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Angel POV

Geez. Where did all the excitement in my life fly off to? (No pun intended).

All we do lately is eat, sleep, pee, well, uh… you know what else…

I mean, we haven't flown in ages. It's so boring here.

But at least Max has help caring for us now. Her mom, Dr. Martinez, who we're supposed to call Mom, (although it's hard for Iggy and Fang to call her that), let us stay with her for the past four months.

Yeah. That's how long we've been doing a whole lot of fun called NOTHING!

And the neighbors stray away from us like we have the plague! I mean seriously! It's like we're a bunch of mutants to them! (Sorry, TOTAL pun intended).

Sometimes I just want to fly away from here. (Okay, again, these puns are cheesy. But I can't help it! I'm a seven year old girl with bird DNA in me! It comes with the job!)

Anyway, I'll try to cut the silly jokes.

So… anyways, I'm bored and it's not like I can do anything on my way to the kitchen. With a container of valium… in the kitchen… Yah, Nope! Nothin' strange here!

Alright, I have to tell someone my plan. "Iggy!" I heard him shuffle down the stairs.

"Ig, I'm bored." He looked at me funny. "You yelled really loudly to me just to tell me you're bored? Not again."

I heard him mumble a string of curse words in his head.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that normally I would dress you up in Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty dresses to have a tea party, but this is com-PLETELY different!"

"Damn you and your mind control, he grumbled softly, "You said that the time you made me play house."

"Hey, that wasn't so bad."

"You made me be the baby."

"But you were a cute one."

"And I was wearing a diaper. Hey, don't cut me off! You had Max feed me through a bottle!"

"Eh, that was a special day in history! I… I learned to lick my nose! And besides, I wanted to mix it up a little! You make it seem like I hung you in the backyard by your toes and was slowly plucking your eyebrows off one by one."

He cringed. Poor blind guy.

"Look Ig, this has nothing to do with the well-being of your testosterone. I have a plan. For a certain bird-kid living in this house with us..."

With that I whispered my ploy in his ear and watched the maniacal grin spread across his face.

Fang POV

"Hey, Fang!" I heard Iggy's voice call from the kitchen.


"Yo, man, I was just making some Shirley Temples, and since I know how much you like, sorry, LOVE them, I figured I'd make you one. Savvy?" "Heck yah, man, but, uh, keep the pirate talk for the kids, eh, mate?" I playfully punched him and left the room


Out of the corner of my eye I saw Iggy come out of the kitchen with a pink drink in his hand.

"Here man, made with love from Igdatius Ride."

"Shut up, Ig-dork-tius. Hey, why's it all…"

I made my face look distorted in disgust. Hehe. Try saying that ten times fast. I dare ya.

"… pink?"

"Oh, we ran out outta cherry juice, sorry, bro."

"Whatever. If it's a drink, I'll drink it. If it's food, I'll eat it." Honestly, I never understood why people always say, 'If it's roasted he'll eat it. ~~Fang', because honestly, people! If it's food, it'll be devoured in seconds. Especially if it's food a la Iggster.

He walked out and I could have sworn I heard a little giggle and a quiet chuckle from upstairs.

I shrugged it off and sipped my drink. Hmm… it tastes funny.

Eh, Iggy made it.

It's not like he'd poison me, you know?

... Right?...

Me: Nahh, Fang, it's cool. He wouldn't poison you. Just y'noe, drug ya. But no big deal, eh?

Zach Goode:
Riiiiight. And I'm a blue unicorn who's in love with Rebecca Baxter, a fuzzy pink unicorn. Honestly. Not gonna happen!

ZACHY! Wait… why are you untied? I mean, seriously, the That 70's Show Marathon's on. Why would you miss that? And I tied that with like… ten ropes! With double knots! And a cute little bow on top!

*points to self* spy

Me: *sigh* Oh, believe me, Zachy, I know. Anyway, please go tie yourself back up and I'll give you visiting hours. And you know what that means…

CAMMIE TIME! *ties self back up in the7thflockmember's father's livingroom to watch That 70's Show.*

Me: Heheheh. He's a sucker. And he's aallll mine. *goes to get a cardboard-cutout Cammie poster*

xX~ One Shirley Temple later ~Xx

(A/N; I was listening to the Hamster Dance song. So sorry about the crazyness).


'Cos we're not in Britain anymore… I found the Ruby slippers! But I must say, they definitely weren't my color.

Oh boy, what am I thinking?

"MAAAAX!!" She bolted into the living room in a grass skirt and coconut bra.

"Why Fang, whatever is the matter, dear? I told you not to interrupt my hookie lau time with Lilo and Stitch!"

"What the hell, Max?!"

"You know very well what I mean, Fang. If I mean what you mean could really mean what it's supposed to mean, then we'd all be learning the Grass Shack Hula Song Flock Style!

'I wanna go back to my huge E-shaped house in Colorado.

I wanna be with other bird-kids and freaky mutants that I met long ago. Oh so, long ago.

I can hear nasty old Jeb saying, "I'm a creepy pedophile".

I can hear the old Whitecoats praying, 'Don't let Max and her flock back or else we'll get out asses kicked'.

It wont be long 'til my wings will be flying back to home now.

A grand ole place that's too high up to see!

I'm just a little lonely for a flying boy, I wanna go back to my Barbie toys.

I want to back to my huge E-shaped house in Colorado.

Where the itty-bitty bird-kids swiftly go flying by. Where the itty-bitty bird-kids swiftly go flying by.'

Shock. That's what was clearly written all over my face.

All of a sudden Lilo and Stitch go flying down the stairs- not literally, of course –"MAX! Let's show Fang our other dance routine!:

They started jumping across the room, their grass skirts flying in every direction.

"This is for a certain emo boy out there. HERE'S TO FANG!"

'Hey, come on, don't cut yourself,

don't use that knife, it's just too sharp.

You've got to, ha, ha, to give it to me, baby.

Don't you cut over there, be a man, if you dare.

You've got to, ha, ha, act like Slim Shady!

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Please stand up? Please stand up?"

I quietly crept out of the room and listened to the music-no, obnoxious rambling- fade away.

Walking up the stairs to my room I thought, "I'm gonna go get some shut-eye. Then I can get that hot—I mean TOTALLY inappropriate –image of Max in a bikini out of my head."

I opened my door only to find Iggy and Gazzy on my bed.

Making out.

In tutus and fairy wings.

And… tiaras?! Where'd these come from?! I want one!

Oh, this is great blackmail. I grabbed the camera next to me and snapped a photo of them.

They hastily jumped apart from each other.

"It's not what it looks like!" Gazzy screamed.

"Chill, dude, it's just Fang. Max would kill us if she knew what we were up to. But our secret's safe with you, right?" Iggy looked in my general direction.

I just backed out of my room and shut the door.

I heard odd noises coming from Angel's room. It almost sounded like… rapping.

I peeked in only to find Total rapping to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

'Alright stop. Collaborate and listen.'

Suddenly the author, the7thflockmember, falls through the ceiling and starts singing with him.

'Abby's back with a brand new invention. Something! Grabs a hold of me tightly. Flows like a harpoon, daily and nightly.'

I couldn't take it anymore. I figured I'd go see what Angel was up to.

She'd probably be the sanest person here.

She was in Nudge's room in a black ballerina outfit, barking orders at Stormtroopers.

Meanwhile, Nudge was wearing a blonde wig and a pink feather boa.

Oh, and a shirt that said 'Sharpay' on it; whatever that means. I am so not gonna ask.

As I was about to leave, Angel, or should I say Devil, I noticed was completely black—except for her skin, which was whiter than ever, and her cheeks, a light pink color.

She started to look at the blond Nudge- Sorry, Sharpay- and then maniacally cackled.

"You're all here for Devil's 'You're all gonna DIE' Show! Enjoy."

Swiftly and expertly she pulled out a lightsaber—from where I don't know because honestly, where would she hide the freaking thing? She's wearing a tutu! – and started jumping around, cutting off the heads of the blue and purple Stormstroopers- sorry, according to Devil's speech (which I would prefer not to repeat), they're called StarTroopers.

Poor things never stood a chance against Devil's pink and black zebra-striped lightsaber.

Then she turned around and looked me in the eye-dark chocolate brown to… purple?!?

"Hello, there, Fang2-D2, I see you're here for the show! Sit! Now. Oh, and Fang, YOU ARE MY FATHER!"

Suddenly she gasped but then looked confused. She whistled and an unidentified flying magical special… awkward creature, UFMSAC, came running along with a young boy named Ricky.

"You know my brother Polly, well this is her son, Ricky. Anyways, guys, do I have to do this? I AM only seven after all!"

Ricky nodded and the UFMSAC made a noise that somewhat resembled that of a dying cow in a blender.

Don't ask how I know that.

The UFMSAC turned to me and said, "The name's Quirtsquip Ulf Wakechai Gryphon Zeppelin the tenth." I'm part unicorn, phoenix, mermaid, cow, elephant, dog, but only a little, oh, and pig. Look at my cute little tail! But I hate being PINK! It should curl up in a corner and DIE! JUST LIKE LIFE!"

He galloped away crying. Ricky quickly nodded to Devil and muttered something, then ran off to go get Quirtsquip Ulf Wakechai Gryphon Zeppelin the tenth.


Max bolted up here in an awkward robe type thing.

"Okay, look, dude, I'm not stupid, and I will not fall for the 'I'll-make-her-think-I'm-really-asking-for-help-but-I'm-really-trying-to-get-you-to-join-the-darkside' ploy. It never works."

Devil looked upset and said, "Dude! No one calls it that anymore! It's called… uh… 'The-special-way-to-use-untechnical-reverse-psychology-but-not-really-so-I'm-gonna-confuse-you-until-you-give-in' ploy!"

Jedi Master Max shook her head but added, "I will never join the darkside, Devil. But Fang2-D2 over here looks a little faint."

All of a sudden I heard a voice… The Voice, perhaps?

Well, it sure as hell sounded like Jeb.

'Use the force, Max. It's the only way. You're his only hope!'

Well, Max used the force alright.

A little too forcefully if I may say so myself.

She kneed me where the sun don't shine. Then she sunk down to where I was laying in pain on the floor and lightly kissed my lips.

"Sorry, Fang2-D2. I had to stop the hallucinations." Huh? What hallucinations?

"Angel made us do weird things to see how thye would affect you on Valium. She was in your mind the whole time, the poor girl. Sorry, it had a strange effect on you. Way different than how I reacted with it. But then again, I didn't ingest it… Anyway, I just want you to know that I love you."

"That's alright, Max. I love you, too. Boy, you used the force alright." My voice was a bit squeaky, but they looked at me funny.

Because of the last thing that I mentioned. But of course, Angel thought it was hilarious and started cracking up.

Oh, believe me, I will never doubt my family for drugging me EVER AGAIN.

Okay, peeps! There WILL BE ANOTHER CHAPTER! It's going to explain what really happened when he was imagining all of this. Okay,um... the first song that Max sings is originally My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawai'i. Then it was Cut the Crap by Alice in Videoland redone... uh.. and Total and my song was Ice Ice Baby, as said in the story. OH, i don't own Lilo and Stitch, either! =] Love you all!