he failed his parents, twice, and that was why he couldn`t face their graves.

That was what they were going to do, actually. Today they were going to Izumo, all four them, and visit Mikihisa and Keiko`s graves. They were hoping that this year Yoh would be able to pay respects along with the rest of them.

"Yoh…" Anna called, trying to wake up her sleepy husband. "Yoh, wake up. Hana and Hao made breakfast."

"Five minutes Anna…" mumbled the man, without opening his eyes.

"No, wake up now!" she said, now pulling their blankets out of the bed.

"Argh!!" Yoh then woke up, and looked at his wife "Why did you do that?"

"So you would wake up." She then stood up and went to the door "Get dressed with the clothes Hao separated for you yesterday before packing our bags, then go downstairs to eat with the rest of us."

With that said, Anna herself headed down. The Inn was separated in two halves. The front part was the one where the customers stayed, and in the back it was almost like a separate house, where they could live privately.

"Ohayou…" Anna said as she stepped into the kitchen, seeing her brother-in-law setting the table, and her son in the table, waiting for his parents.

"Mom!" the blonde 8 year old boy said, lifting his head from the table and opening a huge smile

"Finally the sleeping monster woke up." Hao said, putting the steamed rice on the table. "And where is my beloved brother?"

"Getting dressed." She then sat down by her son`s side, and patted his head. "Did you sleep okay?"

"Yep." He said, frowning and adjusting his hair "When we`ll be leaving?"

"As soon as we finish breakfast."

"Which will start when your father gets down." Hao answered, sitting down. "Ren, Jeanne and Men should be arriving around midday. Horo-Horo will take of everything."

"Are you sure we can let Horo-Horo take care of the Inn?" Hana asked.

"Don`t worry Hana-bozu." Yoh said, smiling and sitting down next to his wife and brother, right in front of Hana. "Horo-Horo is responsible."

"Since when?" he asked, half laughing.

"That`s a good question." Anna said, smirking.

"He can be responsible."

"Luckly Ren and his family will be here too, so they can keep the blue haired idiot in check." Hao said "And Lyserg said he would try to come by and help out."

"Then we should be okay." Yoh smiled, taking a sip of his morning tea.

The rest of the morning went normally, just like 12 years ago. Hao and Anna fought, and Yoh made cute remarks and Hana watched the argument, betting on who was going to win. Today he had betted on Hao… And he won. They were having a discussion about something that Anna couldn`t quite remember now, and Hao brought up the times when Anna would get all red in front of Yoh… And that of course, made Anna even redder in front of her husband and son.

After eating Anna changed and met the others outside. Waiting for them was none other than Amidamaru. He still worked for Anna`s parents, just like Mosuke, but he often came to pick Hana up and drive him to school. Right now he offered to drive them to the train station.

He and Mosuke were the only ones still working for Anna`s parents. Machi, Mari and Kanna now worked for the Inn, and so did Ryu, becoming the Inn`s personal chef. They were all really over protective of Hana, even more so than Anna`s own parents.

"Hana-dono, how are you doing?" asked Amidamaru, as he looked at the young boy who took the front seat of the car. "How is school?"

"Why do you ask that?" the boy asked frowning "School is school! It never changes. It`s always boring and boring and…"

"I agree." Yoh said, laughing.

"That`s because you are lazy." Anna said "And you are making our son be lazy too. I don`t want that."

"I`m not lazy! I just get easily bored!"

"And that doesn`t excuse you from sleeping in class."

"Yeah… yeah…" Hana said, crossing his arms.

For the rest of the car ride they talked happily. Hao, Hana and Amidamaru talked among each other, mostly Hao and Amidamaru teasing Hana. Anna sometimes joined in, either defending her son like the over protective mother she was, or teasing him as well, like the Anna she was. But Yoh stayed quiet during the entire ride.

Anna noticed that the closer they got to the station the quieter Yoh got. It was like that every year. Yoh would be fine with the yearly visits, but once it finally arrived he would be nervous and quiet, just like he was 12 years ago.

And now was no exception. During the rest of the car ride and during the train ride he also said nothing. Anna wanted to ask him about it, but at the same time she knew she couldn`t start a conversation about that in the middle of the train. Yoh would never speak about that in front of Hana. He didn`t even want the young blonde to know about what truly happened that night and through the years that followed. He was pretty upset when Anna and Hao told Hana the truth. Yoh couldn`t face his son for a long time after that. He was too ashamed, too scared that little Hana hated him now for letting his grandparents die.

But Hana then faced him. He yelled at him for being such a coward and thinking such a stupid thing. He said that no matter what Hana would always love his father. Then he called him an stupid idiot, just like Anna would have. Yoh was so moved that he hugged the little boy and cried for a long time.

That did not mean that he felt comfortable talking about it though. In fact, it was almost an unspoken rule to never talk about what happened all those years ago. At least not in front of Yoh. He wouldn`t be like before, certainly he got better, but it still felt awkward. You could see in him he didn`t want to talk about it.

But it was needed. Anna knew that she needed to talk to Yoh about that if she ever wanted him to face his parents` grave. She was his wife after all. She needed to talk to him.

And she did. Once Hana fell asleep and Hao left them alone to eat something, Anna looked at Yoh, at first quietly.

"You are giving me that look." Yoh said, smiling, his son lying on his lap "What do you want to talk about?"

"You." She answered "And your parents."

"Oh…" Yoh said, his smile disappearing "You want to talk about that."

"Yes. I want to talk about that." Anna sighed "Yoh, it`s been 19 years."

"I know." He said, looking at the window.

"Don`t you think your parents would want you to pay respect to them?"

"I know they would."

"Then why don`t you?"

"Why?" Yoh sighed "Would like to see the person who caused your death and your assassin to be free paying respects to your grave?"

"No." pause "But I would like my son to."

He then turned his look to Hana.

"I`m not asking much Yoh. You don`t need to stay much. Not even say a complete prayer. I just want you to face them."

"It`s not that simple."

"Yes it is." She insisted. "Think about it Yoh! Put yourself in their place! How would you feel if Hana didn`t visit your grave?"

Yoh`s eyes got wide, and he looked at his son. His eyes softened, and for a second Anna could see he was considering. She didn`t like it that she had to use their soon to make her point, but if that was the only way to go, then she would do it. She was sure Hana would forgive her.

"You are a parent now Yoh. You can understand it better. Wouldn`t you have done the same for Hana? Wouldn`t you sacrifice yourself in order to save him?"

"Of course I would." He answered "For my son… I would do anything."

"Would you blame him?"

"Never." Yoh smiled slightly "Hana… Hana is my source of happiness. Without him, I would be lost."

"So what makes you think your parents are any different?" she looked at him, serious "How do you think your parents feel knowing you feel this much pain? Knowing that you won`t visit them?"

He didn`t answer.

"They love you Yoh." Anna said "They love you very much. And I think… I think it hurts them a lot to see you like this. And to know you are too ashamed to visit them. Especially because they don`t blame you for anything."


"Yoh." Her voice was firm now, making him look at her "Please. Just go visit them. If only for a few minutes."

"I… I don`t know."

And they left the conversation there. Not because Anna didn`t want to pressure him. No, she would have continued on until he said that he would pay his respects for sure. But Hao was back and somehow it didn`t feel right to continue that conversation.

A few hours later Hana woke up again. He looked up at his father and then out the window, smiling when he recognized they were only a few minutes away from Izumo. Yohmei and Kino would be waiting for them at the train station, and together they would all walk to the Asakura Mansion. Kino had forced Yohmei to prepare a huge feast, and tomorrow, the anniversary of Mikihisa and Keiko`s death.

They got to the station 20 minutes later, and Hana went out running, ready to greet the two elders of the Asakura Clan. They had a nice relationship, only Hana sometimes complained about the training he had to do. Just like Yoh, Hao and eventually Anna, Hana was required to do spiritual training. Yoh and Hao became priests when they were around 18. Anna was still in her training, and was expected to complete in 3 years. She would become an itako, just like Kino.

Hao was the second one to leave the train. He wanted to accompany his brother, and let Anna follow Hana, but Anna left the message very clear for the older twin. Yoh was thinking, and it would be better if he stayed alone for now. He wasn`t happy with that. Not one bit. But if it could help his little brother, Hao would do anything.

The greetings were happy. Kino was kind towards everyone but her husband, just like expected of her, and Yohmei yelled at Hana for being too carefree and lazy.

"You`re getting just like your father!" he said "And that is not a good thing!"

Hao, contrary to what he used to do, would join in the teasing, going on and on about how his baby brother was a lazy moron. But of course, those words were accompany by smiles and a huge brotherly hug.

"Anna" Kino said "During this week I want to test your abilities. I hope you have been training."

"Yes, Kino-sensei." Anna said, smiling "Everyday."

"Yeah, and she makes me do it too." Hana frowned "And then you wonder why I sleep in class!"

"As long as your training is in order, I don`t really care about your grades." Yohmei said.

"Don`t say that. He may take you seriously." Anna frowned in disapproval.

"I am serious." Yohmei said, turning around and walking. "Now come on boy, we have a lot to do."

They all walked out of the station, Yohmei, Kino and Hana in the front, followed by Hao and then Anna. Yoh, again, walked behind everyone, quiet, not saying a word. He seemed lost in his little world, not even stopping and noticing the park where he had proposed to Anna, both when they were kids and when they were 20.

The conversation probably had the affect Anna wanted it to. She wanted him to think long and hard about it. Maybe it was a bit harsh of her but… But part of her felt that unless Yoh had that final push he would never be able to visit his parents grave.

She only hoped he would be able to one day be completely over everything.

"Anna." Yoh called, in a low voice, so only she could hear.

She stopped and turned around, only to see Yoh had already stopped, and was looking to his right, in the direction of the cemetery.


"I… I`ll go for a walk." He said, looking down and then back up, with a smile. "I may return a bit later… Can you… Can you let them know for me?"

All she could was smile at the man she loved.

"Sure." She said "See you at dinner."

"Yeah… See you later."

She then turned around and continued walking, following her family, the Asakura family.

Yoh sighed as his wife kept walking, and then turned to the direction he was looking at earlier. He took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves, before half turning and walking in that direction.

The sun was setting and no one was out. The shadows seem longer and the sky orange. It was just like a drawing Yoh had done, not too long ago. He liked to think that the beautiful and peaceful scenery would do something to calm his nerves, but the truth was it didn`t help at all. His heart was beating so loud he was sure his family could hear from where they were.

Part of him wanted to just turn around and go back, deciding to postpone this until tomorrow. But the other part of him, the stronger one, that seemed to be sleeping up until a few minutes ago, and was still waking up, did not let him back down. He needed to do this. Just to visit them. Just see their graves. And he needed to do it alone.

He owned his parents that much.

The walk seemed to go through hours, but he knew that in fact it lasted less than 10 minutes. He continued to walk until finally he met the gate of the cemetery, the same gate he had stood in front of at least 19 times, waiting for whoever was inside to finish their prayers.

Well, today was his turn.

Another deep breath, he entered the place and walked to the place he knew his parents would be resting. Two grave stones, side by side, the names of his parents engraved on them.

A sad smiled appeared in his face as he knelled down, so he could face the two eye to eye.

"Mom… Dad… It`s been a long time."


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