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Chapter One: Bonded

Allen was very excited. In fact, he was almost irresistibly bouncing in his seat. His best friend, Tyki was sitting beside him. He chuckled watching his younger friend's antiques. "Settle down, lad. It's nothing big." Allen grinned up at the Portuguese.

"Nothing, you say? Silly Tyki, it's the biggest day ever! This is it! Today we are finally going to know who our Sacrifices are!"

Tyki nodded amiably. True, for Fighters like them both, being united with their destined Sacrifices were one of the most important events in their lives. "Hopefully, we can graduate into the same advanced classes after this," he mused thoughtfully, taking a long drag from his cigarette. Not a moment later, the cigarette was snuffed by an unseen moment. Tyki scowled, knowing exactly who did it.

"Vice-principal, may I be as curious as to ask why you extinguished my smoke?"

Cross smirked at his student. "Because you're not allowed to smoke in the hall, dumbass." Tyki's fake smile twitched. "But you're smoking right now."

"I'm the vice-principal. I have privileges."

Allen frowned and consoled Tyki. "Tyki, ignore Master. You know he likes picking on you. And anyway, Vice-Principle Marian, the ceremony is about to start. So you should go take your seat beside Principal Lee," Allen bitingly commented. Cross shrugged and made his way to the stage where Komui was seated at the conference desk. Then, the Sacrifice students started filing into the hall on the right side, as the Fighter students have occupied the left side of the hall.

A really disliked face came into view. Allen's euphoria dampened slightly at the smug expression a certain Japanese teen had as he entered the hall, a cheerful looking redhead walking beside him. 'Don't let me get that bastard,' Allen prayed. Ever since the worst first impression they left each other three years ago, Kanda Yu was on top of Allen's 'To-be-horribly-maimed' list. And that list was solely created for Kanda's purpose since Allen didn't have a disposition to dislike anyone else!

"He's so cute~ It'd be so great if he was my Sacrifice~"

Allen paled at the sing-song voice Tyki used. It was usually a signal that Tyki was off into La-La Land when he used that tone, and Allen knew exactly why. It was that redhead sitting next to the Abominable Kanda. If Allen remembered correctly, his name was Lavi and supposedly, he was Kanda's best friend. He could tell why Tyki was smitten. Lavi was rather handsome, he was sociable, intelligent and pretty popular too. His train of thoughts were cut off abruptly when Komui began a brief speech.

"Oi Yu, who do you think you'll get as your Fighter?"

Kanda growled when he heard Lavi speak. "I told you once too many times, baka usagi. Don't call me by my first name." The redhead simply chuckled in answer. "I bet you're hoping it's that snowy cutie over there, eh?" Lavi inclined his head to an oblivious Allen's direction. Kanda's eyes narrowed, but the smallest hint of pink on his cheeks answered Lavi.

"Who'd say anything about that moyashi..."

Lavi would've laughed out loud if it wasn't for the fact that they were in the middle of a formal function right now. He knew from the first moment his best friend laid eyes on the petite boy, Kanda was a sure goner. According to rumours, although he wasn't the brightest bulb in the Fighter class; Allen was kind and much loved by many people as he carried a natural charm and was said to be a talent in being a Fighter. Plus, the boy was cute.

Granted, the first time those two encountered, it was bad. Allen had bumped into Kanda at the cafeteria and apologized, but Kanda retorted by calling Allen a moyashi. The food fight of the century broke out right after, and ever since then, they were left in a rut. But it turns out, surprisingly, that Kanda had a reason for being such a jerk towards the boy he secretly crushed on.

Apparently, in a forced confession to Lavi, Kanda was so taken in by Allen's adorable looks he got flustered and too jumbled to speak properly, hence all the negative words pouring out. If Lavi wasn't Kanda's best friend, he'd have embarrassed Kanda by laughing about it. Honour-bound towards Kanda to not laugh at his first love, he kept his face straight about it. But that didn't mean he couldn't tease him about it.

"Worry about yourself, usagi. That man looks like he's about to devour you."

Kanda smirked as Lavi turned pale. Both knew that Tyki, one of the more capable Fighters in the academy, was always looking dreamily at Lavi. Lavi honestly found the attention unnerving and hoped he wouldn't be paired with that man. They stopped talking when Komui announced it was time for the pairings to be announced.

Each and every pair had a unique name and bond. It was decided by the Oracle, or that was what they call the enchanted object which strangely, looked like a birdbath. All students were required to write their names on a piece of paper in their own blood and drop it into the Oracle to decide their pair-off. The Oracle was also how the students have been sorted into the Fighter and Sacrifice class. All the pieces of paper will sink to the bottom of the Oracle, before pairs of papers would resurface gradually.

"Class B-3, Tease! Class C-1, Sachiko Chomesuke!"

A suave and handsome man with black hair and crimson eyes stood up from the Fighter's side, while a very feminine-looking guy with brown hair and honey-coloured eyes rose from the Sacrifice side. "You both from now on are Team Faithful," Komui smiled. Sachiko smiled up at Tease as they clasped hands and performed their bonding.

"Faithful, the unbending strong loyalty and deepest trust to be given and received by those who are worthy."

The next to be paired was a Fighter named Timcanpy and a Sacrifice named Lero. Timcanpy served Cross as a part-time Assistant, so Allen knew him quite well. Lero was the assistant to Tyki's uncle, the Count Millennium. Apparently the both of them came from the same orphanage, so Allen felt happy on their behalf that they got to be in the same team, named Painless.

"Painless, undaunted by physical suffering, mental torment and emotional turmoil, to know yet to conquer the ache."

The Principal's own sister, Lenalee came up in the next draw. Her designated Fighter was Tyki's cousin and another of Allen's friend, a girl by the name of Road Kamelot. Komui was visibly elated that his sister's partner was a girl, and not some 'dirty-minded octopus' as he liked to dub majority of the male population. It was a famous fact that Principal Lee has a sister complex. The two girls were named Dreamer, and easily completed their pact.

"Dreamer, the drifter in the midst of reality and fantasy, to make all things possible and to reveal hidden secrets."

The next pairing however, was a pure surprise. Not a pair, but a trio per say. Sacrifice Miranda Lotto was flabbergasted to find herself saddled with not one, but two Fighters, the couple Arystar Krory and his girlfriend Eliade. This trio was granted the name Timeless. Komui, from his observations, was not quite surprised to see this. It was rare for someone to have two Fighters, but Miranda albeit seemingly frail was surprisingly the record holder for endurance. It's most likely that she is strong enough to support two Fighters in battle.

"Timeless, free from the bindings of the unchanging ever-flowing pace of nature's law, steady, strong and eternal of the world."

Allen was biting his lower lip in anticipation, his excitement barely containable as the students were paired off one by one. Finally, Tyki's name was called. Even though he didn't consider it such a big deal, even Tyki found it a bit tense, waiting for the person who would be called upon to be his Sacrifice.

"Class A-1, Lavi!"

Lavi's jaws visibly dropped, while Tyki's expression brightened considerably. "Well, nice to finally meet you upfront," Tyki greeted. "Tyki Mikk, at your service." Slowly, Lavi nodded. He can't judge on appearances alone now, can he? "Lavi, I hope we can be friends." "You both are Team Heartless," Komui announced. He was not at all fazed, though confusion swept through the students. Lavi and Tyki weren't the heartless kind of people now, were they? Allen was grim, because he knew the name reflected on Tyki's past self. Lavi however, he was not sure. Maybe the redhead had a hidden history.

"My, my...Perhaps we are more synchronized than we thought..." Tyki knew the names were mostly inherent of both the Fighter and the Sacrifice's traits. He held out his hand expectantly. Lavi, for his own reasons, grimaced at his given name. He knew very well why he was Heartless. He placed his hand in Tyki's and they both spoke their binding oath.

"Heartless, the void of soul, sightless, unshakeable, those of no guide and of no mercy, bound to no rules."

Komui's eyes widened at the next selection. A wide smile graced his lips. Oh, this pair is definitely going to be interesting. His glee was much visible as he announced, "Class A-1, Allen Walker! Class A-1, Kanda Yu!" Allen felt some part of his brain die. "HIM?!" He actually shouted aloud, staring in disbelief at Kanda. Kanda was secretly happy, but his flustered emotions got the better of him and again, his mouth ran foul. "Who would want to be with a moyashi like you?"

"It's Allen, nitwit! I'd rather have a Blank than work with a dumb Sacrifice!"

"You're the idiot, moyashi! Blanks only exist as Fighters!"

"I know that, jerk! I only said it as an example, but I rather have a Blank Fighter than you!"

"Boys, break it up!" Komui sternly reprimanded.

"Principal Lee, there has to be a mistake!! Please, don't lump me with this arse!" Allen begged. Komui shook his head, not bothering to hide his smile. "The Oracle is never mistaken, Allen-kun. Of course, if you are quite sure it's wrong, then your bonding will not succeed. Why don't you give it a try? Which, by the way, your names are Boundless."

Allen seemed to hesitate, but Kanda just roughly grabbed his hand and started their oath. Much to his dismay, the words of the oath came naturally to him, as it does to all destined pairs.

"Boundless, to the ones with no limit, no boundaries of constraint, ever-growing potential and possibilities beyond the invisible horizon."

The boy could feel the power of their name settle into his body and the burning sensation as their name is magically inscribed onto a part of his body. He could feel it on his left arm. The Dreamer had their names on their collarbones while the Timeless' names were imprinted on the back of their right hand. The Faithful team's name and the Heartless team's name were not on any visible body parts while the Painless had their names on the back of their necks. Later, Allen would discover that Sachiko had his name on the back of his ear, and Tyki has his on his chest over his heart.

Much too stunned, Allen could only miserably sit down beside Tyki, who tried to console him to no avail, and the rest of the ceremony flew by. Allen didn't even pay attention to the division of classes until Kanda pulled him to his feet. "I know you're absolutely devastated, baka moyashi, but deal with it. I also have to put up with it." Allen snapped out of his stupor and growled uncharacteristically. "Hey lad, look on the bright side. Me and Timcanpy are in the same class with you," Tyki tried to intervene.

The blonde man nodded with a small smile. "It is a wonderful thing. Now we can go home together." He had his arm hanging loosely around Lero's waist, who was blushing because of close contact with his lover. "Ah, which reminds me. Lavi, would you like to join my family for dinner tonight? Since we are established partners already, I would like to get to know you better," Tyki invited.

"Well...But I want to bring Yu along!" Lavi added, so that he would not need to suffer alone. Tyki smiled, nodding. "Fine by me. It'll be a good opportunity for Allen to bond better with his Sacrifice, since he'll be coming by for dinner too. Am I right, Allen?" Allen gave Tyki a horrified look with his glaring eyes screaming betrayal, but he stiffly nodded to confirm. He would get back at Tyki later for this, oh yes he would!

"Oi, who said I wanted to come?!" Kanda shouted indignantly. Lavi pulled him aside and whispered conspiratorially, "Come on...I'm trying to set you up with your little bud of love here..." Kanda glared at Lavi, but he huffed and said no more. His eyes were more focused on the mesmerizing sight of Allen's snow-white tail swish back and forth languidly, and the manner which Allen's very soft-looking ears flicking unconsciously.

"Alright then, here is my address. Come by around 7, okay?" Tyki smiled most courteously and left. Allen followed his friend away, along with team Painless. Now Kanda was faced with a dilemma.

What was he to wear to that dinner?

Fwahaha~ A Loveless version of DGM! I've always wanted to make one! Now if anyone asks, Tease is indeed, the human version of Tyki's cannibal butterfly golems while Sachiko Chomesuke is the Gold coloured modified Akuma in the Edo arc! Have fun fangirling!