Tricky Transformation

Chapter 1

Harry dragged himself out into the garden, knowing he had to get on with his chores, even if he didn't feel overly well after working in the pouring rain for the last few days. 'At least the rain has stopped,' he mused as he set to work, trying to ignore the pain in his throat and the dull ache behind his temples.

Hearing a strange rustling in the shrubbery right behind the garage, he turned his head, only to suddenly hear a voice in his mind.

'Potter, can you see me?'

'Oh no! I must have quite a fever if it comes to hearing voices,' Harry thought in annoyance, before he became even more upset as he realised to whom the voice belonged. 'That was Snape's voice.'

'Now, you dunderhead, could you perhaps look in my direction?' the voice queried in a slightly impatient tone, causing Harry to shiver instinctively.

He slowly walked over to the bushes but couldn't see anything. 'Who are you?' he thought back to the voice, curiously looking around.

'I don't deem you capable of mind thinking, so you'll have to speak aloud. You must look down to see me,' the voice spoke up again.

Following the advice, Harry suddenly looked straight into two obsidian eyes, not even a metre above the ground.

"What are you doing there?" he asked, noticing astonished how hoarse his voice sounded.

'Look at me,' the voice demanded, causing Harry to once more look into the dark eyes behind the bush. Suddenly, images began to play in front of Harry's mind.

Professor Snape came out of Mrs. Figg's house, heading to the Dursley residence. He exchanged a few words with Remus Lupin, who appeared from behind the garage as Snape showed up.
"Thank you, Severus, for being on time. It's no fun in this ever-lasting rain," Lupin said, before he left the garden.
Snape transformed into a garden snake, curling up under one of the bushes, preparing himself to spend the night watching the Dursley residence. Thinking of Harry Potter, his mind slowly drifted off to the memory Harry had watched in his Pensieve during the last school year. 'I have to transform back,' Snape suddenly thought, realising the figures were becoming overly livid in his imagination while being in his snake form. 'Ah, I wish these things had never happened. I wish I still was a small child like I was when my mother was still alive,' was his last thought, before he transformed back into his human form.
Only seconds later, he found himself in his two-year old body, completely naked, lying on a bunch of much too large clothes on the ground.

With that the memory ended, and Harry found himself back in front of the bush, looking into the small face.

"You're Professor Snape, you're two years old, and you have all your memories of being older. Did I get that right?" he queried in disbelief.


"Mum! Potter is just standing there looking around instead of doing his chores," Dudley's whiny voice suddenly penetrated his ears.

"Oh sh... Sorry, Professor, I'll have to continue for the moment. Tell me what to do, and I'll do what I can as soon as possible," Harry whispered hurriedly, before he rushed back to where he had abandoned his work earlier.

'Can you take me into the house and dry me up when you're finished?'

Suddenly, Petunia stepped out the back door. "We're going shopping. I expect all of your chores to be finished when we'll be back in the evening. We'll probably meet Vernon in town and go out for dinner."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," Harry replied, sighing in relief as he heard the front door close, knowing his aunt and cousin had left for the day. He hurried back to the bush, looking for the small boy.

"I'm sorry, sir. You can come out of there now."

The small boy hesitantly toddled over to Harry, looking up to him with a frightened expression, his large robes somehow draped over his small body.

"Well, let's get into the house first," Harry decided. "Can you climb up the stairs, or should I carry you?"

'I'm not a baby,' the boy replied, climbing up the stairs after Harry.

Harry led the child into his room. "You're completely wet, aren't you? Let me get a towel," he said, turning back towards the door.

'Can you manage a drying spell?'

"Yes, but I can't use my wand, sir."

'You needn't call me 'sir'; I'm a two-year-old. You can use my wand. It's in my robe pocket.'

Harry searched for the professor's wand, hesitantly taking it into his hand. "Are you sure I can use it? Will your older self approve of this?"

'Of course, now, get on with it, dunderhead. I'm cold. It's bad enough that you seem to have a cold; I don't want to get sick on top of everything.'

Harry waved the professor's wand at the child, casting a drying charm, before he pointed the wand at a tissue on his night table, transfiguring it into a nappy.

"I'm going to pick you up and place you on my bed to get you dressed," he informed the child, struggling to fix the nappy around the little bum. Once more pointing the wand at his night table, he transfigured the remaining tissues into a green T-shirt, black trousers, and green socks, in which he dressed the small boy.

'Thank you for your choice of colour,' the child thought to him as his eyes already drooped and his breathing slowly evened out.

'Very well,' Harry mused. 'I have my most hated teacher here as a two-year-old with his older self's mind. What am I going to do? The Dursleys can't see him. I have to leave and either take him to Hogwarts or at least to Diagon Alley. If Hedwig was here, I could send her to Madam Pomfrey or Professor McGonagall. Either of them would probably be able to help him and turn him back to his usual self, but since I left Hedwig with Ron over the summer, we'll have to think of something else.'

Somehow feeling worse by the hour, Harry decided to cover the child with the Invisibility Cloak and take a nap, knowing his relatives would come home too late to check if he had finished all of his chores in the garden. 'We'll leave early in the morning, anyway,' he mused as he drifted off to sleep.

Harry woke up as the child next to him began to wail. 'Oh no!' he groaned inwardly, quickly reaching for the professor's wand, which he had placed under his pillow earlier. Hurriedly throwing a Silencing charm around the two of them, Harry finally turned to the child.

"Severus, what's wrong?" he asked softly.

"I hungy," the child whispered back.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, but I don't have anything to eat here," Harry said regrettably, glancing at his alarm clock. It was three o'clock in the morning. "Wait, it's three o'clock, and my relatives should be fast asleep. I'll try to nick something for you from the kitchen. Stay under the Invisibility Cloak, please."

Harry scrambled out of bed, taking the professor's wand with him as he slowly descended the stairs. Two minutes later, he returned with a banana and an apple in his hands and nearly fell down the stairs when his uncle cornered him just as he returned to his room.

"What do you think you're doing, boy?" the man shouted. "Stealing from the kitchen? Now, let me tell you something. Out of the goodness of our hearts we took you in, we're clothing and feeding you, and you ungrateful freak go and steal from our kitchen?" Pushing Harry further into the room, he waved his belt around, hitting the boy in the back full force.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Vernon, I won't do it again," Harry croaked, noticing horrified that his voice was on the verge of failing completely.

"Tell the chief freak, Dumbeedown or what was it, to take you away from here as soon as possible!" With that, Dursley retreated from the room, shutting all the locks outside the door.

"Well, that went well," Harry mused aloud, knowing he was back under the Silencing Charm. "Here, Severus, that's all I could nick. Do you want a banana?"

'Yes please.' The child was back to mind thinking. 'What was that?'

"That was my uncle," Harry whispered, letting out a few harsh coughs as he gently peeled the banana and held it out for the child to take a bite. "I suggest we leave tomorrow morning. We can take the Knight Bus to Hogwarts, or what do you think we should do?"

'Unfortunately, no one is at Hogwarts at the moment, who might be able to help me,' Severus thought to Harry. 'Mr. Filch and Hagrid are the only ones remaining in the castle. Professor McGonagall is still at St. Mungo's, Professor Dumbledore is working at the Ministry for a while, and Madam Pomfrey is on holidays. She might be willing to come back for a few minutes, but I don't know if she'll be able to brew an aging potion for me, and even if she was able, it would take several weeks. Perhaps Professors McGonagall or Dumbledore will be able to transform me back.'

"Very well, let's go to Hogwarts tomorrow morning," Harry decided, suddenly noticing a strange smell coming from the tiny figure next to him. "Oh, I think I'll have to change your nappy, before we can go back to sleep."

'I'm sorry,' the boy replied.

'This must be so embarrassing and absolute horrible for him,' Harry mused as he whispered, "Don't worry; that's no problem at all. I'm glad to have your wand though; I don't know what we'd do without it." He pointed the professor's wand at a tissue, glad he had been alert enough to bring a new package from the kitchen earlier, transfiguring it to a nappy. 'Professor McGonagall would be proud of me, considering all the Transfigurations I managed to do today.'

He gently changed the boy's nappy, noticing that Severus averted his eyes to the bed cover, blushing deeply as Harry took the dirty nappy off. Harry banished the old one with the teacher's wand and once more struggled with the new nappy, noticing in surprise that the child's skin felt cold to the touch.

"Severus, are you feeling warm enough? Do you need warmer clothing?" he asked in concern, causing the child to frown.

'I'm fine, but your hands feel very hot. You probably have a fever.'

"Ah, all right then, let's go back to sleep," Harry replied, thinking the boy was right. "I'm sorry, but I have to drape the Invisibility Cloak over you," he apologized as he tucked the child in again. "You heard my uncle. He wouldn't take it well to have another wizard under his roof."

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