After a long hiatus, I wonder if anyone still remembers me...?

First of all, let me apologise for being such an arse and leaving without a word for such a long period of time. I have no excuses.

To be honest, for that time period (and currently still) I am sticking by Pixiv. I was also struck down by Kuroko no Basuke and woke up to the beauty of minority pairings (I think majority of Kuroko cultists will kill me if I name my favoured pairings here). In that time I was completely dedicated to writing fanfiction in Japanese, and grew this STUPID, REALLY STUPID elitist purist favouritism for the real Japanese fanarts etc over English ones, which is one of the major contributions to my temporarily leaving DA and FF.

While I don't dislike English fanfiction, for a time I avoided reading them because I was afraid I would grow to hate it because of the above reason. And I didn't want to dislike English fanfiction because there are really awesome ones out there! So for a while I wrote Japanese fanfiction while struggling with this stupid favouritism that grew inside me without notice. I think part of the reason that I grew this bloody idiotic elitist ego is because I've been losing confidence in writing in English. I felt my expressions in English were limited, but that isn't the language's fault. It's my fault since I am not working hard enough at mastering English. (Despite having a degree in English Language, har har har...) I also did battle with raging self-hate for some time because of this.

Before I knew it we survived the Mayan Apocalypse and the new year is here. And I've finally mustered the courage to crawl on. Having so many people still reading my works and supporting me in DA and FF was a major reason I was able to return. While I have updated (FINALLY WOMAN) on almost every DGM fic I've written, I plan to rewrite Boundless.

Instead of having it veer into battle-oriented theme in chapter 2, I would like to have it go into a more mindless, lighthearted direction. It's a story about Kanda seeking to end Allen's virginity for Pete's sake, he doesn't need a few hundred bloody battles getting in the way when he can't even speak properly with Allen! So for now, I would like to maintain chapter 1 as is while I focus on rewriting and replotting chapter 2 onwards.

I thank you all sincerely for your support despite my rebellious nature, and hope that my fictions continue to entertain everyone. Also as an additional note, in the near future I will be writing a new AU featuring my BlackxWhite couples! (Yullen from DGM, NezuSion from No. 6, KuroShiro from [K] )