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As she draws with the thick stubby crayons they had given her, Naminé contemplates what it's like to be a Nobody. Zexion had told her over and over again that no, they did not exist, get your head out of the clouds, you silly girl, but they did exist, didn't they? If they didn't, they would not be a threat. They would never regain their Hearts. They wouldn't even have a chance.

The crayons halts in its path as Naminé freezes as something occurred to her: why were they a threat? They were only trying to get their Hearts back. Roxas' bitter words came back to her: "Somebodies don't like anything different from them. They think we're abominations, because we don't have Hearts."

Is that really true? she wondered.

When she had met Sora, he didn't seem very cruel at all. However, he still thought that she was the girl in his memories. The crayon she was holding—a green one; she had been coloring Goofy's turtleneck—nearly snaps as she tightens her grip.

They were right.

She was different, though. Sora still trusted her. He didn't think she was horrible.

He'll be the end of you.

Just keep feeding her lies. Tell her that after she's back inside Kairi, she'll still exist. Give her that one small lie, and she'll convince Roxas that it really happens, even if she doesn't believe it herself. Naminé laughs bitterly. Yes, she had led Roxas into this entire mess. She had fooled even herself into thinking that they would still exist, even inside Sora and Kairi, locked away in their Hearts.

Nobodies had a right to exist—they just had to be murdered brutally by some naive Keybearer.

Oh, how ironic.