"Sempai! Sempai, wake up!" Shizumaru rocked Haohmaru's snoring body as hard as he could with no luck. After a year of living with him, he could never get used to how torpid Haohmaru was in the morning. Fed up, he pinched his sempai's nose shut until he woke up sputtering.

"BAGA!" he shouted with annoyance. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Just in case he decided to take a swat at him, Shizumaro leapt back nimbly out of reach. Even though he was groggy and irritated, Haohmaru couldn't help but feel a touch of pride at how agile the boy had become. "You promised we'd go fishing today," he said sullenly. "I've been awake for almost two hours."

"You mean I promised you I'd let you watch me go fishing," Haohmaru clarified with a big yawn.

"Whatever," he said impatiently. "I'm hungry."

Haohmaru's stomach rumbled loudly in agreement. "Whew, I guess I am too." Jumping to his feet, he stretched with a loud groan and grabbed his sword. "Get a basket, kohei. We're going to need it." Shizumaru finally smiled and went to go find one.

When they had arrived at the riverbank, Haohmaru carefully searched for a spot that was both shallow and slow moving enough for Shizumaru to stand in and beckoned him into the water. Raising his sword with both hands, he looked over his shoulder at the boy and said, "Ready?" Shizumaru nodded enthusiastically. "Okay, here we go. CHYEH!!!" Bringing down his katana with great force, Haohmaru struck the water's surface with such speed that the aftershock of his blow actually parted the stream for about ten feet and sent a spray of water into the air. When the water had settled, about a dozen fish could be seen flopping on their sides on the riverbank. "Breakfast is served," he said grandly.

After sliding the fish onto sticks, Haohmaru made a fire and set their catch over the flames to cook. "I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching you do that," Shizumaru said gleefully.

"Well, don't give me any more aggravation and maybe I'll teach you how to do it," he warned, taking one of the fish in his hands. "Oishii," he sighed happily with his mouth full, after biting into it. Go on, kohei, eat up. I can always scare up some more." Shizumaru casually helped himself to one of the fish as Haohmaru let out a very resonant belch.

"Sempai, that's a bit rude isn't it?"

Picking his teeth with his fingernails, Haohmaru gave him a dismissive look and returned, "What do I need to impress you for?" After stuffing himself with a few more, he patted his belly contentedly and took out his sake bottle.

"Sempai, I think you drink too much too," Shizumaru added solemnly.

"Uruseh-na!" he shot back, sounding peeved. "Who asked you anyway?" He took a sip and lay back against a rock. Folding his arms behind his head, he looked up at the sky and remarked, "Great day for a trip."

"Are you going away again?"

"Yep. I have a feeling this time I'll find him."

Shizumaru looked unhappy at his confirmation. "How long will you be gone this time?"

"Probably the same as last time."

"Are you sure?" he asked doubtfully.

Haohmaru looked at him out of the corner of his eye. "Have I ever lied to you?" Shizumaru shook his head. "Besides," he continued, "if you want me to stay, you better get good soon so you can beat me. Then I won't have to go looking for an opponent."

"I am only five," he reminded him flatly.

"And that's an excuse?"

The boy stuck his tongue out at him and kept on eating. Seeing that they were nearly out of fish, he stood up and waded back into the river, this time to a deeper, faster moving section. Dropping his fish, Shizumaru scrambled to his feet and ran to get a better view. "CHYEH!!" Again the fish flopped about on the riverbank but this time there were more of them. Shizumaru hooted in delight. "We'll bring those back for sensei," Haohmaru said, stepping out of the water. Putting his finger to his chin, he mused, "I need to think of a good name for that move." He held up his katana to eye level and examined it.

Gathering the fish, Shizumaru asked," When will you leave?"

"Tomorrow morning, probably," he said, tossing his sword into the air. Picking up the scabbard, he extended his arm and caught the blade neatly in its sheath.

Shizumaru applauded admiringly and hefted the basket of fish off the ground. "Do you know where you'll go?"

"Do I ever?" was the amused reply. "Here, gimme that." Taking the basket, Haohmaru hung it by the handles on the hilt of his sword. "Well, young Kohei, now that we're pleasantly full, shall we go home and train?"

"Hai, Sempai!"

oishii: tasty, delicious

uruseh-na: shut up