A/N: So this is my first fanfic. Ever. I had an idea that Bella goes to college...which I know has been done before. But here's my take on it. Hope you all enjoy!


"I don't want to look like a slut!" I yelled at Alice. She had picked out a skimpy red skirt and a sexy black cami. And apparently she didn't care if I froze my ass off. February in Forks was cold. And she was making me wear a skirt tonight.

"Well you want to look good don't you?" She asked me raising her eyebrow. Yes, I did want to look good. It was Valentine's Day. And Mike was taking me out for dinner on a date. While I didn't really want to celebrate, Mike had insisted that we do something together.

"Yes," I replied. Mike and I had been dating for almost a month now, but hadn't really had that much time to ourselves. We had been out on a bunch of group outings down to La Push and to Port Angeles, but hadn't had any official dates. We had been friends since ninth grade and I always knew he secretly had a crush on me, but I never wanted to pursue anything. After he had consoled me and threatened to personally kick Tyler Crowley's ass after Junior Prom, I realized how sweet he was. But I needed time to recover from my incident with Tyler...he had been so rough and unnecessary.

"Then put the skirt on," Alice ordered me from my bed.

"Fine," I huffed at her. She always got her way somehow, especially when it came to my wardrobe. I grabbed the skirt and skimpy shirt from her little outstretched hands and slipped out into the bathroom that Charlie and I shared. After I had the outfit on I looked into the mirror, at a loss for words. I darted back into my room so that Charlie wouldn't see me and have a coronary.

"Alice!" I yelled, slamming my door shut. "Charlie will not let me go out on Valentine's Day in this!" He would bolt my bedroom door and windows shut for sure.

"Oh hush," Alice said, standing up. "Just put a coat on and some panty hose...he'll be fine," she tried to assure me. But it wasn't just Charlie I was worried about. If Mike showed up here and saw me wearing this...I thought I would give him a heart attack as well.

"Honestly Alice," I said rolling my eyes. "I look like I should be out there working some corner...not going out on a date." She laughed at me.

"You look sexy Bella. Which is the point," she told me. I groaned. I didn't want to look this sexy. I spun around in the mirror and I could see every inch of my thigh right before it disappeared into my crotch. And my top was ridiculous. The cami was horribly revealing, showing all of my cleavage and then some. Though I was only a B cup I thought my boobs would fall out of my shirt if I took one step.

"Can I at least put a shirt on over top of the cami?" I asked her. She would let me put a shirt over top of this one or I would fucking hurt her. "Alice please," I begged her.

"Fine," she agreed finally. She got up and went over to the closet full of clothes that she had picked out for me. I rarely ever bought something without Alice being there, and when I did buy something with her there, she was the one to pick it out. "You can wear this with it," she told me, throwing me a ¾ sleeve grey shirt that still showed all of my cleavage. I put the shirt on without hesitation because I would at least have something to cover my shoulders now; even if it did show all of my breasts. Although the skirt was still unbelievably short I supposed there was nothing I could do about it. I knew that Alice wouldn't budge on that one.

"Okay, I suppose I can live with this," I told her in defeat. She danced over to my side and put one hand on her hip.

"You look amazing. I can't wait to see the look on Mike's face!" She was more ecstatic about my first date with Mike than I was. I was looking forward to it because I hadn't been alone with Mike yet. We had kissed a few times and given each other hugs, but that was pretty much it. A few quick pecks on the lips were all we had between us so far. I wasn't necessarily too eager about moving quickly with Mike, I thought that taking it slow would be perfect for us. And so far he hadn't been a manipulative asshole like Tyler. But tonight would show me if he cared enough about me to respect my decision. After almost losing it to a semi-drunken Tyler Crowley last spring, I realized that my virginity was something that I wasn't going to easily give up. Still examining myself in the mirror, I heard my ring tone go off. I spun around and snatched my phone off the bed, putting it to my ear.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Hey Bella!" Mike's excited voice greeted me. "I'm just leaving my house now, so I'll be there in five minutes. Is that cool with you?"

"Yeah that sounds great, see you in a few," I replied hanging up the phone. "He'll be here in five minutes," I informed Alice. She buzzed with excitement and went to my dresser. She threw a pair of nude coloured panty hose at me and told me to put them on. I obeyed her orders and carefully pulled the panty hose up my legs and underneath my skirt. When they were securely on I grabbed my jacket off my bed and Alice and I left the room. Before going down the stairs I decided to put my coat on for Charlie's sake. He heard us when we were coming down the hallway and called to me from the living room.

"Hey Bells, is that you?" Charlie's voice called. He did that a lot. But in reality who else would it be? I loved Charlie because he was so ridiculous like that.

"Yeah dad it's me," I replied rolling my eyes at Alice. She suppressed a giggle.

"You going out now?" He asked, his voice getting closer; his form soon appeared in the doorway.

"Yep," I replied to him, hoping he wouldn't stroke out over my short skirt.

"You know it's pretty cold out there hun," he told me, looking concernedly at my legs. I shrugged.

"I'll be fine dad, don't worry."

"If you say so Bells," he replied raising his eyebrow. "Mike Newton's taking you out tonight is he?" Charlie then asked, crossing his arms. He was so protective of me, especially since he was the police chief. I nodded my head at his question, but he had nothing to be worried about. It was Mike, this was our first date.

"Yeah, he's taking me out to dinner," I told him

"When will you be home?" He then asked.

"I'm not too sure, before eleven though." His shoulders tensed a bit at the fact that I was staying out later than usual, but he decided to let it go. He stretched out his arms and motioned for me to go over to him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he hugged me back with force.

"Be careful and have fun," he said to me, letting me go.

"I will dad, see you later," I told him smiling.

"See you Charlie!" Alice said to him, hugging him as well. This was like Alice's second house and Charlie was like her second father.

"Bye Alice," he said, waving us goodbye and retreating back to the living room to watch his football. I was thankful that he hadn't had too much of a spasm over my outfit. We walked out the door and my legs instantly stung from the cold. Mike's mom's black Suburban was sitting in the driveway next to Alice's canary yellow Porsche, my old rusted red truck, and my dad's police cruiser. He opened the door when Alice and I emerged from the house and he gave me a big smile.

"Have fun," Alice said to me, giving me a hug.

"Thanks. I'll text you later," I told her, hugging back. She released me and skipped down the stairs to her car. I followed her hurriedly down the stairs and was thankful I didn't fall on my ass. Ever since last spring when my mother had told me that she was going to marry her boyfriend Phil I had gone into this phase. I was a new Bella and she had a whole new territory. She was no longer consumed with clumsiness, no longer blushed at everything and no longer remained passive. Instead I had taken up drinking as a recreational activity, and last spring at Junior Prom was the height of that little experiment. I had also taken it upon myself to get Alice to dress me appropriately to get Tyler and Mike's attention, which was something that I would have been much too bashful to do before. The new me was a refreshing change because I had less bruising around my back and butt, which was always a good thing.

"Wow," Mike began as I got closer to the car. "You look..." he trailed off, looking me up and down for several minutes. I was freezing my ass off and could now see my breath.

"Thanks," I replied. "You look good too." He was wearing his winter jacket, halfway done up, which revealed his blue plaid shirt underneath. Along with it he was wearing a pair of jeans and his blond hair was strategically styled to look like a mess. He stepped a bit closer to me and put his arms around my shoulders to hug me. By this point Alice had torn out of the driveway, on her way to her date with Eric. He pulled away slightly and awkwardly pressed his lips against mine, kissing me. I kissed him back for a minute but quickly pulled away. "I'm fucking freezing," I sputtered at him, shivering. He apologized and got into the driver's seat while I made my way over to the passenger's side. When I got into the car I had a single red rose shoved into my face. I looked over to Mike and smiled. He smiled back and handed me the rose.

"A beautiful flower for my beautiful girl," Mike said. It was really cheesy, but it made me smile. He was trying really hard to be sweet to me. I leant over the console in the middle of the car and kissed him again on the lips. He roughly tangled his fingers into my hair which Alice had curled for this evening's outing. He twisted and dug them into the back of my head and pulled my face closer. His lips parted slightly and his tongue hit my top lip. I opened my mouth in response and he forcefully stuck his tongue in my mouth. He tried as best as he could to be gentle but his quick movements in and out of my mouth were jarring and not very pleasant; he wasn't the greatest kisser. I pulled away so that we could get on with our date; I wanted to know where he would be taking me.

"So, where are we going?" I asked him when he released his death grip on my head.

"It's a surprise," Mike told me, grinning. "But we are going to Port Angeles. I can tell you that much." Port Angeles...a fancy restaurant perhaps? Without another word Mike pulled out of the driveway and began the hours trek to Port Angeles. I turned the radio on while we were driving to break the silence. We didn't make much conversation on our way there and it was a little bit awkward for me. Mike didn't seem to mind it though. After we pulled into the city limits of Port Angeles Mike soon stopped in front of a small Italian restaurant. He got out of the car and came over to the passenger side, opening the door for me. Very gentleman-like. He grabbed my hand and we walked into the restaurant together and were seated in a secluded booth near the back. When I took off my jacket I noticed that Mike was shamelessly staring at my chest. I shifted in my seat but his eyes remained fixed there until the waitress came to the table to take our order. I ordered a water and the first thing that I saw on the menu; Mushroom Ravioli. Mike shook his head and looked down to the menu ordering a coke and a pizza.

"So," Mike began, glancing down to my chest again before he met my eyes. "Have you been accepted to any colleges yet?"

"No, not yet," I replied sadly. I had applied to a bunch but really wanted to go to Dartmouth. Alice and I had both wanted to go there. "What about you?"

"Same," he replied shrugging. "No acceptance letters yet." I just nodded at him and sat there. Not knowing what else to say. He cleared his throat and continued. "Where did you want to get into?"

"I'm hoping I'll get into Dartmouth. I really want to go there. What about you?"

"Oh, I didn't even apply to Dartmouth...I was hoping to go to Washington State," he said sadly. Had he wanted us to go to the same college?

"I'm sure you'll get in," I told him, smiling. We continued our casual conversation for the rest of the meal, and sometimes ate in complete silence. We really had nothing to talk about; we didn't have that much in common. But at the end of the meal he had paid for the bill because he was being a sweet guy and treating me to dinner.

"Thanks for dinner," I told him, getting back into the car.

"My pleasure," Mike replied, smiling at me. He leaned over the console in a movement that told me he wanted to kiss me. I moved towards him and kissed him again, and just like before he was awkward and rough. His sharp movements in and out of my mouth weren't sensual and I wasn't feeling a strong connection to him. I moved my tongue against his to try to get him to slow down, but that just made him go faster. To my slight relief he pulled away.

"Want to go somewhere and talk for a while?" He asked me. I thought it was pretty clear that we had nothing in common and therefore not much to talk about. But I just nodded because he wanted to spend more time with me. He quickly fastened his seat belt and started the engine. He drove down the main street in Port Angeles and made his way to a set of lights. He turned left and continued down the abandoned road. It was dark with the exception of a few street lights, and all the buildings had boarded up windows and doors; they were vacant. Mike pulled the car to a stop next to the curb and cut the engine. He wanted to talk here? We couldn't talk at my house? Or his house? I just shrugged off his choice of location, assuming that he wanted to talk privately.

"I have something to show you," he said, getting out of the car. I followed him and he walked back around to the trunk of his car. He opened it and I felt my heart sink. In the back of the truck he had blankets spread out and pillows lying on the floor. I didn't know what to say. Was he planning on something happening here? He should have known fucking better than pulling shit like this. I was at a loss for words and a little hurt that he would do something like this. "Up you get," Mike said, grabbing my waist and thrusting me into the back of the truck. I landed on the floor of it with a thud and Mike climbed in after me, shutting the door behind him. It was really dark because the windows were tinted, and only a little light from the street lamps came through.

"Mike," I started, but he put his fingers to my lips. I twisted around to try to sit up but he wouldn't let me. He gently held me down on the ground and hovered above me. When he took his finger off my lips he replaced it with his own lips. He began kissing me slowly this time, which was a change from his previous rapid movements. I parted my lips when he did, thinking that it would be harmless. I tried to force bad thoughts about Mike out of my head. Maybe he had just set this up so we could have a comfortable place to make out? I didn't know, and I shouldn't have assumed. He knew about my horrible experience last spring and I didn't think he would try anything that he knew I wouldn't want to do. Mike continued to kiss me, getting rougher by the minute. His hands were soon gripping my shoulders and squeezing them tightly. I placed my arms around the back of his neck and held them there gingerly while we continued to make out. He subtly began bringing his fingers to the zipper of my jacket and undid it while he was still lying on top of me. He spread the jacket open when he had it unzipped and broke our kiss to look down at my chest.

"You look so sexy Bella," he started, putting his lips to my chest. Oh shit, he was going to try something. I was starting to panic. He knew I wasn't ready for this. I squirmed underneath him but he wouldn't let me move. When he kissed the peak of my breast I became angry.

"Mike," I started again, trying to push his shoulders away. The stubborn bastard still wouldn't move. While his mouth was going to work on my chest, he moved his hands down to my skirt. I jumped when he put his hand on my thigh. Oh. My. God. He was a fucking moron. I couldn't believe he was treating me like this. He rubbed his greedy hand all along my panty hose and I kept shoving my hands forcefully against his shoulders. "Mike!" I yelled at him this time. He pulled his face away from my breasts and looked up at me.

"What?" he asked. You know fucking what, I thought to myself.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked him really annoyed and pissed off.

"Come on Bella," he replied, moving his hand up my thigh now. "You have to be over that by now," he then said to me with a smile. Who the fuck was he to tell me whether or not I was over it? His hand was getting closer to my crotch and I knew that he would try something now for sure.

"I'm not over it Mike," I told him sternly. But that didn't stop his fucking hands from going right up my skirt to the fold of my panty hose. Before I could push his hand away he had hooked a finger into them and my push away had helped him pull them down. I groaned at my timing and luck. I squirmed relentlessly underneath him because he was now clawing at my panty hose to try to get them off. "Mike, please stop it," I told him, gasping for breath. I was getting upset now because he wasn't respecting me at all. He wasn't the person I thought he was. I felt a tear roll down my face. "Mike," I continued in a sob, trying desperately to push him off of me. I felt my breath escaping me in short rasps. I couldn't believe what was happening; I was so upset that my sobs were choking me. Not knowing what else to do to get him off me I started punching him in the shoulder and to my relief it had worked. He sat up just enough so that I could wiggle out from underneath him.

"What the hell Bella?" Mike asked me, rubbing his shoulder. I took my hand and slapped him across the face, hard. He rubbed his cheek and looked at me in shock.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I asked him in a shaky voice, tears still trickling down my face. I wiped my tears away and pushed the button to open the trunk. Just wanting to be out of there so fast that it wasn't even funny I fell out of the trunk, hard, onto the pavement. My hands scraped the ground and so did my knees. When I stood up with blurry vision I saw blood on my hands. I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand so I could see better and I quickly walked away from the truck, not caring where I was going. I stopped when I had walked about a hundred metres and looked down to my knees. My panty hose were torn and my left knee was bleeding a little. I could smell the salt and rust of the blood and it made me nauseas.

"Bella!" I heard Mike call from behind me. I turned around and he was getting out of the trunk. "I'm sorry."

"Fuck off Mike!" I yelled at him. I pulled out my phone, my hand shaking, and dialled Alice's number. She answered on the second ring.

"Alice!" I screamed into the phone, sobbing. "Alice," I said again, crying intensely now.

"Bella?...Bella? What's wrong?" Alice's panic-stricken voice asked me.

"I'm in Port Ang – Angeles," I told her, stuttering. "Mike's an ass – asshole," I continued, sobbing into the phone.

"What did he do?" Alice growled into the phone.

"Can you just co – come and get m – me?" I asked her now shaking uncontrollably from the cold and the crying.

"I'll be there as quick as I can, where are you?" She asked me quickly.

"I don't know!" I cried into the phone. "Mike brought me to so – some random place," I explained to her. "Turn right dow – down the first set of lights when you get here," I managed to sputter out.

"I'm leaving right now," Alice said hanging up the phone. I snapped my phone shut and spun around to find Mike standing in the same spot he had been, while I was a hundred metres away.

"Bella," Mike began, moving towards me. With his movement forward, I took a step back.

"No," I said to him shaking my head. "Just leave," I told him, hugging my sides. I felt so violated and manipulated, and it was so much worse than my experience with Tyler because Mike had known that I had that horrible experience. "Go!" I yelled at him when he didn't move.

"I'm not going to leave you abandoned on the streets of Port Angeles looking like that Bella." Oh sure he wouldn't leave me here by myself looking like this, but he would jeopardize our relationship by feeling me up unwillingly on our first date. Since he was going to stay either way I just sat down on the curb on the other side of the road and stared at the pavement, waiting anxiously for Alice. After Mike had stood there for five minutes staring at me, he had closed the trunk and leant up against the back of it, watching me weep cold and alone on the curb.

About forty-five minutes later I heard a loud engine tear around the corner and my head snapped up to find just the car I wanted to see. Alice's Porsche flew down the road and came to a halt in between me and the black Suburban. Alice threw herself out of the car without turning it off and knelt beside my broken figure on the curb.

"Oh my god," Alice said quietly, putting her hand to her mouth. "Did he do this to you?" She asked me, lifting my chin up. I wished I could have said yes, but that was all my doing. I shook my head.

"I fell out of the back of the truck," I told her truthfully, my voice cracking from my sobbing. Alice stood up and spun around and took a few strides towards Mike.

"What is your problem Mike?" Alice asked in a raised voice.

"I didn't mean to...I was...Bella I'm sorry," he said peering around Alice. It was much too late for his apologies now. I got up off the curb and began walking over to the passenger side of Alice's car.

"Let's just go Alice, I don't want to be here," I told her. I knew she was reluctant to leave with Mike still breathing, but I forced her to back down. When I walked around the car, Mike unhitched himself from the Suburban and moved towards me. "Mike, seriously," I said, shooting him a glare.

"Bella, I'm so sorry. Really I am," he said, taking my wrist in his hand. I yanked it back with force and he let me go.

"Don't touch me," I snapped at him in a strained voice.

"Hey Newton!" Alice then called from the other side of the car. "Touch her again and I'll break all your fingers," she threatened in a girly voice, while she was glaring daggers at him with a devious smile on her face. Without giving Mike another look, I hopped into Alice's car and slammed the door shut behind me, locking it. My hands and my knees stung, and I hadn't realized until I was in the warm car that I was freezing. Alice got into the car seconds after me and threw it into reverse, peeling backwards down the street at almost thirty. She spun the car in a circle and put it in drive, not hesitating at the red light to keep going.

"Thanks Alice," I thanked her when we were on our way back to Forks. "But please don't tell Charlie, he'll probably kill Mike," I told her.

"Maybe that's a good thing," Alice mused. But she nodded at my wishes. "Ugh, high school is such a drag! I can't wait to just get out of here and go to college."

"I couldn't agree with you more," I said to her smiling. She smiled back tearing down the highway at eighty miles an hour.


A month after Valentine's Day Mike was still texting me his no-good apologies for his random act of horniness in the back of his mother's Suburban. And I still wasn't accepting it. He had texted, he had called, and he had even shown up at my house. This didn't make me all that happy...considering I didn't want to even look at him. It was bad enough that we both had Biology and Gym together. I remembered the day that I decided to change my phone number was one for the record. I had just left Biology to escape from Mike throwing his slur of apologetic phrases at me when he caught up with me as I was walking down the hall.

"Bella, please. Will you just listen to me?" He said from behind me. I stopped abruptly and turned around, because his constant 'I'm sorry for feeling you up's' were getting on my nerves.

"Mike how many times have I told you to fuck off?" I asked him annoyed as all hell. He looked to the ground but didn't answer me. "Does that answer your question?" I then asked, crossing my arms.

"No," he said, looking up at me. "Please. Will you ever forgive me?" He asked with a pleading expression. What a dumb fucking question. No I would not forgive him.

"Why would I do that?" I asked arms still crossed. He shrugged.

"I don't know. Maybe...maybe we could go out again. Give us another chance," he now looked at me with hope in his eyes. No FUCKING way, I thought to myself. I laughed a little out loud.

"Mike..." I started.

"Please Bella," he begged, moving closer to me. I gave him a death stare which didn't deter him in the least. "We could start over." He grabbed one of my hands and held it tightly. I just stared at him, furrowing my eyebrows. Did he think this was actually going to work? He had completely misled me and he had allowed me to never ever trust him ever again.

"I don't think so," I told him, making to pull my hand away. He didn't let me go and he kept begging.

"Please. I can't tell you how sorry I am. I've apologized and apologized. What more do you want?" He asked me, gripping my wrist tighter. Before I could even think of an answer, a fist flew by my face and connected with Mike's nose. He fell to the floor hard and starting writhing in pain. My mouth took on the shape of an 'o' and I quickly covered my mouth. I turned around to see who the assailant had been and to my shock, surprise and disbelief it was none other than my best fucking friend in the entire world; Alice. She stood behind my left shoulder with her fist still clenched and she just stared down at Mike's pained form lying on the ground. After a minute or so Alice looked up to my surprised face and just smiled one of her cute little 'Alice smiles' and composed herself. A bunch of people had gathered by now to see what had happened; but no teachers yet.

"Well, it's not his fingers...but at least I broke something," she said to me, putting her hands on her hips. I just laughed hysterically at her for being so amazing. "Sorry Newton," Alice then said, lightly kicking the bottom of his shoe. "But you deserve it."

Alice of course got a three day suspension for breaking Mike's nose, that was a given. She just shrugged her shoulders at the principal when he told her this; she had been expecting it. But she stuck by what she said...Mike deserved it. Deciding to skip gym that day, Alice and I hopped in the Porsche and she whizzed by the tree-lined streets of Forks back to my house. When we got there the cruiser was obviously still gone, Charlie wouldn't be home for hours. Heading up the stairs I noticed that there was an unusually large chunk of mail waiting in the mailbox. I grabbed the stack and followed Alice into my house. Yes, she had a key. I threw the pile onto the kitchen table and went to get a drink. When I returned Alice had a large booklet in her hand and a manila envelope laid ripped open on the table. She was staring at the page wide-eyed and motionless.

"Alice?" I asked her, slightly concerned that she wasn't breathing.

"Bella!" She screeched at me. "You got into Dartmouth!"